Monday, 12 October 2009

Tips for Cleaning Makeup Brushes and a Review of Manicare Brush Cleaner

It is a known fact that applying makeup on your face with an unclean makeup brush can cause considerable damage to the delicate skin. This is why I regularly wash my brushes and subsequently on using them have found a major difference in my skin. With personal experience I can tell you it is important that one should clean the brushes regularly. Also cleaning the brushes regularly ensures their longetivity and keeps them free off dirt and germs. I've been using shampoo as a makeup brush cleaner for a long time and have seen its very handy and works brilliantly. Incase you are interested in cleansing your makeup brushes, the following tips might be useful:-

1.Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water [make the water flow at medium speed - neither fast or slow].
2.Apply a small amount of Brush Cleaner/mild shampoo to bristles and work up a light lather.
3.Rinse the bristles thoroughly under warm running water until the brush is rid of all of the old makeup and water leaving the brush runs out clear.
4.Gently Squeeze out any excess water and then place them on a kitchen towel or tissue paper blot out the rest of the water.
5.Place the brushes on a clean flat surface to air dry [turn them over once the top is dry so that bottom part can dry]

My Makeup Brushes :)

Now for the review part! A few days back I went to city centre and happened to visit TJ Hughes where I came across a brush cleaner from Manicare [you can find them at the beauty section over there - obviously!]. I picked up a tube and after going through product information displayed on it, decided to give it a try [the price of £3.99 was *ahem* also an important reason for me to buy it!]. On returning home I wanted to try it out but then alas! my enthusiasm flew away when I realised I had washed all of my brushes the previous day and what use is trying a brush cleaner on clean brushes! I had to wait for a few days before i could try it! Then came sunday! Yes! Sunday is makeup brush cleaner day! [Yupsy gals I clean my brushes once a week and Sunday is my chosen day for this honourable god given task!] It was also the day I could finally try out the brush cleaner on my lovely brushes! As my brushes are very precious to me I didnt want to risk cleaning all of them using the cleaner and decided to try it first on one of my less favorite brush! I cleansed the brush as per the instruction on the tube and noted the following:-

1.Immediately after cleaning and gently squeezing out the water in it I felt the bristles to be a bit softer than at times when I did the same using shampoo.
2.I air dried them for a few hours and used this brush for applying make up. The brush did feel softer and nicer than usual and make up also spread better than usual! [Hmm did the cleaner actually transform this unfavorite brush of mine into a potential favorite of mine? Only time will tell!]
3.The product information on the cleaner said this product contained alcohol and I guess its there to disinfect any germs breeding in the bristles!

Manicare Brush Cleaner

Would I buy this product again? Hmm let me think. I guess not! I still prefer using my trusty shampoo to clean my brushes and yet still am also looking for some good affordable brush cleaners in the market!

I assume some of you have tried brush cleaners and would appreciate it if you share your experiences with them and also which is your favorite brush cleaner and any bad ones out their [so that we can warn others about them!]. I also read some good reviews about Ben Nye and Mac cleaners but am yet to try them! Any replies in regard to this would be appreciated!

Well thats it for now darlings! Catch up with you all later!

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  1. Hey,

    I have never used a traditional brush cleaner, I saw a youtube video of a girl using olive oil (and you know how I love my oils) and I've just been using that. I don't use baby shampoo because it dries my hair out so I don't think it would be good for brushes.

    I did buy a Mark Hill frizz reduction shampoo from Boots with my £5 off voucher and it was pretty crap for my hair. I kept it for my brushes and it's great at deep treating them.

    To wash them I just use the olive oil and wash it out, I find that works best for me.


  2. try the clinique brush cleanser gurl..
    its pretty gud i've heard!
    also u can get it for a bargain on ebay :)

  3. cool review, iv had this for a while now and i use it to deep clean my brushes once a month - (sounds like i never wash my brushes) lol

    But i clean spot clean my brushes after each use using the mac brush cleanser, its fab, as its not time consuming and takes minutes to dry

    abit pricier than the manicare cleanser, i think it retails for under £9 but a lil goes a long way :)

    hope that helps


  4. I nominated you to do a tag!
    check my blog out please =)

  5. @Rhamnousia: Hi! Oh thats interesting to know and it makes sense to use oil for cleaning the brushes such as lip brushes and those used to apply cream based makeup as the brushes tend to deposit oil and wax on their bristles, as per the fact that oil can merge with the wax, cream or oil sticking onto the bristles, but is it ok to use oil for every brush type such as powder blush brush? another thing, after using the oil for brush cleaning, what do you do to get rid off the excess oil that is sticking to the bristles? xx

  6. Hey Shifa, you are a sweetie! thanks a lot for nominating me for the blog awards!!!
    Yes Clinique is also a good one out there in the market, definitely worth a try xoxo

  7. @ Inner Belle, thanks for commenting on this topic, now it seems to me that Mac cleaner is someting to consider if what you are saying is true that, a little goes a long way, then i have to def think about it! xoxo

  8. very cute blog, followed you ^_^

  9. hey thanks so much for sharing! I usually do spot cleaning with a face wipe.. :)

  10. Hi Goldbeauty88, sometimes I too do the same when I am short of time hehe


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