Friday, 6 March 2015

Lush Bunty Set

HELLO! I received the Lush Bunty set a couple of months but have only just got around to finishing it.

The Lush Bunty set comes wrapped in a yellow paper with pretty pink polka dots all over and contains two bath bombs and two bubble bars. The bath bombs are - Space Girl and Think Pink. The bubble bars are - The Comforter and Creamy Candy.

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Oh the smell of fruity goodness! It is covered in glitter and is pink and purple. It turned the water into a glittery purply-blue color. This was my favorite part of the Lush Bunty set and I would buy it again as a separate, mainly because of the smell.

Mini comforter Bubble Bath

It looks like a little cake you could eat! This gave a ton of bubbles and turned water awesomely pink! It’s meant to be crushed up under the water and you can get more than one bath out of it which is awesome!

Think Pink Bath Ballistic

It turned the bath into a Barbie-pink color and the bathroom smelling like a delicious sweet shop, this is a must-have for any girl! It also added twist of confetti hearts which I thought was a cute bonus.

Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar

It looks so pretty and smells of candy floss, a scent which lingers on the skin a few hours after use! It’s got almond oil and cocoa butter in it and feels a little bit more moisturising on the skin than the other bubble bars in the Lush Bunty set. However, I liked the comforter bubble bath a tad bit more for the amount of bubbles it creates as the bubbles in this seemed to dissolve as fast as they were made.

Overall, these bath bombs from Lush will brighten up anyone's gloomy day! If you love everything pink, fluffy and sweet, you will adore the Lush Bunty set!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tiny Haul | Forever 21

HELLO! I have acquired some new fashion accessories from Forever 21 that I'm going to share with you in pictures. 

Tiny Haul - Forever 21
Tiny Haul - Forever 21

Have picked up anything you'd recommend from Forever 21 lately?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


HELLO! Today the 2nd of September 2014 is my blog's 5th anniversary and I can't believe that 5 years have passed since I commenced this blog in 2009 simply for the fun of it! Since 2009 I posted blogs on various topics such as beauty, make up, cosmetics, skincare, health to name few. I gained lots of followers over this period and also followed lots of blogs and to summarise I had lots of fun blogging and wish in recent times had the
time to post lots of blogs but unfortunately I am way too busy at work and hardly have any spare time even for simple leisure activities! I wish and wish my workload will soon reduce and I get the time to pursue my passion of being a beauty blogger! Something tells me this year I will get the time to post blogs more frequently - wanna know why? I consider No.5 to be my lucky number and due to this reason I feel this year I will get to post lots of beauty blogs!

Before I take leave for now let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my followers for supporting me all these years and want you all to know I am nothing without you all!

I pray to almighty to bring lots of joy and prosperity to everyone in this world!

Love you all my lovely followers!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Makeup Haul | Selfridges & Co

HELLO! I mentioned in my previous post (OOTD - All Black | London Tripthat I've recently been in London for makeup and non beauty shopping.

Selfridges & Co is a must-stop for me on every visit to London and it never disappoints!

Here are the damages done at MAC cosmetics, Estee Lauder and Christian Dior counters. Who would have thought doing damages actually felt so good? Except for my purse. Thank God purses don't bite. Phew.
Makeup Haul | Selfridges & Co
Makeup Haul | Selfridges & Co

I can't wait to try my makeup haul! I'll post a separate blog for these products very soon.
Thanks for visiting :)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

OOTD - All Black | London Trip

HELLO! Here go some pictures I snapped from a very short London trip I had a while ago. Went to do a little bit of shopping, while I was there I felt like like I wanted to capture every corner as a photo. Such a charming city filled with history.

I opted for all-black look. I paired my trench coat with my stud leggings and to give a street appeal. Lastly the vibrant royal blue fur handbag and gold metal belt breaks the monotony of this otherwise all-black look.
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
My shopping trip to London is not complete without a stop at Selfridges. It’s fun to wander around the store for awhile and gawk at all of the extravagant things in the store.
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip
OOTD - All Black | London Trip

London is still one of my favorite cities, purely because it has such a buzz about it. There’s so much to see and do.

Trench Coat - Banana Republic
Stud leggings - Misguided
Handbag - River Island
Belt - Primark
Earrings - Ebay
Metallic Bock Heel Shoes - ShopStyle

Hope you liked my London Trip OOTD look. Have a good day :)

Friday, 1 August 2014


HELLO! To new & old members, not sure who's still here, I swear I didn't mean to leave! September 2013 was the last time I blogged here and this has partly been due to a busy work schedule, lots of big things on my horizon. July has certainly been a very eventful and awesome month for me, with many fun activities, trips, and projects. Recently I also celebrated my birthday (23rd of July). Anyway, I want to catch up with everyone and see how things are going on!

And without further ado I'll start with my July Empties post and so here's what I used up in July:-

July Empties



Who hasn't tried it? I really love it! The brand La Roche Posay has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Serozinc is to be sprayed either directly on to the face or with a cotton pad after cleansing the skin to calm it down. Not only does it seem to take all of the abrasive-ness of daily facial cleansers, but it’s been keeping all of my budding skin imperfections at bay. It's not life-changing but since I ran out I've really missed it and so have put in an order so there should be a new bottle on my skincare shelf this week. Excited!


I love the fact Orico is an ethical, modern skincare company! Supporting the World Land Trust (a UK based conservation trust working in partnerships to save critically threatened habitats around the world). Orico products are Eco Certified, Cruelty-Free and support the elimination of harmful chemicals in cosmetic products. So does Orico Superico Vitamin Rich Facial Oil live up to the hype? Well, I think it does! The Superico oil is great for that extra moisture boost, it doesn't sit on skin and actually doesn't leave an oily/greasy residue! After applying every night under a face serum, I wake up looking deeply rested, no matter how little I got as sleep!


I love Lush Dream Cream! It's got a herbal/lavender smell which isn't overpowering. As I've a combination/dry skin, my skin absorbs it quickly and on top of it being soothing and calming to my skin, it's also very moisturizing. The texture of this cream is like pudding and it feels amazing to apply. You can use it almost anywhere - even on your face! In my opinion it's worth the money.


This is a good, standard facewash, nothing special. I like the smell, and its in a gel like form, with yellowish tint and tiny beads in it. Ayur Lemon and Honey Face Gel wash takes off makeup but leaves my skin feeling tight, plus I don’t get that feeling of deep cleaning. It worked just average for me, I can't say I'd repurchase.


I like this cleanser. Absorbs in and takes off most of my make up! I follow this up with the La Roche Posay Serozinc toner. Boots Time Delay cleansing lotion is gentle and has left my skin soft and moisturised. Smells lovely too. If you have a dry skin then do give it a try, its definitely worth the money.

Apologies, this post ended up being a little longer than I expected it to be! But, I hope that you're all good, and thanks for reading my July Empties post!

Monday, 2 September 2013



Oh My God! How time flies! It feels like yesterday when out of sheer impulse I just simply created this blog and next thing you know 4 years have passed! As I said time just flies! And looking back I noticed I created so many posts, slowly but steadily gained a substantial number of followers, made lots of online blog pals, posted tonnes of comments on other blogs, learned lots and lots of things related to beauty, cosmetics, makeup, fashion and what not! Did I mention time flies? I must admit the previous year (3rd year of this blog) hasn't been very eventful mainly due to lots of important real life commitments (studies, career, you know) I have not been able to post many blog posts but I hope and pray (and request all of my followers to do the same) that this year I get the time, energy and patience to create new posts on a regular basis.

Thank you for dropping by! Expect to see new posts and giveaways in the coming days [HOPEFULLY]!


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Grimas Eye Shadow Collection!

HELLO! You guys probably already know how much I love Grimas eyeshadows. So as promised in my earlier post (FOTD: Purple and Green) I am going to share with you my entire Grimas Eyeshadow collection! I'm addicted to Grimas Eyeshadows and have been collecting them for over years!  Grimas Eyeshadows are an absolutely must-have for makeup artists or for those who have a keen eye for artistic makeup and want to expand their makeup kit on a budget.
Now, let me tell you that I am in noway sponsored by Grimas, my entire collection of Grimas eyeshadows is purchased by me and this is my honest review as always!
My love affair with Grimas eyeshadows started when I saw a makeup artist using the Grimas eyesadows on a client during a photo-shoot. The eyeshadows looked super pigmented and easy to blend, and I was so impressed by her collection of Grimas Eyeshadows that I set a mission to get my very own Grimas Eyeshadow. I searched across various places and finally found them on browsing the Grimas section on this website I came across various eyeshadow palettes containing 12 Grimas eyeshadows in each palette which I found too hard to resist and finally ended up buying 2 Grimas Rouge palettes on my very first purchase! I'll admit It was a bit of a splurge considering I had never tested out this brand before and still decided to buy a substantial amount of eyeshadows on my very first purchase,  but now I am holding no regrets what-so-ever!. After my First order, I have ordered multiple times cause I love these eye shadows and want to expand my Grimas eyeshadows collection :)
 Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas is a well known ethical brand when it comes to artistic/professional makeup. They offer a range of high quality makeup products at a reasonable price. They don't believe in fancy packaging, as they let their products speak for themselves.
Grimas Eyeshadows come in an impressive array of colours, textures and finish.
They are available in three major types:
  • Rouge Eyeshadows
  • Pearl Eyeshadows
  • Cream Eyeshadows
Grimas also sell water makeup in singles as well as palette form, which I have already reviewed on my blog (blog post: Grimas Water Makeup Palette 'A' and 'B' and An Introduction To Face Painting!)

Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
My Grimas eye shadow collection is made up of Rouge, Pearl and Cream eyeshadows (I use cream eyeshadows as an eyeshadow base -  a review coming later). Rouge eyeshadows have a matte finish and they are super pigmented and true to colour on the pan, they are my absolute favorite among all my Grimas eyeshadows! Pearl eyeshadows are basically a semi-sheer eyeshadow with a satin/pearly finish, you can apply them wet for an intense eye look.
I despise to say that the rouge eyeshadows are not meant to be used wet, I found this out from a trial and error method, I happened to add a few drops of water on the eyeshadow to see if the eyeshadow was suited for an intense wet look but once it dried the shadow was kind of crusty and it became almost impossible to apply the eyeshadow afterwards, so I wont advice using the rouge eyeshadows for a wet application!
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas eyeshadow palette come in an Innovative stack design and consist of twelve good sized eyeshadows. The palettes are sturdy and all the eyeshadows come with their own lid but if you want the palettes to be stacked on top of each other then you will have to remove their lids first, but you may choose to keep the lids on topmost palette to prevent them from hardening or collecting bacteria/dust etc.. I have been storing my Grimas palettes in a stacked form since over a year now and I am glad to report that there has been no hardening /drying of the shadows stacked beneath the topmost palette
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
You can buy empty palettes for your Grimas eyeshadows and stack them vertically. They don't take up much space and are great for travelling too!
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
I've bought a lot of Grimas eyeshadows/refills in singles as well. I stick them into my empty palettes and this way I can create my very own custom colour palettes and sort them on the basis of  different color families or looks I'm going in for.
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
That's all ladies and gentlemen, I hope you liked my Grimas Eye Shadow Collection! I can't recommend Grimas eyeshadows enough! They are perfect for everyday as well as artistic makeup look. They are very pigmented, easy to apply, blend well and are very long lasting!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My New Studded Boots!

HELLO! I just  got a new pair of studded boots and  I am super excited about them! I have had this obsession for studded/spikey boots and accessories for quite sometime now, so it’s great to add these to my boots collection! I think the studs and spikes look amazing on high heels.
Every boot-a-nista knows about the infamous (!) Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, which are making the rounds in almost every fashion blog and being raved about a lot by Youtube fashion gurus! But the main issue for most of us is the hefty price tag that comes with these JC shoes! While there are people who don't mind splurging on a good pair of branded shoes, I simply cannot afford to part with that much cash on a pair of boots (atleast for now but who knows in the future). But why do we need to spend that much money when we have eBay and the good old high street? So I bought these Jeffery Cambell Lita lookalike boots from eBay for £20 + P&P.

I simply can’t wait to wear my new studded boots on a night out with my disco pants! I don’t even mind that they are quite heavy. So what do you think? Do you love them?

Friday, 8 March 2013

NOTD with GIVENCHY Vernis Brillant Couture

HELLO!  Today the 8th of March is International Women's day! A day dedicated to women across the world, it has been observed since the 1900s as a mark of respect for Women! I am proud of the fact that I was born a woman and wish each  and everyone of you (especially women) a very Happy International Women's day! Long live womanhood!

On this special occasion of International women's day I took time out to try out something ultra luxurious and also feel pampered and spoiled as a woman (its International women's day after all)  and so decided to paint my nails with my brand new luxurious Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture in shade 609! I am bowled over by the royal packaging of Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture! I admit the packaging was one of the reasons I decided to splurge on it. The varnish bottle is so eye-catching and beautiful, I just can't get my eyes off this beauty!

This nail varnish is priced on the higher side and frankly speaking is not the best deal for the price in terms of color payoff and drying time. You will need atleast three coats of this nail varnish to make it look a bit okay on nails, which is not desirable considering the high price I paid for it. It also took a while to dry and seemed to be one of the longest drying nail varnishes I have used in a long time! The color looks really pretty though - it's a pastel yellow with a pearly look, will go well with almost any outfit color in my wardrobe.

Despite a few hitches, I still love the color and would definitely wear the Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture again :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

FOTD: Purple and Green

HELLO! I decided to try out my Grimas Eyeshadow palette (review coming soon!) and came up with this Purple and Green look. I haven't done a FOTD in what seems like forever, I wore this makeup while going out this weekend and got lots of compliments on how bright and awake my eyes looked, all thanks to the Grimas Eyeshadow Palettes which I love! I have collected lots of Grimas Eyeshadows for the past many years and they have always been my first choice for professional/bridal eye makeup, I have a lot to rave about them but will do a separate post on my Grimas palettes soon!
FOTD: Purple and Green
FOTD: Purple and Green
FOTD: Purple and Green
FOTD: Purple and Green
FOTD: Purple and Green

EYES: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Grimas Eyeshadows in shade 487, 574, 571, 776, AVON Glimmerstick in shade Blakest Black, Smashbox Mascara Primer, Stila Major lash Mascara, Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake in shade Vehement.
LIPS: Simple Lip Balm, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 26 Rose Libertin, Natural Collection Lip pencil in shade 3FSJ
FOTD: Purple and Green
It's a great going out look that’s for sure. Hope you liked my Purple and Green FOTD, thanks for visiting!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Emobox Jewellery USB - It's a Wearable Technology!

HELLO! Today I have something special for Geeky fashion and technology lovers out there! I am talking about the Emobox USB! No its not one of those plain boring USB flash drives that you find at the regular stationary shops...its a USB  drive with a twist! Yes, apart from being an USB drive it's also a wearable Jewellery from Emobox - A brand known for selling wearable technology! The brand motto is to combine fashion with technology and make Flash Drives gel with your everyday lifestyle. How innovative and unique is that! I am thrilled to have this!
Emobox Jewelry USB
I personally love the idea of wearing a multifunctional jewellery...this is something which is practical yet fun...perfect for people on the go and those who tend to lose USB drive at an unfortunate time. If you are a geeky guy, worry not as Emobox also offers fashionable USB flash drives for there is something for everyone out there!
Emobox Jewelry USB
Wowzie! I'm simply adoring this Rhinestones embedded Apple Necklace USB from Emobox! It looks gorgeous and sparkles like true diamonds...Golden Glamour (RRP £13) is indeed an attention grabber!
Emobox Jewelry USB
This white bracelet USB is perfect for everyone and everyday wear! Whiter than Snow (RRP £12) is the name of this wristband memory stick.
Emobox Jewelry USB
The Emobox jewellery memory sticks splits apart to reveal a storage drive. You can store upto 8GB data in them which is a fairly decent capacity for storing music, documents, photos and more!
Emobox Jewelry USB
What's worth mentioning is that Emobox ships for free in the UK while they charge a flat universal shipping fee of £3.50 for international shipments!
Thanks to Shifa from Get Gawjus for sending the Emobox Jewellery USB on my way, I am pretty sure that Embox jewellery cum USB is going to get plenty of love and use from me! 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art

HELLO! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I have always done Valentine's day special FOTDs on this day but this time for a change I am going to review a product which I really LOVE! I have always been a sucker for glittery sparkly makeup....especially the glitter body art and glitter mehndi! Glitter reminds me of festive seasons....I can do so many creative things with glitter....

So on this Valentine's day I am going to talk about  Glitter body art and makeup! I was thrilled to  receive the JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art kit and decided to post a review about it this Valentine's day and also the fact every girl needs her glitter to shine and sparkle all night long!

JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art kit (RRP £30) comes with four good sized glitter pots in different colours, a glitter glue and 4 design stencils for an easy and fun way of creating glitter tattoos  body art and Arabian mehndi (henna art) designs. The packaging is really elegant, nice and can be gifted to loved ones on special occasions such as Valentine's day!
Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art
The glitter is of very fine quality and skin-friendly so it can be used on  the face and body. The glue comes with a fine tip applicator for precise application of glitter.
Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art
The kit also comes with a design booklet for ideas and inspiration.
Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art
The method of application is easy to understand and follow and the BEST PART is that the glitter tattoo will last up to 7 days depending on how well you maintain it while its on your face or body! Now that's something amazing isn't it Ladies!
Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art
My first attempt at free hand glitter body art on Valentine's day!
Valentine's Day Special - JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art
Overall, JINNYrainbow Creative Body Art Kit is a great tool for creating a bit of sparkle on any festive season! I am adoring this kit on this Valentine's day!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

February Shoe Haul

HELLO! What? Yet another post about shoes? Yes! But what can I do, I've been a little shoe crazy of late.
February Shoe Haul
February Shoe Haul
It so happened in the week before  I decided to treat myself to a little shopping at Peacocks. Once there I instantly went to the shoe section to find something cute to wear and these classic bow detail court shoes caught my eyes. They seem pretty durable with the block heels so I'll see how long they last.
February Shoe Haul
These Buckle detail pumps are from Tommy & Kate. I bought them from eBay for £10 last week.I really like them as they are nice and comfy. I hate it when the backs of pumps are really stiff as they hurt my heels. I think I will wear them for work as they look quite smart in apperance. February Shoe Haul

 These black suede court shoes with chain detail are from New Look. I just think they look so chic n classy! I'm excited to wear them and hopefully they won't kill my feet!
Thats it for now folks! Hope you liked my February Shoe Haul!
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