Friday, 8 March 2013

NOTD with GIVENCHY Vernis Brillant Couture

HELLO!  Today the 8th of March is International Women's day! A day dedicated to women across the world, it has been observed since the 1900s as a mark of respect for Women! I am proud of the fact that I was born a woman and wish each  and everyone of you (especially women) a very Happy International Women's day! Long live womanhood!

On this special occasion of International women's day I took time out to try out something ultra luxurious and also feel pampered and spoiled as a woman (its International women's day after all)  and so decided to paint my nails with my brand new luxurious Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture in shade 609! I am bowled over by the royal packaging of Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture! I admit the packaging was one of the reasons I decided to splurge on it. The varnish bottle is so eye-catching and beautiful, I just can't get my eyes off this beauty!

This nail varnish is priced on the higher side and frankly speaking is not the best deal for the price in terms of color payoff and drying time. You will need atleast three coats of this nail varnish to make it look a bit okay on nails, which is not desirable considering the high price I paid for it. It also took a while to dry and seemed to be one of the longest drying nail varnishes I have used in a long time! The color looks really pretty though - it's a pastel yellow with a pearly look, will go well with almost any outfit color in my wardrobe.

Despite a few hitches, I still love the color and would definitely wear the Givenchy Vernis Brillant Couture again :)
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  1. very nice blog :))

  2. the packaging is such adorable! and it looks really good on your nails too

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