Sunday, 27 December 2009

A review on Sleek Makeup One Finishing Powder

Hi All!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and loads of fun and joy with one and all!
Most of you must be knowing that I am a big fan of Sleek's Eyeshadow products due to various reasons main of which are they are well pigmented, have a wide range of colours and priced affordably!
Superdrugs has been running a 3 for 2 offer on most of their makeup products and so I decided to check it out and paid a visit to their store and went straight to the Sleek counter and purchased the following sleek products - New Skin Revive, Glisten Me & Makeup One.
Instead of reviewing all three of them at once I have decided to review them one at a time and will start with the Sleek Makeup One finishing powder:-

One Finishing Powder

One Finishing Powder:- One is a water based finishing powder and suitable for all skin tones. This is mentioned on the jar:- "Hydrate and set your look with this transparent finishing powder that instantly cools the skin when applied. It can be used alone for a radiant, matte natural finish or to set foundation."

Now for the review in regard to One Finishing Powder:-

Packaging:- The One powder comes in a round plastic compact jar with transparent bottom half and opaque screw on top. On opening the jar you see it has a sifter which is sealed with a round plastic sheet. One should carefully open the jar as the sifter is very big and releases too much of powder at a time and can fly all over if you are not careful.

Shades:- The One powder comes in one shade for all skin tones and I find it very true as its very sheer and wont look odd whatever skin tone you have.

Consistency and staying power:- The One Powder diffuses and reflects light across the face making your skin appear more luminous, is oil absorbing and rich in antioxidants with botanical extracts to provide an immediate cooling sensation on the face. When I applied the powder on my face I felt someone sprayed a mist of cool water on my face! Very nice sensation indeed! I used the One Powder to help set and hold the foundation and it actually does the job very well. It has a very fine texture with tiny light reflecting particles in it which gives a nice glow to the skin and gives a luminous and radiant finish to the skin. I will call this a star product and I say so as I have used many finishing powders but the One powder gives a dewy finish and spreads on really well and doesnt make me look like a white ghost!

A swatch of One Finishing powder on my hand

Quantity and Pricing:- The quantity in each jar is 8 grams and are priced at £6.99 at Superdrugs.

Hope you found my review on the Sleek Makeup One finishing powder to be useful. If any of you have used this product or planning to do so, please feel free to share it (or Digg it)

p.s do come back again in 2 days to read my review on Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator :)

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  1. Sounds amazing!

    So jealous that all of you gals in the UK get such awesome drugstore cosmetics!

  2. omg this looks really nice, i cant believe i haven't seen it in my local superdrug! I am tempted!! x

  3. Thank you for the Reveiew! I'm certainly gonna try it now. Can't wait for your illuminator review too!

  4. Wow I find it very nice, thanks for the review girl :)

  5. Wow, that looks good! I hadn't seen this on the shelves.. will have to check it out now - great review, thank you! xx

  6. @Caitin: dont be jealous girlie, Sleek will be starting their online shop and will be shipping to all international destinations excluding Africa xoxo

    @M: yeh, you should certainly give it a go hun xoxo

    @Deborah: thanks for the comment :), I know you are also a Sleek fan like me, you should check this baby out xoxo

    @twinsouls888: thanks for dropping by girlie xoxo

    @Lipglossiping: thanks for the comment! this baby from Sleek it definitely worth checking out xoxo

  7. Sonali, thnq 4 the recco..u r really injurious to my wallet ;) miss ya..

  8. wow! it looks amazing! it sounds like the prescriptives powder which my mom loves! :D

    do you know where i can get my hands on this online? :)

  9. I like! I like! Seems like a great product for the price :)

  10. You're absolutely right about the dewy finish. I can see it in the swatch photo. A bargain product that works! Well spotted! You said Sleek's gonna be setting up an online shop? Cool! :)

  11. So unlucky we dont have in India :(, good review, hope your having great new year celebrations :)

  12. nice review looking for finishing powder nowadays..but not sure whether its available in india.. :(

  13. @Divija: awwee sweetie! miss ya too xoxo
    @xphoebelinax: I haven't tried the prescriptives powder so I cant comment on that, Sleek products are avasilable in the Superdrugs(in the UK)and some afro caribbean shops.
    Plus Sleek is going to launch its online shop soon! xoxo
    @Shifa: yes girlie its indeed a great product! xoxo
    @witoxicity: thanks hun! yes it does work for me! yes girl Sleek is working on their website which is going to be launched soon xoxo
    @Cheezz: thanks for dropping by girlie, I had a lovely Christmas and I'm working hard for my new year party preperations! xoxo
    @Belle: Sleek will be shipping internationally soon xoxo

  14. I want this!!! :|
    Never heard of water-based powder before. Love the packaging too *sigh*

  15. Cynthia: its rare to find such products in drugstores! xoxo

  16. Anonymous14/1/10

    heyyy =)
    I bought this today because of your review and I love it so far!
    Lovely review btw and lovely blog. XXX

  17. hey sonali, does this giv a "glittery" effect to the skin? 'coz i range from nc 43-45 and i dont want something tat will make me look like a disco ball. planing to buy some stuff from their online shop....wat do u say? worth a buy?

  18. @indianmakeupways -it won't give you a glittery effect! The powder itself is very finely milled and contains fine shimmer particles that provide a dewy look and dimension to the skin. Its a good buy for sure! I use this to prevent a cakey, flat and dull finish on skin which you can get sometimes while wearing a matte foundation!


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