Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Review on Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator

Hi all and welcome back to part two of my review. Today it's Sleek's Glisten me Liquid Illuminator!

Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator:- As the name suggests it is a product (available at Superdrugs) for illuminating cheekbones, browbone, bridge of the nose, chin, forehead and the decollete region. This is mentioned on the bottle:- "Sheer lightweight liquid that instantly illuminates the skin. Highlights and contours cheeks as well as browbones. Creates a natural looking illuminosity when used as a foundation base."

Now for the review in regard to Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator:-
Packaging:- Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator comes in a posh and elegant looking cuboid shaped bottle with a frosted glass bottom half and opaque black top which has a spatula ended applicator attached to it from inside.
Shades:- Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator is available in two shades - empress 876[the one I bought] and goddess [shade no.875]. The Empress is a shimmery golden shade with a hint of peach while the Goddess is a shimmery golden bronze shade. Glisten Me is best suited for warmer skin tones but could also work for paler skin.

Consistency and staying power:- I've been wearing the Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator over foundation to highlight the area of my cheekbones and nose bridge. It creates a soft focus, sits beautifully on top of my foundation, stays on for a long time, its nither too creamy (but certainly thicker than the Benefit High Beam) nor too dry, blends well without creating any holes in my makeup & leaves a pearly finish on the skin. I will certainly buy this illuminator again and recommend it as a good liquid highlighter.

Tip:- Dust a powder highlighter over Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator to make it pop and set it on your face. Excess use of this illuminator all over your face and during daytime might end up looking oily/overdone and also wont look good on camera!

Quantity and Pricing:- Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator come in 30 ml bottles and priced on average £6.99 at superdrugs.

Hope you found my review on the Sleek Glisten Me Liquid Illuminator to be useful. Have any of you tried this product or planning to do so?

p.s do come back again in 2 days to read my review on Sleek New Skin Revive foundation xoxo

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  1. I love liquid Illuminators! I have tried Revlon Skinlights Illuminator in peach and this looks very much like it :) If I run out of that, I would defo get this baby.

  2. ive always wanted to use highlighters on me face but im so oily! thanks for d gr8 review, i like the part u say use it for contouring ^^ i wonder if this is available in aus
    happy NY~
    xoxo elle

  3. I keep putting off buying this product. But it's all good. I'm going to make a plan for it. Thanks for the review!

  4. Looks nice, I love the finish =] I don't own a highlighter yet but hope to own one soon. Too bad this brand isn't available here

  5. ooh this sonds really good.. i'm defo going to keep an eye out for this, althugh i went to my local superdrug o saturday and it wasn't there. :(

  6. @Shifa: I too love liquid illuminators! xoxo
    @Elle: you are welcome sweets! happy new year to you too! xoxo
    @Deborah:i'm glad that you found my review helpful xoxo
    @Lisa: every girl needs a good highlighter in her makeup kit!xoxo
    @desigirl87:I know, sleek products are flying off the shelf too fast at Superdrugs! xoxo

  7. My dearest Sonali ;) u r really injurious 2 my wallet! better stay away frm u! Luks like i shud try Goddess coz I dont wanna luk like some 3D animation ;)

    i like the instrumentals playing in the background, by the way! kinda soothing!

    Happy and prosperous new year to u and ur family, as well...doll!

  8. I want this too!!! :|
    It's cheaper than Benefit High Beam but looks as good. Cute that it comes with a spatula

  9. @Divija:lol at your comment! there is no way you can escape from me dearie!xoxo

    @Cynthia: even I would prefer this over Benefit one as it gives a golden glow to my skin xoxo

  10. Yay deffo going to buy this. Please check out my blog too :)


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