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MAC Studio Fix Fluid Vs MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid vs MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

A few days back I took a plunge and decided to get myself the latest offering from the range of MAC foundations - MAC Pro Longwear Foundation with SPF 10.
To cut the long story short, I'm just L.O.V.I.N.G this foundation!! I would even go further and say it's their product of the year! Its the best thing that MAC came out with during the whole year!
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
This foundation, I would say is being targeted towards a specific kind of audience, if you loved the Studio Fix from MAC you would also love this one! Pro Longwear is quite similar to MAC Studio Fix, however, there are also a few differences between the two lines, which I am going to list down below while comparing them.

So lets get started with my detailed comparision review between the MAC Pro Longwear and MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation:-

* Unlike the Studio Fix (SF), Pro Longwear (PLW) comes with a pump for easier and hygienic application, plus no chances of spilling it anywhere either, all thanks to the pump! (My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix has an SPF of 15 whereas Pro Longwear has an SPF of 10 in it to offer a little bit of Sun protection. (My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 0)
* Studio Fix stays put for upto 6 hours on me and after that it starts to melt off from my nose and chin and a little bit on the forehead area, whereas the Pro Longwear stays more than 10 hours on me which is the best part about it as none of the foundations I've ever tried has stayed that long on me, so it gets the points for long wearing!(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix is not very good at oil controlling and I have to blot every 3/4 hours to remove excess oil, where as the Pro Longwear is very good at controlling my oilies, with this I can go on without powdering for upto 7 hours and after which it starts to look rather dewy than shiny.(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* I find Studio Fix to be great for flash photography however, the Pro Longwear casts a white shadow, but its not very visible to the naked eye.(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 0)
* Pro Longwear is easier to blend in and takes longer to set, I can have my sweet time to play with it before it completely sets on to my skin. The Studio Fix however, needs a bit more effort with blending and dries (sets) very quickly, it doesn't let me play as much with it and I have to work very fast to avoid it from getting streaky.(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix gives a higher coverage than the Pro Longwear foundation and I love high coverage :D(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 0)
* Pro Longwear is more transfer resistant than the Studio Fix.(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix gives a matte finish to my skin where as the Pro Longwear gives a satin matte/dewy finish.(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix has an alcohol smell whereas the Pro Longwear doesn't smell bad at all!(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix is more suitable for people with normal to dry skin whereas the Pro Longwear is more suited for normal to oily skin.(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix gives a full but natural looking coverage and also minimised my pores to a great extent, whereas the pro Longwear can look slightly cakey/blotchy if layered on heavily and can escentuate the dry patches and pores on skin. (My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 0)
* Studio Fix feels quite heavy whereas Pro longwear feels lighter on my skin.(My rating: SF= 0; PLW= 1)
* Studio Fix foundations offer a great color selection, it comes in 26 shades, whereas the pro Longwear comes in only 16 shades.(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 0)
* The NC shades of Studio Fix have more yellow pigments in them and hence suitable for people with yellow skintones whereas the pro Longwear has more beigy tones in it which is great for people with less yellow undertones.(My rating: SF= 1; PLW= 1)

So, do we have a clear winner over here? On a score of 15, I have given the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation 8 marks and MAC Pro Longwear 10 marks! Therefore the Pro Longwear WINS the battle against Studio Fix by just 2 marks!!

Both of them are great foundations from MAC and I love the results everytime I use them so I am happy to include both in my makeup stash!
Next time I will try mixing both and see how it works when combined together and incase I find it working any better then I'll get this post re-edited :)

SOME TIPS (for both foundations): you can go one shade lighter while choosing your shade, the Titanium Di-Oxide content in the sunscreen of these foundations tends to get oxidized and make you look eventually dark. I love to use the Stippling brush with these foundations for an even, flawless look. Work in small sections, buff in the product well. Begin with very less, dot it on the skin and then stipple and swirl it using the stippling brush, you could then apply a second layer if you fancy more coverage.

Have you tried the MAC Pro Longwear foundation? Please share your views and experiences, thank you xoxo
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  1. What a great review! I'm definitely sold! LOL

  2. gorgeous post hun! I am so tempted to get this foundation now. I havent however tried studio fix fluid before.

  3. Great review. I love MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

  4. Anonymous25/9/10

    Thanks so much for such a comprehensive comparison. I find that MAC shades always come up a bit too yellow on me, so this maybe better, I also like that it has a dewier finish and does not transfer. I like your scoring system too! Great post and recommendation.

    1. if it is too yellow on u chances are u re a nw not an nc.. nc is for the paler tone skin ...with pink or red in the face..the yellow corrects it and if u are a true nc then it wouldn't run too yellow on u it would be perfect!!! ....ppl. get macs makeup line very confused and i was as well at first..but i went to get matched and for like a good couple months i was wearing my nc30 which i ordered online.... and i thought it was my shade but that the nc 30 must be to dark shade wise and maybe i needed an nc25 instead so like i said i went to get matched and she was looking at my face and she was like well girl you have more of an olive /beigy undertone.....with no red or pink hardly at all in me...more on yellowish side,and she matched me to nw25 instead!!! caz the nc is yellow to correct the red/pink in cool skin tones..thats what nc stands for neutral cool..and nw neutral warm!!! so the nw is for warm skin tones and the nc is for cool skin tones more on the pale side!!! hope this helps!!!!!

    2. if its too yellowish than u may want to try the nw instead!! its neutral warm..for warm skin tones and the nc is for paler skin tones with pink/red in it the yellow cancels out the pink/red in the nc skin..but the nw is for ppl. that have yellowish undertones that are warmer they have more of a olive/beigy color to them...if the nc matched u wouldn't b able to tell that the foundation is too yellowish it would match u perfectly! so i suggest u try the nw!!!! hope this helps!!!!! i wish you the best of luck!!

  5. I like your review, very detailed!

  6. awesome review!! I'm adding it to my list :)


  7. I have only tried the Studio Fix but would like to test out Prolong wear myself.

  8. what a great post! your review is so detailed


  9. Thanks all for your comments! have a lovely day xoxo

  10. Great post, lovey!

    I really want to try this foundation. But meh with the colour range. I have quite a bit of yellow in my skin. will have to test it out in store to see if it suits my skin tone. xx

  11. hey thanks for such an amazing review. will try out the pro wear next time

  12. I'm dying to try this foundation out Sonali...I am out of town, but my brother bought it for me...thanks for the heads up. I keep hearing good things about it.

  13. Anonymous26/9/10

    I have never tried a liquid foundation by Mac (shame on me). This one seems nice though :) Might have to check this out.

  14. Hey haven't tried this one yet....But now I really need to. Great post!!

  15. I've always been a STUDIO FIX fanatic. But Im gonna trythis one out! great review! Thank You! :))

  16. Thanks for your comments! xoxo

  17. Amazing reviews and comparison girl. I want the Pro Longwear now!


  18. great comparison, thanks! Studio Fix Fluid is awesome for coverage, but you're right, once it oxidizes, it gets a little too pigmented and the separating/cracking begins!

  19. Amazing review!!! I've been thinking of getting a new MAC foundation for a while and this was definitely helpful! xx

  20. Anonymous21/9/11

    What an awesome review! I am torn between those two and now I know what to go for.

    Btw,How is the mix of both going?

  21. I was confused beteen the two. I am bookmarking this page. REALLY very helpful <3 Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Rach3/4/12

    Have you tried mixing these yet? I've always loved fix but getting annoyed with my forehead looking bitty/flaky and coming off alot around my mouth. Tried the prolongwear this week and LOVE IT!! however, im normally an nw20 in fix so got the same in pro and its soooo pink :( And the nc's are too yellow :(

  23. Dear Rach, I personally love to mix the two foundations together, the combo works great and makes my face look almost flawless!
    You could probably get Fix in the NC shade and prolongwear in the NW shade and try mixing them together in proportions that will match your skin tone more closely :)

  24. Anonymous10/5/12

    I wear nc42 in studio fixwhat color shade would work for prolong wear?

  25. @anony- Prolongwear line's shades run about 1 shade darker than Studio fix, so either go to a counter and try them out or order atleast one shade up.

  26. Great review! I am an MUA and have found studio fix doesnt work well with flash photography, especially the NC shades. It also doesnt sit well on dry skin- it can look drier and go flaky. I have just bought the Pro Longwear and find it is kinder to dry skins, thats what the MAC counter told me anyways. It's gel-based, hence the more dewy finish. :-)

  27. Great product information, the studio fix fluid has great coverage and blends with skin and long lasting.

  28. Anonymous4/8/13

    Hi! This review is great! I had a really hard time choosing between those two foundations. I have combination/oily skin and I have heard that they both are great foundations in different ways. I'm going to buy Pro Longwear :) Thx! xoxo

  29. Thanks for this review, its very helpful.

  30. Anonymous1/10/14

    Thanks, helped me decide!!

  31. Anonymous28/12/14

    WOW, what a great review!!! Thank you so much, I'm gonna get the pro-longwear ;)


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