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Tips on How to Avoid Shaving Rash

There is nothing better than a clean shaved face, legs or underarms for any man or woman. Shaving is a way of freeing yourself from unwanted hair, but in some cases can result in painful, itchy and swollen shaving rash.
Shaving rash, also known as shaving bumps, can be exceptionally unpleasant. Some people are more susceptible than others; some can shave and never have a day’s problem while others will shave and struggle to get the rash under control for days.
There are always to avoid shaving rash, reduce the risk of getting it and leaving your skin smooth and clean after every shave.

Warm Water
The first and most important step before you start shaving is warm water. If you are shaving your face, use a facecloth soaked in warm water and hold it on your face for a couple of minute. If you are shaving your legs let the warm water from the shower run on your legs for a while before you begin.
Why does warm water help when you shave? The warm water softens the hairs, it also opens the pores and swells the area. After your shave your skin relaxes back to normal.
Using warm water and softening the hairs reduces the risk of shaving rash and ingrowing hairs, a welcome break for thousands of people around the world.

Always Use a Clean Razor

If you have a fancy new razor, make sure you clean it thoroughly before and after every shave, if you are using disposable razors, use a new razor for each shave. Razors can harbour bacteria and when you reuse the same razor time and time again without ensuring it’s clean, you are rubbing bacteria around the area you are shaving, increasing your risk of shaving rash.

Your Razor Should Be Sharp

If you are using disposable razors and you have used the razor before, make sure it’s sharp. A dull razor can cause terrible shaving rash as you push harder and go over the same area time and time again to try and rid yourself from the hairs, this irritates the skin causing a rash.
A clean, sharp razor is all you need for a pleasant shave without the discomfort.

Which Way Does The Hair Grow?

One of the most important things to think about when shaving; is to shave in the direction of the hair growth. Many people ignore this point, increasing their risk of a rash. This is very true when it comes to shaving legs, it’s easier to shave against the growth rather than with it, but if you have soaked in warm water, have a sharp razor and your razor is clean, shaving with the growth is easy and can leave you with smooth legs that are completely rash free. Try not to go over the same area more than once, rinse the razor after each stroke and ensure you use short strokes.

Cool Them Down

After you have shaved use a cool damp cloth on your face for a minute or two or let the cold water run on your legs for a couple of minutes to cool the area down. Remember you have used warm water and you have shaved the area, sometimes needing to go over it more than once. The skin is tender at this stage, a little bit of coolness can reduce the risk of rash and leave your skin less itchy.


Once you have cooled the area, dry off with a clean towel. Patting dry is better than a vigorous rubbing and then apply moisturizer to the area to enjoy soft and smooth skin.
When shaving there are a few options available, if you suffer with skin rash every time you shave you may want to consider a Tria Beauty product, which offers you laser hair removal at home. This will reduce how often you will need to remove the hairs and reduce the risk of shaving rash.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Tria Beauty UK. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards a charity.

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  3. Some great tips there. One thing I am guilty of is not moisturising, really need to get into the habit of this! xx

  4. I am very much a shaving girl..thanks for the tips. very useful.

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