Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My New Studded Boots!

HELLO! I just  got a new pair of studded boots and  I am super excited about them! I have had this obsession for studded/spikey boots and accessories for quite sometime now, so it’s great to add these to my boots collection! I think the studs and spikes look amazing on high heels.
Every boot-a-nista knows about the infamous (!) Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, which are making the rounds in almost every fashion blog and being raved about a lot by Youtube fashion gurus! But the main issue for most of us is the hefty price tag that comes with these JC shoes! While there are people who don't mind splurging on a good pair of branded shoes, I simply cannot afford to part with that much cash on a pair of boots (atleast for now but who knows in the future). But why do we need to spend that much money when we have eBay and the good old high street? So I bought these Jeffery Cambell Lita lookalike boots from eBay for £20 + P&P.

I simply can’t wait to wear my new studded boots on a night out with my disco pants! I don’t even mind that they are quite heavy. So what do you think? Do you love them?
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  1. Wow! They're great! :)

  2. I just met and I love your blog! your photographs are beautiful, so now I'm your follower! luck in your projects! I leave my blog in case you want to follow me!, kisses!

  3. Omg those boots are amazing! They look so nice, I also love your blog too! :)xo

  4. they are amazing!!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. These shoes are so great.


  6. love those boots ... funky and super cool !!!

  7. In love with these shoes

  8. Those shoes are perfect!


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