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Grimas Eye Shadow Collection!

HELLO! You guys probably already know how much I love Grimas eyeshadows. So as promised in my earlier post (FOTD: Purple and Green) I am going to share with you my entire Grimas Eyeshadow collection! I'm addicted to Grimas Eyeshadows and have been collecting them for over years!  Grimas Eyeshadows are an absolutely must-have for makeup artists or for those who have a keen eye for artistic makeup and want to expand their makeup kit on a budget.
Now, let me tell you that I am in noway sponsored by Grimas, my entire collection of Grimas eyeshadows is purchased by me and this is my honest review as always!
My love affair with Grimas eyeshadows started when I saw a makeup artist using the Grimas eyesadows on a client during a photo-shoot. The eyeshadows looked super pigmented and easy to blend, and I was so impressed by her collection of Grimas Eyeshadows that I set a mission to get my very own Grimas Eyeshadow. I searched across various places and finally found them on browsing the Grimas section on this website I came across various eyeshadow palettes containing 12 Grimas eyeshadows in each palette which I found too hard to resist and finally ended up buying 2 Grimas Rouge palettes on my very first purchase! I'll admit It was a bit of a splurge considering I had never tested out this brand before and still decided to buy a substantial amount of eyeshadows on my very first purchase,  but now I am holding no regrets what-so-ever!. After my First order, I have ordered multiple times cause I love these eye shadows and want to expand my Grimas eyeshadows collection :)
 Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas is a well known ethical brand when it comes to artistic/professional makeup. They offer a range of high quality makeup products at a reasonable price. They don't believe in fancy packaging, as they let their products speak for themselves.
Grimas Eyeshadows come in an impressive array of colours, textures and finish.
They are available in three major types:
  • Rouge Eyeshadows
  • Pearl Eyeshadows
  • Cream Eyeshadows
Grimas also sell water makeup in singles as well as palette form, which I have already reviewed on my blog (blog post: Grimas Water Makeup Palette 'A' and 'B' and An Introduction To Face Painting!)

Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
My Grimas eye shadow collection is made up of Rouge, Pearl and Cream eyeshadows (I use cream eyeshadows as an eyeshadow base -  a review coming later). Rouge eyeshadows have a matte finish and they are super pigmented and true to colour on the pan, they are my absolute favorite among all my Grimas eyeshadows! Pearl eyeshadows are basically a semi-sheer eyeshadow with a satin/pearly finish, you can apply them wet for an intense eye look.
I despise to say that the rouge eyeshadows are not meant to be used wet, I found this out from a trial and error method, I happened to add a few drops of water on the eyeshadow to see if the eyeshadow was suited for an intense wet look but once it dried the shadow was kind of crusty and it became almost impossible to apply the eyeshadow afterwards, so I wont advice using the rouge eyeshadows for a wet application!
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
Grimas eyeshadow palette come in an Innovative stack design and consist of twelve good sized eyeshadows. The palettes are sturdy and all the eyeshadows come with their own lid but if you want the palettes to be stacked on top of each other then you will have to remove their lids first, but you may choose to keep the lids on topmost palette to prevent them from hardening or collecting bacteria/dust etc.. I have been storing my Grimas palettes in a stacked form since over a year now and I am glad to report that there has been no hardening /drying of the shadows stacked beneath the topmost palette
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
You can buy empty palettes for your Grimas eyeshadows and stack them vertically. They don't take up much space and are great for travelling too!
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
I've bought a lot of Grimas eyeshadows/refills in singles as well. I stick them into my empty palettes and this way I can create my very own custom colour palettes and sort them on the basis of  different color families or looks I'm going in for.
Grimas Eye Shadow Collection
That's all ladies and gentlemen, I hope you liked my Grimas Eye Shadow Collection! I can't recommend Grimas eyeshadows enough! They are perfect for everyday as well as artistic makeup look. They are very pigmented, easy to apply, blend well and are very long lasting!
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  1. I've never heard of this brand, these eyeshadows look so nice! I love finding new brands to try out 😊

  2. did not know about this... so many nice colors!


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