Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Funtime at Weston Super Mare!

HELLO! Long time & not much blogging! Incase some of you were wondering why I havent been blogging for quite sometime now is because I was busy studying for my exams for the past 2-3 months and  recently  wrote them! I hope and pray I pass with good marks! Thanks to all who came to my blog and posted comments and apologies on my part for not reciprocating and posting comments on your respective blogs! Now that exams are over I am gonna spend a lot of time blogging and visiting your blogs as well!

As exam preparations were hectic I needed a well deserved break and so myself and friends and family decided to  go  on a trip to Weston Super Mare, a seaside resort located at North Somerset, UK!

As Weston Super Mare was located quite far from where we lived, all of us had to start quite early for the trip.For the trip I decided to wear a long black skirt from New Look, I knew that its going to be quite windy over there so I decided to wear my Hilfiger Denim Jacket from TK Maxx to cover up a bit. I settled for a pair of comfy Purple pumps from River Island, though I did bring a pair of flip-flops to the beach. I was also going to be carrying a lot of stuff with me so I took the Paul's Boutique handbag along with me, I just love this bag! it's so roomy and easy to carry around, it has got handles and flap cover in neon pink so I tried matching it by wearing a thin waist belt and earrings in the same colour as I like going matchy-matchy!

Anyway, on reaching at Weston Super Mare I noticed it was quite cloudy and drizzling a bit, not a perfect beach weather to spend hours outside. The weather all over felt damp and it was windy as well. We wanted to venture into the beach but decided not to due to the rain so all of us decided to spend times indoors in the Grand Pier, an entertainment center located near the beach. There were games, shops, eateries and we explored them for quite a while! We had some hot and most tastiest donuts at a donut stall over there!

I also played a few games, did some shopping and had a burger for lunch which sadly tasted horrible (to say the least)! Anyway after spending a few hours all of us bid goodbye to the place and boarded the coach back home. It was quite late when I reached home and I was so tired I just dozed off!

So it was a day well spent and I really enjoyed the trip (sans the horrible burger and gloomy weather) and had lots of fun and it was a welcome relief for me after my exams!

Here are more pics of Weston Super Mare, enjoy!

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  1. seems like a fun place to go out and have fun!

  2. Nice post! i have not been there before but it looks kinda fun :)

  3. forgot to mention - the photo of the bird flying against the backdrop of the sky is fantastic! The picture is so poetic and divine! Congrats on clicking this great pic!

  4. There is something about piers that brings a smile to most people's faces. Thanks for taking us along. You look gorgeous in that maxi.

  5. Thank you for your wonderful comments!

  6. you looks so pretty and these are lovely pictures!!

  7. Great photos! Love your outfit!

  8. love the pictures ..its something close to navy pier in chicago

    your outfit looks cool n pumps are awesome!
    love the bag too!

  9. Beautiful photos! I love your hair, I wish mine was as long as yours!

  10. So glad your exams are over. Bet it's a relief. You look beautiful, and this place looks amazing.


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