Saturday, 16 February 2013

Emobox Jewellery USB - It's a Wearable Technology!

HELLO! Today I have something special for Geeky fashion and technology lovers out there! I am talking about the Emobox USB! No its not one of those plain boring USB flash drives that you find at the regular stationary shops...its a USB  drive with a twist! Yes, apart from being an USB drive it's also a wearable Jewellery from Emobox - A brand known for selling wearable technology! The brand motto is to combine fashion with technology and make Flash Drives gel with your everyday lifestyle. How innovative and unique is that! I am thrilled to have this!
Emobox Jewelry USB
I personally love the idea of wearing a multifunctional jewellery...this is something which is practical yet fun...perfect for people on the go and those who tend to lose USB drive at an unfortunate time. If you are a geeky guy, worry not as Emobox also offers fashionable USB flash drives for there is something for everyone out there!
Emobox Jewelry USB
Wowzie! I'm simply adoring this Rhinestones embedded Apple Necklace USB from Emobox! It looks gorgeous and sparkles like true diamonds...Golden Glamour (RRP £13) is indeed an attention grabber!
Emobox Jewelry USB
This white bracelet USB is perfect for everyone and everyday wear! Whiter than Snow (RRP £12) is the name of this wristband memory stick.
Emobox Jewelry USB
The Emobox jewellery memory sticks splits apart to reveal a storage drive. You can store upto 8GB data in them which is a fairly decent capacity for storing music, documents, photos and more!
Emobox Jewelry USB
What's worth mentioning is that Emobox ships for free in the UK while they charge a flat universal shipping fee of £3.50 for international shipments!
Thanks to Shifa from Get Gawjus for sending the Emobox Jewellery USB on my way, I am pretty sure that Embox jewellery cum USB is going to get plenty of love and use from me! 
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  1. This is so perfect for uni.
    I always forget to take my usb!
    Love it :)

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts


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