Wednesday, 30 March 2011

PROJECT - DIY Lipstick Palette

HELLO! For quite sometime I've been thinking of depotting my drugstore brand lippies as I've collected a lot of them over the last few months and they were taking up an ample part of my makeup storage...and today I finally plunged into the whole depotting ritual! Something I'd never tried before!

I used this transparent storage pallete that I bought at a craft store for my depotting mission...

My next step was to slice off the lipstick bullets from its base and depot them into the storage palette... I took the help of my good old kitchen knife for this task...but you could as well use a blunt spatula for this... or just use your fingers to break off the bullet if you aren't bothered at all ending up with greasy and lipstick-stained fingers :P

I decided to load each compartment with atleast two lipstick bullets as the size of the compartments were big enough to easily fit two lipsticks and as I'd already been wearing these lippies a lot before so there wasn't much left in them, plus I wanted to experiment and create some new shades mixing the existing ones :)

After completing the depotting the lipsticks, I closed the lid of the palette very lightly and placed it inside the microwave oven and heated it for about 3-4 mins after which the depotted lipsticks had melted into a liquid consistency.

I carefully took the palette out of the microwave and just before the melted lipsticks solidified, I quickly stirred them inside each compartment so that the shades blended well with each other.

And after stirring them up I closed the lid tightly and kept my lip palette inside the refrigerator to cool and solidify them completely and after about 5 minutes, my lip palette looked like this :-

Initially I was a bit worried about going ahead with such DIY lipstick palette projects as prior to this I was worried the lipsticks might go rancid or crusty and loose their creaminess and pigmentation so when I actually happen to apply these lipsticks on my lips I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they retained their pigmentation and glided over smoothly!

My DIY Lipstick palette gets a big thumbs up from me!! and well done to me for creating some more room inside my vanity I can go out and buy some more makeup to fill in that space haha ;)

A word of caution- be very careful while microwaving lipsticks. Please read instrucions on using your microwave and take all neccessary precautions before attempting melting of your lipsticks! I melted them using a 1000 watt microwave under the 'medium setting' in other words at around 50% microwave power. This ensures the lipsticks melt in a gradual manner.
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  1. Well done you! :) this definitely cleared up a lot of your space. I prefer applying lipsticks straight from the tube though as its quick and easy to carry around than an entire palette, so i wouldnt do this myself :) x

  2. Great Idea! I'm Going To Try It With Some Of My Broken Lipsticks!! (: x

  3. This is a really good idea! I'm running out of space with some lippies and a lot of them I don't use that often, what better way than to depot and make some more space! :D xo

  4. vey thoughtful of u dear..loving it....

  5. OMG that colour on your lips is absolutely FABULOUS! What is it? or is it a mixture of a few?

  6. That sounds like a good idea, and such a space saver.

    It wouldn't work for me though, seeing as I don't even own a lip brush! lol :P

  7. Fab shades you have created. Congratsss. Shonali brand of lippies :)

  8. Woww that looks great!! Good job Sonali :D

  9. Gr8..loved this!!

  10. Wow. Great job.

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  11. This is really a nice tip. I have a few empty lip blam tubs and a few broken lippies as well. I would try this too then. Thanks a ton for the idea

  12. Wow nice! :) The palette looks so cute


  13. so pretty! :)
    twitter @divalicious_m
    --Michelle (singer from Korea)

  14. Great idea!and that color your wearing is soo nice hard to find
    Good job!

  15. Perfect ideia!!!!
    Hi sweetie, I love your blog, too perfect!
    I am already following of course ...
    Could you follow me too?
    Look, my blog is in Portuguese, but I understand perfectly well English ...
    There is a translator in my blog, OK?
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    Pink kisses

    Alice Dias

  16. I love reading ur blog..I presented u an award..pls check it out on my blog.. Thank u :)

  17. What a great idea, i will have to try this!

  18. Wow, this is a amazing idea, thanks dear for sharing and how are you?

  19. Anonymous27/4/11

    Great idea i think ill try this with my drugstore brands too!


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