Sunday, 8 August 2010

New Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow!

Eyeko Cream Extra Glow - The latest from Eyeko Cream has instantly made me fall in love with it! In short, its a great product with a super cute packaging!
Extra Glow is a shimmery silvery pink highlighter cream and differs from the Original Eyeko Cream that leaves a golden glow to the skin.
Eyeko Extra Glow Cream
Now I must say I'm liking the Extra Glow cream better than their original Eyeko cream which, to be honest, I found a bit hard to work with.
The Eyeko cream has more creamy texture to it and hence takes more time and effort to blend and settle onto the skin and once its on, it would go on to make my already large pores appear even larger, which isn't what I would desire for in a highlighter cream... but the Eyeko Extra Glow is a different story altogether....

Extra Glow has a more fluffy and light texture and hence takes less effort in blending into the skin surface, unlike the Eyeko cream, Extra Glow cream is also much easier to layer on the skin.

In the packaging its written that its an eye cream, moisturiser and highlighter all 3 in one, but I would rather not use this all over my face as I really dont want to end looking like a glowing 'Disco Ball'! lol. Nor would I use it under the foundation, due to its slippery texture it would prevent the foundation to adhere to the skin. Instead, I would use it selectively on brow & cheek bone, nose bridge and given the quantity you get within this cute £8 jar, one could also go on further to use it on the décolleté region, shoulders or even legs for that amazing shine!

I'm wearing the Eyeko Extra Glow on cheeks and chin

Have you tried the all new Eyeko Extra Glow Cream?

Note: The Eyeko Extra Glow cream was sent to me by the Eyeko PR for reviewing purpose. This is my honest review as always.

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  1. Anonymous8/8/10

    This looks gorgeous on you! I haven't tried this before but it does sound quite promising =). X

  2. This looks gorgeous. I'd love to try it out! x

  3. Oooh this looks so pretty. I'm loving the pink packaging, so cute!

  4. I really like this cream.
    & you look great on that pic

  5. It looks pretty on you. Proper glowing! I've not tried any of the eyeko creams, mainly because I tested out the old formula and didn't like it very much. Will have to test this one out. x

  6. You look gorgeous. I haven't tried this product yet. =)

  7. looks so amazing! gives you such a great glow

    roxy @

  8. im gonna go buy this sometinme this week,looks fab on u xx

  9. I bought and really didn't like it but it looks gorgeous on you

  10. this looks great..they have a bronzey version too apparently..anyone tried that?

  11. Thanks for your comment, ladies xoxo

    @icosmeticRN- awwee its such a lovely product, too bad it didn't work for you hunny! Anyway, thanks for your honest feedback! xoxo

    @Mehak - thanks girlie! I havent tried their bronzey version yet, before I buy that I really need to finish off all my other bronzers that are lying ideal in my vanity box! lol xoxo

  12. love your makeup in the picture!! so dramatic and playful :)

    i got the eyeko cream (the bronzer one) but i don't wear it too often. >.<
    this new product sounds awesome though :)

  13. Anonymous10/8/10

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  14. This looks amazing love highlighters!

    follow me too :)

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  17. i'd buy it just for the packaging..its so cute!

  18. Great post. I'd buy this product on the basis of the beautiful packaging :-) Can't wait to try it.
    Trina (

  19. Thank you for your comment, girlies! I agree, the packaging is lovely:)

  20. Waoooooooooo! This comparison is perfect!!! :) Could I use one of your photos? I'm making a review to this product in my blog! I'll link to your blog :) PLEEASE!!

  21. Of course, I don't mind! just let me know once you've posted the pics in your blog :)


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