Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Obsession with Rings/ Exciting News/ A Giveaway!

HELLO! I've no shame in admitting my obsession for Cocktail rings evidenced by the fact that recently I've collected over 11 different Cocktail rings and my desire to obtain more rings is unstoppable!

If you are still wondering what these cute little box have in them then don't think twice as I've just addressed your curiosity!

As some of you know recently I was down with fever and cold and during that period I had to mostly stay indoors and whiled of time browsing the net and going to websites such as Ebay where I came across these rings and the Ring Obsessesee me couldnt resist buying them all and I admit that I am glad I bought them!

Look how cute the boxes carrying the rings are! It looks more than perfect with the rose bow on top!

Ah! I'm over the moon having them in my rings collection!

And Now I would like to share an exciting news with you all!
Recently I had been contacted by Lisa and the news she passed on to me brought a big smile on my face as it was a very pleasant surprise! She told me that my blog has earned a place in a list of the Top 50 Chic Beauty Blogs that was published online at!! I really consider it as a real honor that my blog was included alongside some famous blogs plus considering the fact that I don't blog too often, I feel its a good achievement for me!

So to celebrate this occassion I am going to give away one of the adjustable rings to ONE of my Blog's followers who will be selected randomly by me!

You only got to do TWO things to enter this Giveaway:

1) Be a Follower of my Blog: Asian Beautifier (AB- for a short ref.)

2) Tell me: What do you like most about AB?
What would you like to see most in AB?

They can be posted as a comment under this post!

This giveaway is open internationally will end 15 days from the date of this post so be quick in your entry, ladies!

That's all! I hope you all enter in my giveaway and here's looking forward to reading your views and suggestions!

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  1. They're all beautiful. Going to check out the seller in a minute!
    I'm a follower via GFC :)
    I like nail posts so wouldn't mind seeing more of them!

  2. gfc follower of AB .
    I like the big and upclose photos you have in your posts and your reviews . I would like to see some reviews on all natural products too since I use those .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  3. GFC follower Hadia Salahuddin
    I really like the large pictures and the quality as well, give the readers quite a clear idea what the product would look like in real.
    Email: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com

  4. Hey am already a follower of urs. and what i would like to see is more of fotd's and eotd's. ur eyelooks are just so stunning. keep em coming!!!!

  5. omg theses rings are stunning,
    ok wht i like about this blog is its visually appealing, i mean i m stuck here like a five year ol, but m gawking at the rings :P
    wht more i'd like humm u doing a good job i mean u getting recognition 4m all round for ur efforts but still u should be more frequent in ur writing simply cos u good at it
    --neha gavankar

  6. Woww they are lovely!!!
    GFC name-rakhshanda
    Would love to see your FOTDs and reviews also.
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway Sonali!!

  7. Those boxes are toooo cute! Lovely rings Sonali.

    Would just love to see more posts like this one- cute & pretty things :)


  8. Awww so cuuute <3

  9. ooh great collection! enter me please,

    What I love about AB is the fab photos and FOTD poss, I would like to see more clothing stuff or NOTD posts x

  10. those rings are awesome!
    specially those cute boxes!
    .....I would love to see your pictures and trends of uk (fashion) your blogs!

  11. I follow you as pralinka.
    I love your posts and I would love to see photos of your room =)


  12. These are so pretty. The boxes are adorable. The last picture so stunning.

  13. I am a follower Google Friends Connect. Good giveaway. Lovely rings.

  14. Hi: I like your blog, because it is easy to get around on. Can find things quickly.

  15. such pretty rings..envy you!!
    Well i alreadt follow you and love your FOTDs a lot..plz do more like them now too :)

  16. Like you know I follow you a while now! Love your blog because it's always so positive and informative. Love your nail and make up infos a lot!
    Beautiful giveaway!

  17. It looks great , like many of wonderful secrets:)

  18. Sonali, the rings are too lovely. But what I likle more is each ring peeing out from the cute little boxes!! Thats the best part. I so love your ring collection!!

  19. I follow as karen scammell
    i love your photos, especially pretty jewellery - more pretty pieces please!
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  20. congratz on being featured! *yeaaaah*
    oh and those rings are so lovely
    Anyways, i'm just stopping by to let you know i added you to my blog list ^-^

  21. GFC follower SuperHotFemale
    I really like your makeup and nail related posts! :)

  22. Omg these are just gorgeoussssss. I love them!
    You got excellent taste as always Sonali.
    I follow u as Diana Emma.

    I love your makeup, it always looks so stylish and polished.
    But i miss your OOTDs. I knw thats the first thing that i loved about your blog.
    Maybe you could do hair tutorials also?

  23. Wow they're lovely.

    GFC Charlotte Sparkle
    I love your jewellery posts you have some beautiful jewellery.

  24. congratulations on getting featured!

    I love the quality of your photos. Almost as good as seeing the item/s in person.
    Also those rings are simply gorgeous.

  25. I love your photos and that all your posts are so fun to read! Could you do OOTD? x

  26. Anonymous8/5/11

    Follow via GFC as Monik.
    I want to see more Outfit of the day. :)

  27. Hi! I am a GFC follower! What I like most about your blog is that you talk about a lot of makeup brands that are new to me. It's fascinating! :-)

  28. Hey! Enter me in your above giveaway. i am already your follower and the post which love to see in your blog is outfit of the day, make up tutorials and reviews. Thanks!

  29. Anonymous11/5/11

    Yay! love giveaways! These rings look great!
    I follow you as Beauty Addict and I love your make up looks, they are always inspiring!

  30. wow! i so wanna win the ring. :P
    already a follower, name: Kuheli

    and i would like to see more jewellery posts like this on future. i am a jewellery sucker. :P :))

  31. Enter me too!!! Hope I am not late!!
    What i Love about AB is the picture quality and how beautifully you do each post! I follow you as Mita H.

  32. Gorgeous rings & super cute boxes!
    I already follow you under the GFC name Poohkie's Place.
    What I love most about asianbeautifier are the gorgeous photos - they're big & vibrant. I also love your eye looks.

  33. ur fotds are inspirations to me, keep up the great work on ya blog!

    xoxo elle


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