Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palettes!

HELLO! Some of you might have wondered about my prolonged absence from the blog world and the reason for it was my being down with NASTY cough, cold and fever! I havent fully recovered yet but certainly feeling better and want to thank god that its almost over!

Today I am going to talk to you all about four of my Lip Rouge palettes from Kryolan, a professional makeup brand, which I purchased from an international Ebay Seller 4 months ago and since then been playing around with them a lot. The palettes I am showing in pictures are the older version while the newer versions carry a few extra colors in them and come in a more sturdy packaging.

These are a mini version of their Lip Rouges and normally come in a palette of 16 colors. I would say that these mini palettes are definitely a great way of trying and testing out different colors and if you love any particular color you can find out the Code of the color underneath and go and buy that particular color in full size.

Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palettes

These lip palettes come in variety of textures such as cream, glitter, pearl, and frost finish, and the color spectrum would vary from fantasy to bold to natural which means it's designed to suit everyone's taste and mood! An important thing that made me really go for the mini palettes is that these are ideal for traveling and touch ups!

From having and testing these palettes for a long period I can now say that I really like how they feel on my lips, they stay on for a very long time, feel quite moisturizing and do not dry my lips but there is one thing that I would like to point out though and it's the smell of these lipsticks, as they remind me of the smell of my grandma's lipsticks when I would secretly play with her makeup when I was a kid! That said, I don't find it overpowering by any means, as once I wear them on my lips, the smell fades away in a short while.

Below is the Palette no- L2. It has all the crazy fun colors that you can try out during parties and fun events!
Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palette No. L2

Palette no- LMP111. It's got some really nice pink, purple and maroon shades. Most of these shades look frosty on lips.
Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palette No. LMP111

Palette no- LMP131-11. It contains some gorgeous shades of browns in it, most of them are creamy in texture.
Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palette No. LMP131-11

Palette no- L9 for some lovely Browns and Reds! Click HERE so see me wearing the shade LC 101 on my lips!
Kryolan Mini Lip Rouge Palette No. L9

I paid around 17 British Pounds plus p&p for each palette which is not too expensive considering
the fab quality and variety of colors it comes with, and if you are a makeup artist or a lipstick collector like me then you need to definitely check them out!
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  1. Nice post!Thnx for sharing :)

  2. you have so many! the colors are ever so pretty! :3

  3. i really like the blue!!!X

  4. great post and amazing and lovely colors! wow!

  5. Woww so many shades!!! Lovely palettes <3

  6. missd u!! nice post...gr8 colors!!

  7. love the fun colors..
    I usually look forward for your post!

  8. u are super gorje xx

  9. the colours look amazing babe thanks for sharing lovely x

  10. so much color, I like it, probably naturally color I like most.

  11. Ooh...these look amazing! Will have to check em out


  12. great post!! love the color :)

  13. these palettes are awesome!


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