Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Jewellery Stand, Earring/Nosestud Holder and a close encounter with Swine Flu!

Hi all!

Long time no Blog!

Incase some of you were wondering why I havent been blogging much for sometime now, it was because I was down with the flu and not just any ordinary one but the deadly and notorious Swine Flu! Yes it was a very scary experience but I just accepted it as fate and went through it and with the almighty's grace I have come out of it and am on the path towards recovery! I was bedridden for a long time and just yesterday I have started to resume my normal everyday routines. I am feeling a bit weak and it will take sometime for me to be 100% alright. I want to thank God, my family, close relatives and friends for standing by my side during this time and I hope and pray no one gets Swine flu as it is a horrible experience!

Ok now for the post! I had prepared a post on the jewellery stand but due to my getting swine flu I was unable to publish it and am doing it now.

I purchased the stand from Ebay for about 15 pounds [including p&p] and got the earring and nosestud holders as a gift from a friend. Now some of you might wonder why I need them? Well you see over the years I've been collecting lots of jewellery and earrings and nosestuds and used to store it in my wardrobe drawer and they used to get tangled and in the process they used to get permanently damaged and some of my favourite pieces of jewellery were lost forever! I used to yearn for a solution to this and then one day while searching on Google I came across a link to the stand and found out it was available at eBay and I just jumped to it instantly and purchased it and as a coincidence a friend to whom I used to tell how much I needed something to organize my earring and nosestuds had the good idea to gift me a set of an earring-nosestud holders as a new year's gift!

Jewellery Stand

This metallic stand has hooks for hanging your jewellery and three sections which are foldable which makes it ergonomic and useful for travel purposes as it's just the right size for my jewellery! I think its 15 pound well spent and anyone who wants to keep their jewellery well organised should go for it.
Below you can take a look at a few pics of my stand with jewellery on them!

Jewellery Stand
As you can see from the pics the stand is already overflowing with my jewellery and I need more of them and have already ordered them from ebay!

Jewellery Holder
Earring and Nosestud Holder

So do any of you use a jewellery stand to organize your jewellery or do you use any alternatives? Please share them!

I take leave now! Take care and stay away from Swine Flu!
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  1. What a frightening experience! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that. I have been fighting an illness for over two months now, and it's driving me nuts! However, it's certainly no where near as serious as what you suffered through. Thank goodness you're okay!

    I love all your bright jewelry!


  2. oh my god! u were down with swine flu..........thank god tat u r fine. take rest and come back soon and do write more awesome posts.the jewellery stand looks really cute :)

  3. awww... m so happy that you are fine now... take good care of yourself !! God Bless !!
    u have amazing jewelry collection !! the stands seem really good !!

  4. Glad you're feeling better. Stay safe.

  5. take care and get well soon :)

  6. Swine flu is back again? Too bad you had to go through it. Love your jwellery collection. I normally store away my trinkets in boxes because they tend to get dull in the humid Indian weather. Also dusts settle on them. I store my bangles in paper boxes and jewelery in caskets. Loved your nose studs especially.

  7. Wowww great collection Sonali!!
    Get well soon honey!

  8. wow! that's sooo mannyy!
    Blue studs are soo cute.

    Get well soon :3

  9. omg...dear take care of yourself...I always wondered there is no post...that you are so bsy..
    Swine Flu is very dangerous...Good you recovered,
    get well soon sweetie..
    the jewelery stands are good..nice display..and easy to find every pair!!

  10. aww thats terrible hun :( So glad you recovered! Stay well and take cre :) and love your funky jewellery by the way. I am not much of a jewellery fan and just dump of all it into a box haha :P

  11. Anonymous21/1/11

    Oh, it don't sound like a nice experience at all! Take care!

    I love jewellery holders and so!

  12. The holders are great!
    I am glad you recovered! By the way I just gave you an award so pop in!

  13. Aww...that must have been a tough time Sonali...I'm happy ur out of it. Take good care of yourself.
    That jewelry stand looks great...I need one badly


  14. Get well soon!!!!

  15. I hope u will soon be 100% alright! I will surely pray for you.

    Now regarding the post, I'm just loving ur jewelry! it's so colourful and pretty. Im loving the small golden earings. Where did u get it from?

  16. I hope your feeling better now.

    Love the jewelry stand but u didn't get any info abt the brand:)

  17. @all- thanks a ton for your good wishes! I've recovered from the nasty flu :))
    @Diana - I usually buy my earrings from Indian shops :)
    @Sonali - I got this stand from an ebay store. There are penty of jewellery stands sold over at eBay! You just need to find the right type for your needs :)

  18. (Couldn't leave a comment the other day, problems with downloading site!) Gosh, you must have been through a lot, my dear! So glad to read that you're feeling better now. Do eat well to get your strength back! [hugs]

    That jewellery stand is indeed a great find! I so need a good solution for my trinkets too. Btw, you're right. Your stand is already overflowing. You need to get another one (or two), my dear. ;D


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