Thursday, 2 September 2010

Asian Beautifier's 1st Anniversary and a Makeup Contest To Celebrate *CLOSED*

I cant believe it! I just cant believe it! It feels like yesterday when I wrote my first post in this blog and next thing I know a whole year has passed! Gosh time flies so fast! In this time which flew away I posted quite a number of articles, reviews and miscellaneous stuff in here and all of this would not have had any significance without all of you, my cherished followers and readers, coming here and spending your time reading my posts and passing some sweet comments as well and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

To celebrate this sweet occassion I have decided to hold, guess what? Yes you guessed right! A Contest! The ASIAN BEAUTIFIER 1ST ANNIVERSARY CONTEST! This contest has two themes:-



You have a choice between ONE of the above two mentioned themes (a OR b) for this contest.

If you chose GOLDEN GODDESS theme then you have to incorporate gold based makeup in your look. You could also make use of golden accessories to achive this look. The pictures shown below should give you an idea about the gold based makeup theme:
Makeup Contest
Some ideas for GOLDEN GODDESS theme (images courtesy of Google)

Similarly, if you chose the SPARKLE DIVA theme then you have to incorporate glitters and sparkles in your look! You could also make use of swarovski/crystal accessories to achive this look. The pictures shown below should give you an idea on the glitter/sparkle based makeup theme:
Makeup Contest
Some ideas for SPARKLE DIVA theme (images courtesy of Google)

For this makeup contest there will be TWO winners chosen by me!

The 1st prize is..

Makeup Contest - Asian Beautifier - 1st Prize
*Limited Edition Sleek Circus Eyeshadow Palette.
*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
*Model Co Glass Gloss Trio, these lipglosses provide an amazing shine on lips & each lipgloss comes with its own mirror, how cool is that!
*New Look swarovski Earrings.

And the 2nd prize is...

Makeup Contest - Asian Beautifier - 2nd Prize
*New look beaded necklace.
*Model Co Glass Gloss Trio.
*Urban Decay Nail Paint.

In order to participate in my makeup contest you need to follow 4 steps:-
1. You must be a follower of my blog [] and should have a blog of your own. This contest is open to blog holders only!
2. Link my blog using the picture provided below into your blog's sidebar, then come back and comment "Enter Me" below this page with a link to your blog.
Please post the above picture in your blog's sidebar.

3. In your comment at my blog please specify which theme (Golden Goddess OR Sparkle Diva) you are entering for and mention your email address so that I can contact in the event of your winning my makeup contest!
4. Create a look based upon your chosen theme and email your pic(s) to my email id:
As soon as I receive your pic(s)in my inbox, I will send back an email to you confirming to your pic(s) delivery. Should you not receive any reply from my side within 2 days then do let me know of this asap by posting a reply in my Chatterbox or on this blog page!

Important Information -
*This contest closes at 23:59 GMT on 2nd October 2010.
*It should have atleast 5 entries or otherwise I will have to extend the contest date further till it reaches a minimum of 5 entries!
*I will select the winners based upon how creative and original their makeup look for their chosen theme is. Therefore, the more creative you're in your makeup look the more are your chances of winning this contest!
*On the day I announce the winners I will post the pics of all the entries alongwith a link to the participant's blog.
*This contest is open worldwide. The prizes will be shipped to any place in this world by standard recorded delivery mail . Please note, I shall not be held responsible if the prizes are lost or damaged in the delivery process!
*I will send an email to both the winners who should respond within 7 days.
In the event winners doesn't respond within that time limit I'll pick another winner.
*Last but not least, have lots and lots of fun creating your look for this contest!!!

Thats all my lovelies! I am so thrilled about this whole contest thing and would like it very much if you participate in it!
So what are you waiting for?! Participate in my Makeup Contest and have fun creating your makeup look!
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  1. Congrats !!!
    It's really Amazing !! i love creative contests.. yeppy !! as soon as i get rid of my cold and fever, i'l work on my entry.... :)

  2. Ooh...I love yr themes girl. Lovely prizes too! :)

    I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks, but I might be able to enter when I come back. Will post about this contest anyways.


  3. This is so exciting...i might give this a shot!!!I love the themes yv chosen sonali!

  4. oh nice I might take part but now too busy

  5. Thanks a lot girlies! I shall be looking forward to your entries!
    @Deeptima: awwee dear, get well soon!xoxo

  6. congratz on your 1st year anniversary *yeeaaaah*

    oh btw i just did a review on the chi silk infusion, you can check it out if you like

  7. Happy anniversary! Your blog is very successful!

  8. The contest seems amazing! I so wana try out a look for this :)

  9. @Shifa: You should deinitely give this a shot, hun! I bet its gonna be so much fun to try out a look for this contest!xoxo

  10. @The Girlie Bag: awwee thanks so much sweetheart! xoxo
    @Beauty Style Addict: I'll check it out sweets xoxo

  11. Congratulations!!! I bet you can create awesome looks in both categories.

  12. Lovely contest , great theme for creativity, thanks will work on it

  13. Thanks Kristie! I bet you can also do it if I can!xoxo

    @Cheezz: I would love to see your entry, gorgeous! xoxo

  14. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh congrats honey :)
    I'll participate ;)
    I put a link on my sidebar.
    Think I'll choose de gold one ( but not sure :/ ).
    I'll tell you as soon as possible ;)

  15. Hi Sonali!!! I have placed ur contest pic in my blog,

    I have selected the theme "Golden Goddess" and have mailed you the pics

    My e-mail


  16. Oh this sounds super fun and super glamorous hehe... I m going to try to do this =) i still have a little time =)

  17. waoow.. its a super duper contest with super duper prizes.. i'm a little busy, but i will join this contest..

    i'm your follower through google friend connect and twitter and bloglovin'..
    enter my blog, i have your link on my sidebar..

    i am still confused which theme i will choose.. will tell you asap..

  18. @Amanda & Azhezha: aweee thats lovely! xoxo

  19. hey Sonali,
    i posted the contest's picture in my side bar(
    my theme would be Sparkle Diva will send d pics soon...
    my id is


  20. Hi Deeptima!
    Thanks for the headsup on your choice of theme :)
    I'm sorry! for this contest, there can only be one entry per person, I am saying so as I do not want to create any confusion among the other participants and would like to keep it as clear and simple as possible, I will therefore be judging on the quality of work and not the number of entries done by a person:) xoxo

  21. that's Ok.... i do respect your rules... hopefully will submit the entry soon.. <3

  22. HI SONALI, first of all congrats on ur anniversary!!!
    i want to participate. My theme is golden goddess. ur link is given in my blog side bar. Hope to send the pics soon. ciao :)

  23. @Deeptima and Indianmakeupways: thats great! xoxo

  24. Hello, huge congratulations!
    I think I might find a time and do a look as well :)

  25. hey sonali, i really want to take part but i'm actually in a different city, visiting my family. but i will post it in the sidebar of my blog so other ppl can know about it. congrats on your first year!

  26. @Lucisek: thanks honey! it will be lovely to have your entry as well! xoxo
    @Adorable On Your Vanity: thanks a lot! its ok girl, have a great time :) thanks a lot for posting abt this on your blog, its really nice of you to do so! xoxo

  27. hey Sonali, m a lil confused with the theme can i change it ?? :p... i kn it sounds silly but once i do the look, i'l conform my theme...hehehe.. hope its ok...

  28. @Deeptima: hey! Thats alright! take your time and let me know once you have decided on your final look xoxo

  29. Hey, I've already posted your contest's Image and its link in my sidebar and i am gona take part in golden goddess. SO, WISH ME LUCK!

  30. Hey Geet! Thank your for participating in this contest, good luck to you :)

  31. hey i m new to this blogger.. give me more info plz.. me too interested in this contest..

  32. Hi Sugandha!

    In order to be able to take part in this contest, you need have your own blog (which you do have -, it would be great if you could upload a profile picture for your blog and post a few blog posts so make it look like an active blog (this is just a suggestion!), as per the rules of this contest you should 'follow' my blog using your blog (google's friends connect) name. Please click the 'follow' button under the heading 'sweet followers' which is on the top right hand side of this blog and follow my blog using your google account.
    I've explained the rest of the rules of this contest in this blog post itself, which I suggest you to read carefully, after reading the rules, if you are unsure of any particular thing then let me know about it and I will try my best to explain it to you :)

    Just Remember that this contest closes at 23:59 GMT on 2nd October 2010. So You got to create a look and email me you picture before the above deadline date.

    Goodluck for the contest :)

  33. I really wanna participate... very nice and creative ideas for the makeups. =)
    As soon as possible I'll do the look and put the banner in the sidebar.

  34. @Marcelinha: awesome! will be looking forward to your entry :) xoxo

  35. Here's my submition for the golden goddess:

    can I give my email address another way? I dont reallhy want to display it to the world! I'm gonna be emailing you my submition anyway, without the watermarks so you know its me.. is that ok?


  36. Hi!
    Enter me, please!
    I've put a link to your contest on the sidebar of my blog:
    I'm entering with the theme Golden Goddess

    Good luck to everyone!

  37. Hey Sonali... I am doing the Gold theme


  38. Enter me, finally!
    My theme is Spanking Diva.
    The link is on my sidebar.
    I'll sent the pics now!
    So exciting...

  39. Hey sonali.
    I'm a follower.
    posted about the contest in my sidebar.
    I'm entering for the theme Golden Goddess.
    will send you the pics by tonight :)
    email id:- lilbitssofeverything(at)gmail(dot)com

  40. Hey! I have emailed my entry for your competition under the "Golden Goddess" theme. My email is

    Good luck to all!


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