Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Nail Art With Eyeko Rain and Eyeko Saucy Polish

Hey All!
Today I had a bit of time in my hands so I decided to play with my nails by going in for a simple DIY nail art using the two gorgeous brand new shades from Eyeko Polishes - Eyeko Rain Polish for City Nails and Eyeko Saucy Polish For Naughty Nails!

A list of what I used for my DIY nail art...
  • Eyeko Rain Polish and Eyeko Saucy Polish (Price £3.50 per bottle)
  • Nails Inc Base and Top Coat

  • Allura Nail Guides (available at Poundland)

Easy Step by Step to my DIY nail art...

Step 1: Applied Base Coat on my bare nails and then allowed it to dry. Peeled off the nail guide strip.
Step 2: Placed the nail guide in a diagonal way on top of my nails
Step 3: Carefully applied a coat of Eyeko Rain Polish on the first half of the nail. Waited for it to dry for 3-4 minutes and then carefully removed the nail guide.
Step 4: Carefully Placed the same nail guide just before the end of the diagonally created line of the Eyeko Rain nail polish. Then applied a coat of Eyeko Saucy Polish on the second half of the nail. Waited 3-4 minutes for it to dry and then carefully removed the nail guide to finish off the design.

So that was a simple and easy to follow nail art design using two of the latest Eyeko polishes that looks really cool even when worn alone on nails!

Thanks for dropping by xoxo

Disclaimer: Eyeko Rain Polish and Eyeko Saucy Polish were sent to me by the Eyeko PR. I did not receive any monetary favors for doing this post.
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  1. Such original, like it :)

  2. Ooh those nail guides are awesome xx

  3. I love the name of the polish "saucy polish for naughty nailes"!! lol!!

  4. Cool color combo girl! U made it look doable too. Rain is gorgeous


  5. Anonymous13/7/10

    This is cool! Love the step by step pictures.

  6. Very nice! Now I know how everyone does the diagonals. The secret is nail guides.

  7. Anonymous14/7/10

    And even better you can currently get a free gift with any purchase over £10 or $15 from www.eyeko.com! If anyone's interested you just need to enter the code E10222 at the checkout :)

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments! hugs xoxo


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