Sunday, 1 August 2010

Birthday Flashback...

My birthday [July 23] went on smoothly with lots of fun and joy and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for wishing me on that day and making it a day to remember! I also want to thank all of my sweet followers at Google Connect, Twitter and Facebook for joining my giveaway and I truly appreciate the kind of effort you have put into making my giveaways a real hit! :)
Since my bday I haven't been blogging much and apologies for that! I've lots to share with you all but for starters let me show a few pics of my bday and nice presents I got that day! Hehe

Me cutting my goody goody Bday cake :) This was a really yummy one but not so good for my waistline as I went on eating most of it and gained a pound!ha ha

A snapshot of me in my car, going out to party all night :) After the 'cake cutting ceremony', myself and near and dear ones went to dine at a fine Indian restaurant where we enjoyed the night till the wee hours and ate to our hearts content!

I managed to click some pics of the Starters, before being served on plates and but forgot to take snaps of the main course dinner [guess I was greedily munching the food and forgot to click a few snaps haha] so had to click a snap of it after it was served on and almost fully eaten! And apologies for not posting a pic of the dessert as all of us forgot to click that too!

Guess whats in my bday bag!

Some lovely and cute birthday greeting cards that i got from my loved ones...I will cherish them for the rest of my life...

Here's me, unwrapping in all my excitement, my bday pressies! Don't we get butterflies in our stomach while opening the presents! I got lots of nice presents and also a few prank presents from a few pals who used the bday to pull my leg for some fun!
Motorola Blur
Star gift of the day! My new mobile phone, the Motorola Blur! Wow! I'm so much in love with its 5mp camera, video and touch phone feature!
Makeup For Ever
Yipeee! I also got some MakeUp For Ever goodies as a bday present from the bf!! Yes! My first ever MUFE!

Lastly, a picture of the bday girl(me!) to conclude the bday post! Hope you liked the pics and thank you once again for all the good wishes and support :) xoxo

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you were so pretty ;)
    And the food looked yummmmmmy and the gifts rghhhhhhhhhhhh! It looked great XD

  2. I hope u had an amazzing day... omg the cake mmm =) hheheh

  3. wow. you look stunning on your birthday! :)
    Great pressies you have there :) I enjoyed reading this part " [guess I was greedily munching the food and forgot to click a few snaps haha] so had to click a snap of it after it was served on and almost fully eaten! And apologies for not posting a pic of the dessert as all of us forgot to click that too!" you made laugh lol! again, belated happy birthday sonali! :)

  4. oooh that food looks yum :) happy belated birthday!! xoxo

  5. Great pics!

  6. wowww u look so pretty.
    Belated happy birthday

  7. you look gorgeous darling! And yay to mufe! They are definately worth it in my opinion. Your bf sure knows how to make a girl happy! xx

  8. OMG! you dress is to die for Sonali! Wer's it from? Seems like you had an awesome day :) and you left me drooling on the MUFE stuff hehe

  9. You look great my dear! great goodies

  10. Thanks so much girls! I had a lovely bday, thanks for your wishes :)hugs to all xoxo
    @Shifa: Thanks hun! The dress is the bday gift from my mom, its from an Indian dress beautique:D

  11. You look great, i love ur outfit :)

  12. Aww... happy birthday!! I must say your boyf is very sweet for getting you makeup... mine would not have a clue!! :P xx

  13. Belated happy birthday!

  14. happy birthday! you look stunning in those pictures! i had to do a double take b/c i thought you were a celebrity :)


  15. hi sonali! nice presents. the food made me hungry and i pathetically only have dry keema here.

  16. babygirlrina - thank you for the comment

    sami - lol but my bf is not that well versed in the topic of make up but sure gets it when i drop him a hint about it

    elephant juice - thank you for the comment

    roxy - hehe thanks but i really dont think i look like a celeb

    maki - lol me on my part have gone on a diet and cut down on the food

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Looks like you had a great time!! Your outfit looks quite nice!

  18. Hey Sonali!!!! A very Happy B'day and love the dress. You look awesome. Hope ur dream comes true and missed u so long

  19. Lisa - Thanks, darling!
    Cheezz - Thanks a lot hunny! I missed you too! xoxo

  20. Wow! You looked so amazing! Glad you had a good Birthday!


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