Friday, 27 May 2011


HELLO! If you have tried most of the weightloss gadgets/gimmicks and looking for something new then check out these weight loss slippers!

Weight Loss Slippers

I came across these strange yet cute looking slippers (they look like slippers made for toddlers) in Ebay and found them to be quite interesting then and so I bought a pair for myself for less than a fiver! I love the cute and girly appearance of these slippers! I also liked the concept behind them and the fact that these are supposed to be the latest fad in weight loss from Japan, I was sold over!

Here is a detailed description of what these slippers claim to do:-
* Helps to break down excess fats of your leg, plus helps get rid of it fast!
* This technology is uniquely designed so you can use it easily and effectively in the comfort of your own home. Burn more calories while walking or standing!
* They can be used while you are walking, standing, cooking, or doing household chores!
* It's recommended by the manufacturers that they be used thrice a day for 15 minutes a time to see good results!
* These are adjustable (velcro opening on straps) so it fits most shoe sizes!
* Due to prolonged use of wearing heels the hips region tend to get heavier in the long run and these slippers work towards correcting them!

Now let me reveal to you a funny yet embarassing moment that took place while I was unwrapped the slippers in front of my friends! They thought I had stupidly ordered Kiddy slippers for myself! They laughed at me initially till I explained to them what these slippers were for! haha so ladies, here is a TIP for you - Try to avoid wearing them in front of people who might not know what it is meant for, as you might get stared or laughed at!

Onto my experience with these:-

When I first wore them, I felt a stretch from the calf muscles to the back of my thighs and admit I find it to to be quite impressive! A month has passed since I started wearing them and though I am yet to see anyting major in my weight loss, I know that it's going to take a lot more effort for me than just to wear these slippers! Moreover it would be lame on my part to think that its the only thing that I need to do to get down a dress size!

All said and done I can tell you my legs feel more toned now then before and I'll try to continue using them for a few more months and see if these really live upto the hype or not.

Oh and suppose in the worst case if it fails to do anything for me, I can still use it as a toe finger separator while having a pedicure done ;)

What kinds of crazy gadgets/gimmicky things have you tried in the name of weight loss?
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  1. I Don't know about wait loss but it look so cute and unusual ......

  2. @Geet - I too am a sucker of cute and unusual things! xoxo

  3. I don't think this is for weight loss but rather to tone your leg up:)

  4. These are so cute! I am a person who doesn't get fat, eheheh. >.< So I never really do anything for weight loss. But these like something I would try if I wanted to loose weight! :)

  5. nice! Those seem perfect for the morning after dancing the night away in stilettos!

  6. Wow, these look cute but incredibly uncomfortable!

  7. Errrr LOL. I thought that this was a joke! I tried the shake weight actually. It just hurt the skin on the palms of my hands lol.

  8. oh wow. never know that there's such a things! haha... nice idea but I wonder will it really works?

  9. I would love to try them out! Very cute!

  10. Anonymous29/5/11

    Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  11. Cute slippers..Following you!!
    Do follow me :D

  12. lol i saw some shop selling socks that said u can lose weight too! wacky

    xoxo elle

  13. That has got to be the funniest looking weightloss contraption ever! It's cute though. :)


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