Wednesday, 8 August 2012

HELP: Revitalise My Skin!!

HELLO! Beauty supplements are the latest industry buzzword these days what with their claiming to boost your looks from inside. For some reason I never seemed to understand the hype about these beauty supplements till a few months back when I was offered the chance to test  ‘help: revitalise my skin’ supplements! Now let me tell you I always try to eat a balanced diet as often as I can so I was skeptical  whether these beauty supplements could ever work any magic on my skin! But then it so happened exams were around the corner - a time when I kind of neglect my skin, inability to have a balanced meal, stress showing up on my face all together which makes me look like a frumpy old woman[!]  Exam time = Horrible time :((
HELP: Revitalise My Skin
help: revitalise my skin  is basically a ready-to-eat gel supplement containing skin boosting natural ingredients such as CoEnzymeQ10 and Aloe Vera and claims to help achieve radiant skin from the inside out and keeps the skin in good condition. The key ingredient CoEnzymeQ10 has both energising and anti-oxidative properties. Aloe Vera calms, nourishes and regenerates the skin and its detoxifying properties help to strengthen skin cells, which results in a younger looking, healthy complexion.
HELP: Revitalise My Skin
help: revitalise my skin  comes in an Apple flavour which sure is a tasty treat for me at any time of the day! I really like the fact that it's free from artificial colours and flavours, suitable for vegetarians, diabetics, coeliacs and anyone on a calorie controlled diet. As this supplement is made with only natural ingredients there is no risk of side effects / allergic reactions which is great as I personally don't want to eat nasty chemicals in the name of beauty!
HELP: Revitalise My Skin
For the entire month during my exams I took one gel stick per day. This gel supplement really is easy to eat, just tear the plastic and you're ready snack on an apple flavoured jelly! I am actually glad that this supplement comes in a gel form which is a big plus point for me as I hate supplements in pill form - I mostly end up getting choked while swallowing them!
HELP: Revitalise My Skin
Now the question is:- does help: revitalise my skin really help to improve the condition of my skin and and keep it youthful and radiant looking?
My answer is mainly yes to a certain definitely helped my skin to behave normal during the stress-filled times of my exams. My skin looked more supple and radiant and had a nice feel about it. It is definitely not a miracle worker and the effect was more subtle and gradual.
I would also like to add here that it should in no way be compensated for a lack of good skincare routine and well-balanced diet...its a beauty SUPPLEMENT and as the name suggest should be taken in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and good skincare products.
I believe this supplement is suppose to help slow my skin from aging, and I might start to see a real difference in the lon run. Natural products tend to work slowly compared to chemical based products which are effective in the short run but in the long run you would see a lot of nasty side-effects.

My suggestion is, if you're getting older and are concerned about keeping your skin healthy and radiant, and interested in a long-term yet effective solution then start consuming natural skin supplements. Sometimes, we're lazy to consume it because we're busy and forget about it. But, you can try to include it in your daily life now. A good skin will make a good make up result, right? :)

help: revitalise my skin retails at £9.99 and comes in a box of 7 sticks, available from (worldwide shipping available) as well as BootsSuperdrug and Waitro
se in the UK.
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  1. Liked the review.
    Qell I don't have that kind of problems with my skin yet!
    Kisses from Portugal **

  2. good review and informative! too bad i dont live in the uk so worldwide shipping cost always hesitate me to buy something.

  3. thanks for this great review! it really helped. :D nothing definitely beats a good skincare regimen.

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  4. nice .. looks interesting... I will look for it :))

  5. Great review. I had never heard about Help but I am always looking for new skin products to try.

  6. Informative review!

    However for the price, it doesn't seem worth it to me. £9.99 for a box of 7 sticks?! ARGH!


  7. thanks for this great review! it really helped. :D nothing definitely beats a good skincare regimen.


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