Saturday, 26 September 2009

Check out these Cool Trendy Earrings!!!

Hey everyone! Recently I was in Birmingham City Centre and I happened to pay a short visit to the Pallasades Shopping Centre [located right above New street railway station] and while roaming around, my eyes got glued to these lovely earrings hanging on a rack inside a small-sized stall where they sell a variety of affordable beauty accessories . I couldn't resist the temptation and picked up two pairs in yellow and green color. Aren't they gorgeous! I just adore them!
They are available in different colors and shapes and I paid a quid for each pair! Planning to pick a few more in different colors and shapes on my next trip to B'ham!

An interesting product I saw here were wrist straps to which we can add our name or any word using individual letters with an artificial silver bling finish! Check them out when you go there!

Love you all!

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  1. I bought a pair of earrings very similar to the top pair in Birmingham about 3 years ago! Mine are black but the colour has faded a bit over the years but I just applied nail varnish and it made them look good as new.


  2. OMG! Thanks for the handy tip! I'm gonna do the same if mine fades away ;)

  3. cute blog!!
    now following you :)

  4. Thanks for following Jordy xx

  5. Well are you like me searching for some cool, trendy and happening stuff (clothes, shoes, accessories – bags, necklace etc.). Great! Then I am sure the link I am going to share with you – You are simply going to love it.


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