Monday, 19 October 2009

Tag: 7 Random Facts and My First Blog Award! And Some Nominations!!

I Thank 'Gawjus' Shifa for nominating me for these wonderful awards!
Check out her blog:

I have been tagged by her to list 7 random facts about me. So here I go!

1.I love arts and crafts and related activities! Yeah baby! I love it! I especially love to paint! Portraits! Sceneries! That kind of stuff! Being doing it since I was a child and will continue doing it for as long as I can! Apart from painting I also love to create Mehndi patterns and designs and they were [and still are] very popular among my friends!

2.I love to sing and have received formal training in Indian classical music! I love singing Bollywood movie songs and you'll usually find me humming the latest Bollywood hit! I also would like to mention a very unique talent of mine! I am very good in memorising lyrics of Bollywood movie songs [also some non Bollywood as well!] and can grasp the lyrics of a song usually by hearing it just once or twice!

3.I have received formal training to be an air hostess! I learnt a lot about self grooming, dressing and make up during that time and it sure helped me a lot! I am also a trained seamstress and quite knowledgeable in the art of dress making, sewing and stitching! A few years back I used to design and stitch my own dresses and occassionally did it for friends and family as well and they were very popular among everyone! I used to receive lots of compliments from all for my creations! After coming to the UK I couldn't continue this passion of mine due to various reasons but do miss the days when I did it and sure hope to resume them in the near future! I also love to cook and like to make low calorie dishes! I also like my things to be neat and properly organised! I dont like it when things are scattered all around the house!

4.I love make up! As a child I used to love experimenting with make up! I remember when my aunt used to hide her imported lipstick from me and I managed to get my hands on it and playfully applied it all over my legs! I used to try on my mom's make up without her knowledge and she would be baffled why her makeup box had empty lipsticks and compacts! I also like to style my hair and dress attractively! As I grew up my knowledge about makeup, hairstyling and dressing increased a lot! My friends used to regularly ask me to do their makeup and hair for parties! They felt my hands had some kind of magic in them as their face transformed when I did make up on them!

5.I have a weakness for long hair and long heels! I love to have long hair on my head [its tough maintaining them though!]! I have lots of long heeled shoes and love to wear them when I go out!

6.I love nature and animals! I personally cannot stand the killing and slaughter of animals! I am a vegetarian and support vegetarianism! I also support cosmetic companies which do not test their products on animals!

7.I have a boyfriend with whom I have been in love for the past few years and hope to get married to him in the near future so wish me luck gals!

The 7 bloggers I tag are:

Desi Girl Does Makeup
Chaitali Mitra Burman
I Heart Cosmetics
Goldbeauty 88's Makeup Blog
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Beauty Inside & Out
Delhi's Beauty Addict

If you have been re-tagged in that case, simply pass the award to others :)

Rules:- Just mention the person who tagged you on your blog, list 7 random facts related to you and pass the award to 7 bloggers. Let them know of the tag though :)

Well thats it for now! Hope you people found my factoids interesting to read! I would appreciate any comments on it xoxo

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  1. Aww..thanks for tagging me girl! Although i don't know what it's for! haha..:)
    I'm still a newbie with lots to learn.
    LoL :D at u applying yr aunt's lipstick on yr legs! Why legs n not face?! I'm wondering.
    And good luck with the boyfriend...he's a lucky man (show him this!):)

    Hugs XX

  2. @ Cynthia: thanks cutie for wishing me luck :)I have passed these wonderful awards to you, you just have to list down 7 random facts about you and post these awards on your blog, you then on your part have to pass these down to seven bloggers of your choice and let them know that you have tagged them! xoxo

  3. Wow thanks for tagging me babe, I really appreciate it xxx I will do this as soon as I can. Aaah I have so many posts I need to do, I need a week off work to catch up!

  4. Awwww congratulations hunny!!!! Its so nice recieving an award isn't it. Knowing people enjoy what you write about.


  5. wow! ur waaaay talented gurl :O
    airhostess, painter, henna artist, makeup artist, singer and a cook :O
    Your bf sure wants 2 take u home soon hehe :D

    awesome facts ♥

  6. @Jo: Yes! the appreciation and acknowledgement from my readers brings overwhelming joy to me! xoxo

  7. @Shifa: awweee thats so sweet of you honey!! I wanted to add a few more things about me but I was limited to do 7 only hehe! Anyway, its wise to not to boast too much in just one go :D

  8. Hi girl thanks so much for the tag, appreciate it a lot. I'm very very sorry for the late reply, got quite busy the past few days coz of my son's exam. Just like you to know that I'll be doing the tag after my son's exam hehe ^_^.

    I don't want you to think that I forgot it. Thanks so much really ^_^


  9. Just catching up on your old post here. What a lovely read! Gee, you are certainly creative and good with hands, everything from sewing, painting, cooking, applying makeup. Impressive!! :)

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