Friday, 15 January 2010

More Blog Awards and Tags!!

Hey everyone!

How have you all being doing today? Fine I hope!

Today's post is related to Tags and awards and its not the first one by me as some of you know I have posted a few before! I do it now and then mainly because I consider it a matter of honour to be acknowledged by fellow bloggers and these posts are simply a dedication to those lovely people who have supported me and helped me to enrich my capabilities as a beauty blogger!

So without any further delay, I start out with the colour tag which was passed to me by the lovely and cherubic Witoxicity (I know I'm so late in doing this tag, anyway, better late then never!)

My favourite colour is RED, ofcourse! I love the intensity of this colour! Its such a bold and statement making colour! Apart from red I also love black, yellow, teal, white,peach, baby pink and sky blue. I love to play with different colours as it brings out the artist in me and boy oh boy colours do play a major role in enhancing my mood!

As per the tag rules I have to feature seven items that I own in my choice of colour, so below are the seven things in RED that I absolutely adore:-

Pro Hair Dryer 3200 watts! its Red:) My long hair loves it!

BarryM Khol Pencil, I use it as a lip pencil :P

Earrings from Top Shop! Shooo cute!

Nails Inc Red Nail Polish, A must-have colour in my polish collection!

Matrix Hair Spray(Extra Strong Hold) A great styling tool to control hair!

Red Sandals with tie back ribbons, from Next, Ooo La La!

NARS cream blush in Cactus Flower, my new found love, remember?!

Next is the Happy 101 tag! The ravashing Lizzard of Product Junkie tagged me this time!

I am required to post 7 things that makes me happy, so here is my list of things that makes me happy from inside and outside!

1. My family! They certainly deserve to be mentioned as they make me a happy bunny!
2. Praying to God and helping the old, needy and poor people, bringing a smile on people's face by saying something nice to them and offering a kind and sympathetic ear to their problems and trying to help them by finding a solution to their problems.
3. Nice makeup and jewellery, gorgeous outfits, lovely food and good romantic epic movies! we girls are from Venus, arent we!
4. A good intense massage for atleast 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute relaxing one helps tone me up, release toxins, blockages from my body and mind! Feels like heaven to tell you the truth! I also love it when someone gives a deep massage to my scalp and hair and rinse it! I tell you Its a great feeling! Having long hair I struggle to take care of it [sometimes I feel tempted to get rid of me locks] and appreciate it when someone gives me a helping hand! I just cant say no!
5. Shopping and hunting for bargains!
6. I love to maintain my house and buy beautiful things for it and this gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction!
7. Last but not the least, its blogging and Receiving awards and generous compliments from lovely people from the blogging world perks me up and makes up my day! Honestly!

I've been simultaneously given the 'Naute Mess' award by lovely and sweet co-bloggers Divija Reddy and Mara and the 'Gorgeous Blogger' award, also by Mara! Both of the awards need me to state 7 things about me and as I have already done a similar tag with 7 random facts about me you can check it out HERE! [I doubt some of you who already went through will want to do it again as its a torturous experience! hehe!]

Lastly but not the least I have also been tagged by the gorgeous Helen of Beauty Scribbler for 3 lovely awards and a colour tag! Oh my! I am feeling super lucky now! Thank you Helen and by the way I love reading your blog!

These are: 'I love your Blog' award, 'One Lovely Blog' Award, 'You Are a Doll' Award.The colour tag is the same as the one above (the Red colour tag).

For the "You're a Doll" award, I need to answer the question "What character from a book/movie are you most like?"

Well, I remember the character of Rose [Kate Winslet] in the movie Titanic! she plays a gorgeous rich girl who wants to break loose from the pressures and hypocrisy of the High society and live life like a free bird! A gorgeous character from a timeless story!

Now its the turn to tag and nominate a few blogs I enjoy reading immensely! Its true that all of us put 100% into our respective blogs and to name a few would be unfair to the rest of the beauty blogs whom I equally enjoy reading, but sometimes I like to follow the rules than to break free! So here I nominate a few from my list of bloggers for these awards and tags:

A Product Junkie
Beauty Scribbler
Delhi's Beauty Addict
Divija Reddy
Get Gawjus!

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  1. thanks a lot hun for the tag :) You're too sweet! I would love to do the color tag :D

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I'm so touched that you've thought of me again! You're very kind!

    Thanks for doing the colour tag! The earrings are soooo funky and the sandals, too glamorous!

    Have a great weekend, Sonali! :D

  3. Thank you, Sonali! :) You are such a sweetheart. As much as I love to wear red, it really doesn't look good on me. Hence I wear red lip stains or nails instead! :)

  4. omg!
    my first tag!
    thanx so much!
    i will really enjoy doing them!
    thanx for thinking of me

  5. thank you for the nomination hon! it means so much to me! :D *hugs*

    i loveeee anything red :) it's such a sexy colour ;)

  6. Thats a really pretty red nail polish, Im such a big fan of Nails inc and Im going through a red craze right now, pretty sandals too!

  7. OMG Sonali, this a great honour, thanks lovely, im so happy!!!

  8. @ All: thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! love, xoxo

  9. Hey I nom'd you for a Blog Award. Visit for info. You are beyond gorgeous!


  10. Awww thats so sweet! thanks so much, Krystia!! hugs XOXO

  11. Wow, so many awards, congrats! :) And I think its Haute Mess and not Naute Mess, but the picture isn't clear, so its hard to tell!

    And I know this is so random, but I LOVE those earrings!

  12. Aww..thanks for tagging me yet again hun...mighty sweet of u.
    I think red is lovely. I really really like those earrings!

  13. oh ravashing! i feel like a lioness! hehe thanks for the tag xoxo

    red is a good color - i have a red straightener and I just took off my toe polish which was RED! hehe

  14. same pinch! I have a red straightner too!! xoxo

  15. love the RED post! red polish is a must for me
    very cute blog you got here :)


  16. @all: thanks for your lovely comments! I really appreciate it :)

  17. The red things are so gorgeous, the nars blush looks fabulous.

  18. I love all the RED stuff woo hoo!

    I am a new reader and look forward to following you blog. It is always nice to meet new bloggers. Pop on by to my bloggy blog. I am doing a couple giveaways currently. 1-an inStyler! That hair product that everyone is drooling over. 2-an iPod Nano! WOO HOO. The giveaways are listed in the right column on the top of my blog. Have a great day new blogging friend! -Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog!

  19. @graphology: thanks for dropping by hun!xoxo
    @Juliana: Hi! Welcome to my blog! thanks for your lovely comment, I will defo check out your blog! great meeting ya! have a lovely day xoxo


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