Sunday, 14 March 2010

Atlast I am back from vacations!

A very very nice and warm hello to all of you people!

Gosh! My (looooooonnnggg!) vocation is finally over!

Yes! I am back! Back back back to the lovely world of blogging!

In case some of you didnt know [I doubt it] I was on vacation for the past many many days! I had gone to India to visit family and friends and I loved every moment of it! The last time I went on vacation to India was 4 years ago and so you can imagine how enthusiastic I must have been about this trip!

Deep inside, I feel I am a jolly lucky blogger coz of the very fact that I was being missed out by some of my lovely fellow bloggers who also somehow tried to keep my deserted blog alive by flowing in their cute and heart-whelming 'missing you' comments and I am really greatful to those of you for doing so :))

I am sure you guys are curious to know what I was upto all this while as some of you perhaps started to wonder if I actually got settled back in India! hehe!

So, without fuelling your curiosity any further, I am going to upload some pics shortly so that you all can see for yourself that I had the nicest of time in India!

I will be posting the pics shortly so do come back soon :)))

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  1. welcome back hon!! hope you had fun. cant wait to see pics.x

  2. welcome bak hun cnt wait to see pictures im sure youve had so much fun!!

  3. awww sonali's back in town :D missed you hun! waiting for the pics :D

  4. Welcome back girl. That was a looonnngg vacay! Happy u had loads of fun. Looking forward to yr pics.

  5. Yay, welcome back! :D

  6. yay ur back!!!
    looking forward to the pics!!

  7. ahh i missed u! welcome back! x

  8. Can u believe? I just thought of u today wondering will this girl ever bother to come back! and when she comes back, she must be having so much of stuff to review :)

    ur next post is something i shd avoid....its like adding fuel to fire whatever! i simply cant stay here after seeing ur pics :(

    am really glad u r finally back....

  9. Anonymous14/3/10

    i hope you've had a lovely holiday =).
    Glad your back =D. XX

  10. Welcome back! glad you had a great time..
    I still havent recieved my prize,maybe you could check up on it now?x

  11. It's certainly gggrrreat to have you back, my dear! Can't wait to see your pics! :)

  12. Hey sweety!!!! welcome back!!!! hope ypu had great time in India, cant wait for the pics!!!! Hope your doing fine tooo!!!

  13. Hey sweety!!!! welcome back!!!! hope ypu had great time in India, cant wait for the pics!!!! Hope your doing fine tooo!!!


    We all missed you. I hope you enjoyed your vacay from India. How was it over there? I haven't been to India for yeaaarss and I cannot wait to come back for a visit. <3

  15. Good to know that you are back.
    hope you enjoyed your holidays.
    waiting for the great clicks.
    tnx for following me.


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