Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Hey Everyone!
I've been using Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion for more than 2 months now and I'm pleased to announce that I've almost finished using the 120 ml bottle! yay! The fact that I have been using SKIN MD for quite sometime now [more than 2 months actually] speaks a lot about it!

According to Skin MD's website: "Shielding Lotions form a protective shield with the outer layer of skin and help keep out irritants. They allow the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better and they're light in texture so they go on without a greasy mess. Your skin needs help to keep out these moisture-robbing irritants. A fundamental difference between Shielding Lotions and traditional skin care lotions is that Shielding Lotions enhance the skin's own natural protective abilities by turning the outer layer of skin into what could be described as a hydrating invisible shield making them many times more effective than mere protective lotions and moisturizing creams." Skin MD Natural is over 93% "natural". The ingredients in Skin MD Natural that are not "natural" are of food or medical grade and on FDA's most safe list."

I have a combination skin type and was looking for a moisturiser which would target the drier patches on my skin at the same time not make the oily regions of my skin look like a grease pot. Skin MD lotion is great for my skin! It's made with natural ingredients, dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types! The white coloured liquidy lotion absorbs quickly and isn't sticky or oily like some lotions but still keeps my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day. Skin MD has a natural clean scent, nothing medicinal like. Its pH balanced (6-7) and a dot of this product goes a long way.

I've been using Skin MD on my hands, face and neck and have found that it has made a big improvement in appearance of my skin and looks and feels great and the dryness is a thing of the past! Initially, I began a strict routine of applications every 4-5 hrs and then using it in the morning and evening after a week, as per the instructions on the bottle. I didnt see any positive results overnight. Infact the morning after my first application of Skin MD lotion, I noticed tiny breakouts on my face and it was heartbreaking initially but then I was also ready to give this lotion a fair chance before making any firm conclusion on its effectiveness because of the mere fact that the natural products [unlike chemical ones] do take their sweet time to show their charm and the results speak for themselves in the long run.
Having Soft and hydrated skin is something which I couldn't imagine during the harsh cold UK weather but with the use of Skin MD lotion I could actually see a difference in my skin within one week! Prior to using Skin MD, my face would look like a confused bunch of dry and oily cells but with the continued use of this lotion my skin felt a lot softer and silkier! I'm happy to notice that the dryness of my face and hands has reduced a lot, with the drier patches gradually gone! In colder weather, my hands start to look white and dead and now they look all nourished and alive!

I also took the lotion along with me during my recent trip to India as I felt it would be an ultimate test of the effectiviness of Skin MD to work in an altogether different environment as Indian weather, compared to UK's weather is a lot harsher in terms of pollution, irritants and free radicals. So when I started using it over there it appeared to work fine on me, my skin retained its moisture and balance. Skin MD also claims to work effectively on Psoriasis and I just happened to know a family friend suffering from this condition and transferred a portion of the lotion to another bottle and asked that person to try it out and give me feedback. After using it for 2 weeks the friend told me that there was an overall improvement in the condition of the skin and the reddishness and itching on the affected areas of the skin had gone down but then the friend used it only for 2 weeks and could not test it to its full potential.

Overall, I am happy with the performance of this lotion as it seems to work fine for my skin type and is a natural product and hence safe to use on my skin and I will definitely consider repurchasing it again if in case my skin goes bad again. At £14.99 it sure is an expensive purchase but then I would be out on a hunt for special offers like BOGOF and take full advantage of those by buying in bulk!hehe!

NOTE: I had been sent a 120ml bottle of Skin MD Shielding Lotion to try on by a PR representative of Skin MD.This is my honest and unbiased review on the product, I am in no way a part of this company and dont receive any monetary benifits on doing this.

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  1. great review gurlie! nice to hear it worked good for you :) I have heard so much about this, and am so tempted to give it a try hehe

  2. Was gonna say almost exactly like what Shifa said... hehe...how weird. Anyways, glad it works for u girl. Too bad it's not here in India :(
    Great review!


  3. I have been using this on my face every night for over a month. I absolutely love it! It has cleared up my acne and my psoriasis so much. I really wish I started using it a long time ago. My skin is so much better now than it ever has been. :-D
    It really is awesome.

  4. ohh, been seeing a lot of raves about it and honestly i keep snobbing it cuz of the fugly packaging lol..
    the moisturizing effect is definitely what i need
    maybe i should give this a try if emu oil and jojoba oil doesnt work..

  5. Gosh, it must have been very distressing when it broke you out at the beginning. It's great that it all turned out well after that. I commend you for doing such a thorough review on this lotion! :)

  6. @all: thanks for sharing your thoughts, ladies! xoxo
    @Witoxicity: it was indeed heartbreaking at the beginning but as they say all is well that ends well! hehe xoxo


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