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Product Review: b.liv by Cellnique and a Giveaway!

Hey Everyone, I hope you all are staying beautiful :) Last two-three weeks have been rrrreally stressing for me as I was preparing for my exams and due to which I couldn't blog much and now that my stress days are over I am more than happy share with you my latest skin care addiction - B.Liv by Cellinque!

More about Cellnique- Cellnique is mainly a skin care brand & is based in Malaysia for over 12 years. 'b.liv by Cellnique' was originally known as ‘Cellnique Pro Series’, which was renamed to suit the needs of the stylish youth of today, with a skincare regiment made specifically for them. This particular skin care line is claimed to be driven by advanced, bio-technologically -formulated ingredients to deliver immediate results for youth requiring simple to understand and follow procedures and to add to the pros, the company offers FREE SHIPPING all over the world and have an impressive 2 WEEKS RETURN policy which not many skin care brands offer! By the way, b.liv is also promoting REDUCE paper usage and say NO to disposable bag. Do support the noble cause at where your can download desktop calendar, email banner and participate in their 'Finding Paper. Bag. Geeks'.
Now, before I go into the nitty-gritty of B.Liv products, let me introduce to you my skin type :) I have a combination skin, my problem areas are my dry nose and cheeks and oily chin and forehead region. I have blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and cheeks that needs a weekly extraction with my trusty Biore pore strips. I do have crater-like pores on my cheeks and feel the urge to exfoliate my skin every other day to get rid of any dirt, makeup and old sebum stuffed inside them. Stress, especially during my exams & PMS always takes a toll on my skin so I am always on a hunt for good skin care products that claim to target the problem areas of combination skin and yet be gentle enough on the skin, which is why when I was contacted by Selina from Cellnique to try a few b.liv products that are formulated to target the problems areas of my skin, I couldn't resist... I was sent four full size B.Liv products-b.liv by cellnique- Squeaky Clean, Off With Those Heads, Shrink And Tighten & Kick Sports Out (hehe don't you love the names of these products!) I had also received along with the full sized products, a sample of Glow and Shine and a cute looking recycle bag for Earth Day. If you make a purchase over $60 USD and choose not to get packaging boxes for your products, they will send you the Recycle bag. I've been using the b.liv products for the past 2 weeks on my problem areas twice a day and have found these to be working fine on my skin type and it had really made my skin to behave well during the exams stress, So Far So good!

Here are some guidlines to use the b.liv products in your daily beauty routine:-

Squeaky Clean
Squeaky Clean
Off With those heads
Off With those heads
SerumShrink and TightenShrink and Tighten+
Quench Me
Quench Me
Sun Block
Got Me Covered

Glow and Shine
Kick Spots Out
Once or twice a week

Squeaky Clean (USD 25 for 130ml): This is a light weight, green, non sticky liquid cleanser with microfine beads (synthetic beads) for gentle exfoliation. It contains Peppermint oil, Aloe Vera Extract and micro beads as its key ingredients and smells like peppermint and aloe which I really like! In my experience, this cleanser is a must-have for every skin type! It makes my skin clean, refreshed and rejuvenated and GENTLY exfoliates it to get rid of the dirt, dead skin cells and unclogged pores. It removes the excess oil without stripping out the moisture or drying out my skin. This cleanser is truely a joy to use in the morning! It makes my skin glow and feel soft. The cleanser alone would not remove blackheads and whiteheads but will make the extraction effortless.

If any of you intend to try out the b.liv products and want to begin with buying just one product from this range, I would recommend you to get the Squeaky Clean to try first!

Off With Those Heads (USD 49 for 30ml): It is a non-sticky serum that comes in a bottle and pump dispenser. It contains Vitamin B3 & C, antioxidants and Oleanolic Acid & claims to soften the clogged pores and thus reducing blackheads and whiteheads. All you have to do is to dispense 1-2 pumps of the product and spread it across your T-zone, massaging it into your skin until the wet feeling is gone. It has a nice minty and citrusy scent and once applied on the T-zone, feels cool and tingly for a while. After using the serum twice a day for 2 weeks what I've observed is that most of my whiteheads are gone! I still have a FEW blackheads left but what I notice is that the pores on my nose appears to be unclogged and extracting the blackheads has now become a lot easier! I'm sure glad I tried this product it's a must try product, ladies! Unfortunately, I'm not able to locate the before and after photos of my nose...sigh :(

Shrink & Tighten (USD 49 for 30ml): Again, a non-sticky, easy-gliding serum with its main ingredients being the Collagen, Vitamin B3 & C, and Oleanolic Acid. It comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser and claims to make large pores disappear. It smells of witch hazel and menthol, while on the skin, it feels cool and I can feel a tingling sensation for about a minute. I've seen a LITTLE BIT of shrinkage in my large pores after two weeks near my nose where my cheeks begin, not exactly noticeable on camera but is visible from a closer look. Overall, I am QUITE impressed with its performance within 2 weeks time & will continue using this serum to see how long it takes for my craters(pores) to shrink them to an acceptable level.

Kick Spots Out (USD 32 for 6pcs): It is a thin transparent film-like mask, cut in a shape of face and claims to clarify blemish-prone skin, eliminate irritation-causing factors and control oil-production to prevent shiny skin while providing ample moisturization to the skin.

So far I have used two of these and have not noticed any miraculous difference in my skin except for things like it felt really nice and refreshing on my skin and had a very nice refreshing smell of cucumber. The mask was drenched in excess serum and it was dripping off from my face to all over my neck so I had to literally spread it across my neck region to avoid further dripping down to my chest. You also have to keep the mask on for about 30 minutes which I think is a bit too long to keep a mask on.

Anyways, after I took off the face mask, my skin looked glowing and healthy looking. It definitely felt moisturized from within.

Glow and Shine (USD 25 for 50ml): I received this in a sample size bottle. It is a thick white mask that has little exfoliating beads and is formulated for sensitive skin with large pores. You layer it on your cleansed face and leave on for 5-10 minutes and then massage it off. I like this product for its multi-functionality, it’s a mask and an exfoliator all in one. The mask feels really soft on my skin, smells amazing & made my skin tighter and brighter!

Overall, I find the b.liv range from Cellnique well worth a try and my favorites from this range being the Squeaky Clean and off With those Heads :)

Before and After 2 weeks: a side shot of my face sans makeup

Cellnique is offering free sample of 'Off With Those Heads' to the first 50 readers of Asian Beautifier. Readers can email their full name and mailing/shipping address to with the subject
T&C: Giveaway ends one week from today and sample delivery within 4 – 6 weeks.
Special thanks to b.liv by Cellnique for hosting this sample giveaway!

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  1. oh god i need off with those heads as my white heads are p.i.a. i must say that your skin looks much more declogged of sebum after 2 weeks.
    we missed sis. glad stress days are over

  2. thanks for the review..Hey, do u know anything about Moroccon oil?? just read about it on a blog and trying to get info..will check with Maki also..

  3. Great review :) Those products sound fab, you can really see a difference in your before and after!

    I hope the exams went ok, I'm so glad mine are over!

  4. it has good results on your skin.. .hope i could try them too(^_^)

  5. amazing review hun! I love their products too :) Am gona review them soon. Your skin looks great!

    btw, love the new layout :)

  6. @Maki: awwee I missed you too hun xoxo

    @bollywoodstylediaries: Morroccan oil? I think its used for hair treatments, haven't tried it on myself so wont be able to give my two cents on it :(

    @elephantJuice: exams=hell! hehe glad its over for you too! mine went on just fine, thanks xoxo

    @Get Gawjus: hey hun, hope you're having a great time in India :) I desired for a vibrant layout for summers, came across this one from bloggers templates, glad you like it :)

  7. Anonymous24/6/10

    Great review!
    I like the products would love to try it out!

    I'm following!

  8. nice review! few products were sent to me too but im still using them.

    have a nice day sweetie =)

  9. @CGBlogger:Hi! welcome to Asian Beautifier :) Thanks for the follow, glad you liked the review xoxo
    @Jing: thanks hun :)

  10. Ooh..hope I'm not late! Great reviews of the products gurl. I still have a sample size of their blackheads remover which I got with a magazine from Malaysia :D


  11. I think I`m late... however I have wrotten an email because I would love to try it. Thanks!!!


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