Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A review On M&S Autograph Pressed Powder

I have been using the MARKS & SPENCERS Autograph Pressed Powder for quite some time now and must admit have developed a liking for it! Nowadays while traveling I'm carrying it with me most of the time as its a pressed powderso there is no fear of the powder spilling out. I mean don't you hate it when you are outside and want to touch up your face and you open a box of loose powder and watch some of it fly away on your face or just spill out!

Apart from it being a pressed powder, the M&S Autograph pressed powder comes in a great package! Its casing is made of metal and looks very royal in appearance and you get a luxurious feel when you hold it in hand. I would say their products match upto brands such as Chanel in terms of appearance and packaging!

When you open it you can see it has a quite big mirror in it which is useful while applying make up or touching up. The inside is divided into two segments. One contains the pressed powder while the other contains a sponge applicator. The sponge applicator is quite good and can be used for touch ups through a patting motion. However I like to use a dense powder brush such as my E.L.F flat top brush instead of the sponge applicator as I find the sponge to be only suited for the midday touch ups. The texture of the M&S Pressed Powder is really soft and silky smooth & the overall quality of this is just amazing!

M&S Autograph pressed powder in shade Medium

The M&S Autograph pressed powder is available in three shades - Dark, Medium & Translucent. and retails for £9.50 at M&S website. I chose the medium shade for myself mainly because it seemed to match my skin shade and added a bit of colour to the face.

After a few hours of applying the powder I had to touch it up as oily T-zone started to appear but then I have a combination skin and guess that's why this happened. Moreover its hot these days.

I think this powder will suit all skin types as it is very fine and not at all coarse in anyway and gives a natural finish to the skin. However, it could accentuate the dry patches if applied too much on the dry skin.

Have any of you tried the M&S Autograph pressed powder or planning to? Please share your opinion with me:)

Ah! Before I conclude this post I would like to do so by including some Blog Awards that had been awarded to me sometime back by my lovely friends in the 'blogsphere' :)
Stylish Blogger Award- awarded to me by the super gorgeous Lubna and Laura.

Sweet Blog Award-awarded to me by the glamorous Sara :)

Thank you so much for the award girlies! I am honored to receive these awards from you!
I would like to pass these awards to all my readers coz for me you all rock ;)
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  1. This seems lovely! Have to try now :) You should try the foundation brush by autography, really nice it is.

  2. Thx for this article, I didn't know this brand :/

  3. I've never really paid this much attention, but might have to give it a closer look next time I'm in store now!

  4. Congratulations on the blog awards!

    I didn't know that Marks and Spencer had makeup. Gosh, I'm so behind! The casing for this pressed powder looks so classy and I thought the price was very reasonable. :)

  5. i look at the packaging and i thought its like from guerlain. metal casing and so classy.

  6. Have to try it it looks great


  7. I think M&S makeup is quite under rated , i have their lipsticks and blush in cinnamon and they are gorgeous , esp lipsticks

  8. I love M&S Autograph Collections.They haven't launched makeup products in India but will tell my bro to pick this one for me.
    Thanks for the review Sonali.

  9. wow ! the packaging looks so classy .. and the price is reasonable too :)
    Btw does it control oil effectively ??I have combination skin with *very* active T- zone
    I hope I can manage getting this through my aunt !!

  10. @all: I am glad that you found my review on this product to be helpful :) Thanks a lot for your lovely comments xoxo

  11. You def deserved it ;)


  12. @Palak: it does a fair job in controlling the shine, you would need to reapply it by the midday :)

  13. The packaging is so cute! Didn't know M&S does makeup too now. I've only tried their skincare line


  14. You have a lot of awards! Congratulations dear so here's a hug for you!♥ I didn't know that mark and spencers have MU line already. I guess I have to pay them a visit to check out what other products they have =)

  15. @Coline: thank you so much girlie :) hugs for you too xoxo

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  17. Great review going to have to give it a try! Have you tried Benefit Hello Flawless i really recommend it!

    Brilliant blog! I've just started would love you to have a look :-)



  18. Hi Nikki! Thanks for dropping by :) I am yet to try the Benefit Hello Flawless, have hears some great things about it, I must check it out, thanks for the suggestion, girlie xoxo


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