Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Verdict On the Sleek Primer Palette

Hey all!
Sleek MakeUP recently added a new and permanent member to their Palettes - the I-Divine Primer Palette (RRP £6.99)!

Sleek I-Divine Primer Palette

Most of the colours in this palette are bright, shimmery and opaque while some are duo cromes (white, silver)! A let down was the limited shade selection (no orange, yellow or bright green) and lack of mattes. Texture wise, it's quite creamy and not greasy or gloopy. These can be applied with fingers but a synthetic brush makes it easy to blend and build up colour but I suggest to not use the crappy brush that this palette comes with as it's not right for the cream colors - I threw mine into the bin :P!

Sleek I-Divine Primer Palette - Swatches
Due to a printing error the names of shades in the palette card dont match the colour they refer to - eg. the green shade is named Peach :0 !
My Verdict - As its been marketed as a 'Primer' Palette, I expect it to do the basic job of priming the eyes, such as bring out the vibrancy and shine of eyeshadows and prevent them from creasing on the eyelid. But when I tested them against my beloved Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), I was somehow not convinced that these are as good a 'base' as the UDPP, well, I mean if you check out the textures of both these primers then you'll know what I am saying!
The Smear Test: On my hand, I applied a green shade from my Sleek palette (without any base underneath), then on top of a Sleek Primer, and then on top of UDPP. I clicked the pic below just to show you that the Sleek Primer failed to hold the Sleek eyeshadow on its place once I gave it a good rub while the UDPP did a great job of holding it.

Sleek I-Divine Primer Palette - Smear Test

Next, I used a blue eyeshadow from a different brand to test it and find out if the Sleek primer works differently for non -Sleek shadows.
Sleek I-Divine Primer Palette - Smear Test

Even this time the results were the same! Sleek Palette could not live upto the smear test.
Sleek I-Divine Primer Palette - Smear Test

I would like to add here that the Sleek Primer Palette would definitely see some use by me If I am trying to bring out the vibrancy and shine of my less-pigmented eyeshadows but otherwise it is just not what I would reach for if I want my eyeshadow to stay in place and not crease or smear on my eyes. I might use it as a cream eyeshadow but would do so only after dusting it with a bit of powder on top to prevent creasing or, use a good base underneath. I feel that this palette would have been a sure-shot hit if it was rather pitched as a 'Cream' shadow palette by Sleek...

So any of you planning to try out the the I-Divine Primer Palette or already done? Feel free to share your views in regard to it!
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  1. Woww looks great!! Thanks for the swatches <3

  2. Lovely colors Sonali. These colors look so versatile. Would you come up with an LOTD please?

  3. Aww...too bad they aren't great primers, otherwise the shades look nice


  4. Detailed review, thanks a ton!

  5. thanks..its was something so nice to know!

  6. I think this is the first Sleek palette I wasn't impressed with but I'm not one for cream shadows x


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