Monday, 28 February 2011

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips

HELLO. Recently I dug into my new Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips which I received as a present from a friend and So far I've been liking this palette a lot...

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips

The Colour Book Lips features a total of 20 Lip colors which are seperated into 4 rows based on 4 varieties of textures, all of which are nicely packed into a palette form!

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips

Moisture Kiss Lipstick- These go on very sheer, just like lipglosses/glazes. These colors give a nice glossy appearence to the lips.
Sensational Colour Lipstick- I love the color payoff of all the lipsticks in this row! They go on smoothly and creamy on the lips and are well pigmented.
Clearly Brilliant Lipstick- TThese lipsticks are quite sheer and contain a bit of shimmer into them to add an extra bit of shine on the lips.
Pure Radiance Lipstick- Absolutely gorgeous pearlescent lipsticks! The lipsticks are a little bit pearly and go on quite creamy and pigmented on the lips

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips

The packaging is nice and sleek. However, the size of this Colour book is quite big,which makes it inconvenient to carry while travelling.... BUT I love the size of these lipsticks which are quite HUGE.

Look how pretty these lipsticks look...
Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips

SOME SWATCHES- Now, it was not easy for me to swatch and click all 20 lipsticks in a single post so I chose 4 random colors from each seperate catagory so that you can have an idea of how they look on the lips.

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips-STRAWBERRY KISS

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips-JUICY SENSATION

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips-RAZZMATAZZ

Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips-CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE

MY THOUGHTS- The colors in this palette are all very pretty. They are light on the lips and the payoff is more like a gloss in my opinion. On my lips the colors are not super pigmented but they feel great and have a nice payoff! I also just recently happened to find out that the Virgin Vie Colour Book Lips also sold at Ebay so if you are planning to buy or gift someone a nice lip palette on a budget price then definitely check them out :)

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  1. i'm a fan of your lips!!

  2. love the champagne truffle shade. And the color book is well sleek and cute!


  4. Wowww such gorgeous shades...Looking great on your lips <3

  5. Wow!I love the champagne truffle!awesome!will look on ebay!

  6. All the colours look so pretty on you!

  7. Dazzling Diva and Juicy Sensation are my favorite but all of them have beautiful nice shade!


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