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10 Best Dressed People of the Year 2012 (UK)

HELLO! Today's post is a first for me! It’s my first 'Top 10' post and in this I am going to list the top 10 best dressed people of the year 2012 (UK)! Although this list is related to the UK, it might contain names of a few celebs who are actually not from UK but still their dressing style had considerable influence in UK in terms of popularity! Let me mention I did quite a lot of research (mainly through the internet) and scanned through a lot of pics of various celebrities and especially gave priority to the dresses they wore in the year 2012 and so I mostly looked at pics of them visiting a major event (mostly in the UK) and made my final choice after carefully looking at their pics. Finally, I managed to zero in at 10 celebrities. Then I started rating their dress and accessories based on the color, cut, form, style and overall appearance. I have posted their pic (courtesy Google) in this list for you to look and decide! I am sure most of you will agree (some of you might not as well) with my choice of 10 best dressed people of 2012 (UK) Okay on with the list!

At No. 10 is.......... Adele! This Grammy Winner and platinum record selling artiste is not just known for her divine voice but also for her dress sense! She doesn't resort to wearing super glamorous outfits [unlike her contemporaries] but instead chooses to dress in a very elegant and classy manner! Check out this outfit she wore at the Grammys last year and you will agree with me:

No.9.......... Jennifer Tilly. This actress is well known in the US and has a cult following in UK as well thanks to her offbeat roles in movies such as the 'Chucky' series. Apart from being a famous
actress she is also a professional poker player and takes part in major poker tournaments! Anyways here she is in a cool looking dress she wore at an event recently.

No.8........ Michelle Obama. The First Lady of USA not just gets praised for her dressing style in The US but also over here in the UK! Her dresses manage to attract attention wherever she goes and its rightly so as she manages to dress elegantly just like the wife of a president should!

 No.7.............. Tom Cruise. Leaving aside his personal life and beliefs he manages to attract attention not just with his super handsome looks or infectious smile but also his dress style! Not many guys in UK will admit that they like to imitate his dressing style or mannerisms! No matter what outfit, Tom somehow manages to look cool in it and remember the dude is in his 50s but still has a loyal following amongst the young even today! Check out this cool outfit he wore in 2012

No. 6.............Shane Warne. The famous Aussie spinner is currently dating Elisabeth Hurley! He is quite the ladies’ man and its evident that it’s not just his looks which gets attention but also his dressing style as well! Here he is at an event wearing a formal suit!

No. 5.................Kim Kadrashian. She might not be from UK but so what; she is one of the most popular celebs in the UK inspite of not being from here! And it’s with reason so! Her show keeping up with the Kardashians is super popular in UK and whenever she visits the UK she gets mobbed by 1000s of fans! Her dressing style is widely copied by many all over the world and UK is no exception. Here is a pic of her in a super cool yellow gown:
No. 4...........Kate Moss. Inspite of the fact 100s of supermodels came after her she still manages to attract attention. Some say it’s her drop dead gorgeous looks and some say her dressing style which is very popular throughout the UK! I am in full agreement with both and this pic of hers from 2012 proves it:

No.3........... Cheryl Tweedy [Formerly Cole]. She might no longer be associated with the X factor but Cheryl Tweedy [formerly Cole] still manages to get talked about whether it’s about her drop dead gorgeous looks or her super cool outfits! Her dressing style is widely imitated not just in England but in the US and Europe as well! She has her own dress line and most of her outfits are selling like hot cakes!

At No.2 it is............... David Beckham. The sexy hunk manages to make it to almost every well-dressed celebrities list out there and mine is no exception! Whether it’s a body hugging T or a blazer or just plain a plain brief [!] this hunk manages to make it look good!

No.1 Best Dressed Celeb of 2012 is............... The Duchess of Cambridge [Kate Middleton]. It’s no surprise she made it to no. 1 in this list! Her regal and pretty looks compliment almost any dress out there and it’s the dress which gets the honors when she wears it than the other way around! Almost every dress she has worn has been copied and worn by 1000s of women out there! Hey it’s not without reason she has been tipped to be the next queen of Great Britain!
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  1. Cheryl and Kate Moss are my faves! I absolutely love Cheryl's style on and off the stage or red carpet plus Kate Moss has been one of my top style icons for FOREVER. Awesome post!



  2. I'd have to agree with Kate Middleton. She is simple and amazing - simply amazing. I LOVE her style.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  3. I think Adele is a very classy dressier. And I am always a huge fan of both Kates.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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