Friday, 6 March 2015

Lush Bunty Set

HELLO! I received the Lush Bunty set a couple of months but have only just got around to finishing it.

The Lush Bunty set comes wrapped in a yellow paper with pretty pink polka dots all over and contains two bath bombs and two bubble bars. The bath bombs are - Space Girl and Think Pink. The bubble bars are - The Comforter and Creamy Candy.

Space Girl Bath Ballistic

Oh the smell of fruity goodness! It is covered in glitter and is pink and purple. It turned the water into a glittery purply-blue color. This was my favorite part of the Lush Bunty set and I would buy it again as a separate, mainly because of the smell.

Mini comforter Bubble Bath

It looks like a little cake you could eat! This gave a ton of bubbles and turned water awesomely pink! It’s meant to be crushed up under the water and you can get more than one bath out of it which is awesome!

Think Pink Bath Ballistic

It turned the bath into a Barbie-pink color and the bathroom smelling like a delicious sweet shop, this is a must-have for any girl! It also added twist of confetti hearts which I thought was a cute bonus.

Creamy Candy Bath Bubble Bar

It looks so pretty and smells of candy floss, a scent which lingers on the skin a few hours after use! It’s got almond oil and cocoa butter in it and feels a little bit more moisturising on the skin than the other bubble bars in the Lush Bunty set. However, I liked the comforter bubble bath a tad bit more for the amount of bubbles it creates as the bubbles in this seemed to dissolve as fast as they were made.

Overall, these bath bombs from Lush will brighten up anyone's gloomy day! If you love everything pink, fluffy and sweet, you will adore the Lush Bunty set!
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  1. omg they actually look delicious and make me wanna eat them hahaha


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