Thursday, 29 October 2009

My take on BarryM Blushers

It's well known that Barry M, a primarily drugstore brand, has in recent times earned a lot of fame in the cosmetics world with its affordable high quality make up products and one of the reasons for it is that they simply dont compromise in the quality of their products.

I am a fan of BarryM make up products and have bought a few of them in the past. A few days back when I heard that Barry M powder Blushers were being launched I rushed to the store [superdrug this time!] to get my hands on them! I felt like an adorable bunny standing next to a crate of juicy carrots! I had to have them all! All 6 of them! So even before the next blink of my eye I bought all of them and rushed home so that I could try it on!
The BarryM blushers are SUPER pigmented and available in 6 shades:
Pink Orchid [BL1]
Rose [BL2]
Strawberry [BL3]Raspberry [BL4]
Apricot [BL5]
Terracotta [BL6]

BarryM Blushers From Left to Right: BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4, BL5, BL6

Swatches of BarryM Blushers: From Left to Right: BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4, BL5, BL6

These well pigmented blushers contain Vitamin E [a good anti-oxidant] and are priced at £4.50 each! One should be light handed while applying them as you might end up adding too much on your face and end up with a clown like face! The texture felt fine, soft, non chalky and easy to blend. Another good thing about BarryM blushers that they dont contain any shimmer or glittery bits and serve towards the true purpose of a blusher which is to add colour to the cheeks and not act as a highlighter!

A downside is the packaging! The case looks tacky, most probably due to the seemingly flimsy transparent plastic lid. Another let down was the small blush applicator brush, which I personally found to be of no practical use! If you ignore these two then you have a very good blusher which does its job perfectly!

Overall I am happy with my purchase! Previously with a modest set of blushers and desperately and quickly wanting to build my collection and also avoid spending too much time testing a whole bunch of different blusher brands and with the aim of getting my hands on a good quality well pigmented high performance blusher from a well reputed brand, I decided to go in for BarryM blushers and now feel my quest for such blushers is over [or is it? Hmm only the future will tell!]

So have any of you sweeties tried the BarryM blushers or planning to? Do let me know!

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  1. Oooh...these blushes look amazing! I'm loving #2, 5 n 6. Ur right, the brushes r kinda small for a a glowy application.
    I've never tried Barry M stuff but would love to someday ;)


  2. @Cynthia: yes the brushes are a tad cheap looking and small,however the shades are great! really these blushers are worth trying out:)

  3. I really love #1 (the only one I have) but totally agree about dodgy brush and flimsy packaging, they may as well have not given a brush as it is useless

  4. I would love to try the last too, they look gorgeous =) nice review hun! and lovely swatches! show us how it looks on ya cheeks if you can and have the time =)

  5. @ Sarah: yeh! you are right, the brush is completely useless! xoxo

    @ Shifa: Thanks hun! I will be incorporating these into my FOTD's list he he xoxo

  6. what a great haul and once i get paid i shall be dashing over to the barry m section in superdrugs too - want them, ashame the packaging is HIDEOUS! they could av not added the brushes and made the packaging look better.. cnt wait to try now!

  7. @Inner Belle: I absolutely agree with you on the packaging part! xoxo

  8. ohh sonali, I was wondering if you have come accross sleek blushes? They have the lovely packaging as their eyeshadow palettes now and come in lovely shades and are around £3.50 only!!!

  9. Yes Shifa! I have! Infact i got 2 of these from the superdrugs! Will be doing a review soon Xoxo

  10. They need to have a store that sells Barry M in the US. And my take on the brushes -- Most of the drugstore based cosmetic companies tend to forget the quality of their brushes which is quite disappointing. And, i'll take your word for it. I'm buying the shades that are highly pigmented! Thanks! :)


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