Wednesday, 11 November 2009

EOTD: Mystic Blue Eyes / Award Tag


Hi All!

What's up on you all of your respective sides? Hope all of you are doing fine and dandy!!

On my part I've been busy. Busy Busy Busy! Exams you see! Gotta study you know! And the reason why I haven't been posting much in recent days!

Anyways the other day while I sat in front of my dressing table I was rummaging through my make up box and came across a box of OPIA loose shadow pigments

sitting idle. So I opened it and decided to play with it and went on to apply them on my eyelids right after I applied a coat of Eyeshadow base! After that I applied some No7 Extragavant Mascara on my eyelashes, some Lotus Herbals Eyeliner on my upperlids and finally some Kohl Liner [Kajal] by Shahnaz Hussein. After that I shot a few pictures of mine and post them here as my EOTD and name them as my MYSTIC EYE LOOK! Hope you all liked it! By the way expect reviews of some of the products mentioned in this post and also some Indian ones in the coming days!

The lovely and Gorgeous Cynthia from Delhi's Beauty addict has awarded me with "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD". Thank you very much for the award, Cynthia!

All of you check out her fabulous blog!
Its a great blog and time well spent!

"As per the rules for receiving this award I am supposed to tag 7 recently discovered blogs but instead I am passing on this award to all of my followers! You all deserve it!"

Thats it for now my darlings! Keep those comments coming in!

Have fun all of you!

Bye for Now!!

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  1. Wow this is beautiful Sonali...lovely colors...loving those contacts too.
    All the best for yr exams girl.

  2. Anonymous11/11/09

    Beautiful as always!
    Good luck on exams!
    xo em

  3. gorgeous look as usual! I love ya contacts hun =)
    Good Luck for ya exams sweet! Hope you ace em ♥

  4. aww good luck with studying and exams, im just glad i dont have to worry bout that any time soon - looking forward to my grad ceremony, This is a lovely look x

  5. Thanks a lot girls! xoxo

  6. I LOVE the way you do your eye liner! x

  7. @M: thanks gorgeous xoxo

  8. wow your so so talented, loved it!!


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