Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Yippee I Won a BLOG AWARD!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for coming to my blog!

I am proud to announce that Shifa aka "G A W J U S" from http://getgawjus.blogspot.com/ has bestowed upon me the "KREATIV BLOGGER" blog award and I am so happy to receive it! Thank you Shifa, for this honour!! Shifa, a good friend of mine is a very lovely and sweet person and ofcourse a very creative and versatile Blogger! Just check out her blog and read her interesting and informative posts! I on my side just love reading them and have noted down lots of stuff from there!

On one side I feel so lucky for having received a few blog awards at an early stage as a Blogger while on the other feel tonnes of well written and informative blogs out there are honestly far more better than mine! I am also lucky to have all of you people - gals and guys - who support me and shower me with lots of lovely remarks and comments, and thereby make my heart melt! I am appreciative of the fact that all of you take time out to visit my blog and with patience read my posts and leave a comment as well and to repay all of your kindness towards me the best I could do at this point is to simply pass on this award to all of you who follow me and in order for you to receive it, simply do the following:-

·Place a link of the person who tagged you on your blog·
· Accept the award
· List 7 random facts related to you which you suppose others might find interesting!
· And pass the award to 7 bloggers

Thats it! You are done!

I on my side already posted 7 random facts about myself and dont want to do it again [obviously!], but if you havent done it yet, then what you waiting for, simply do it right away and let other bloggers read them and enrich themselves with interesting facts about yourself!

Well thats it for now, folks! Hope all of you had a great Halloween! I on my part had lots of fun on halloween night! Myself and a few close friends and relatives met over at my place and had lots of fun! Finally at stroke of midnight we watched an old horror movie - the monster squad - and got our respective scares!

Tata then my ddddahhhhliiiinnngggggssss!!
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  1. aww so sweet of you hun! ♥
    btw u totally deserve the kreative blogger award as your blog is very innovative and I totally love your bold looks =) Its a refreshing change from my toned down looks hehe...lots of luv!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Awwweee Thank you sweetie:)) hugs xoxo

  3. Congratz girl on the award ^_^


  4. Hey...i nominated u for an award! Check it out in my blog.

  5. Thanks Thanks Thganks!!! xoxo

  6. congrats on the award

    and I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.



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