Wednesday, 16 December 2009 - My Present favourite website!

Hi all!
Long time no Blog!
So how have all of you being keeping these days? Having fun I suppose!
Myself on my part, I have just returned from a trip to hell! :) I mean my exams are finally over! It sure feels like hell to tell you the truth! Exam hell! God how I wish I didnt have to write any exams!*Sigh*

Anyways, now that my trip to exam hell is finally over, I decided to do a lot of travelling and visit lots of places! I did do a lot of it! In the online world that is! :) I did lots of net surfing and paid a visit to lots of new websites and in the process came across a website called I had heard of this website before but never went there and so decided to pay it a visit.
Strawberrynet is a Hong Kong Based company which sells world famous cosmetic brands through their website Name any famous cosmetic brand and you are sure to find them here! I had lots of fun going through their website and checking out the products on sale there! I must admit I spend a sufficient amount of time searching the net for online stores which sell leading brands at discounted prices or have any special offers and to my pleasant surprise this website had lots of them!

As it was my first visit to the site I decided to do some research on the net and found out that they are very famous all over the world and have online stores in almost every major country in the world including UK and India! Most of their online stores seem to have a local language version of it and to my pleasant surprise they had a Hindi version of their Indian online store! Now I found that to be cool to tell you the truth! Most of the Indian cosmetic websites I've been to usually had only an English version instead of a localised one! There are lots of people out there who prefer websites in their local language as its easier for them to understand and I am sure many Hindi speaking Indians who love to purchase cosmetics through online stores will find this a welcome feature!

The interface of the website is very user friendly! Their home page has links to all of their online stores in different countries! Just choose the link to your country using the pull down menu in the site and you will be directed there in a jiffy! I decided to check out their UK and Indian sites! The design structure of the site seems to be same in all of their online stores but the content or any special offers might differ according to the country! I on my part spent more time on their Indian site than the UK and checked out their Hindi site as well! It was fun surfing their site in Hindi for a change!

Among many things in this website I found the following to be of interest:-
Apart from leading make up products they sell skin and hair care products, perfumes and fragnances for men and women!
They offer free shipping to any where in the world! Now thats cool!
You can buy their products using your country's currency! For example if you are in India you can pay using rupees!
Most of the cosmetic brands I checked seemed to be priced a bit lesser or in some cases slightly more as compared to other websites [cant guarantee this though!]
They have lots of special offers going on most of the time! Right now they have lots of offers for Christmas!
They are well rated by rating websites such as Bizrate for excellent customer service!
I am sure most of you buy lots of cosmetic products online and have bookmarked lots of sites and I suggest you add this one as well! It will be worth doing so!
I am sure most of you buying products online must have heard of lots of phoney or fly by the night websites which sell fake versions of leading cosmetic brands and vanish away with your hard earned money! is a reputed reliable company offering a safe and secure way to buy original cosmetic products at affordable prices and this is reason why its one of my favourite websites at the moment!

Check Out the Strawberrynet Website HERE!

Well thats it for now! I will take leave now! Expect to see more posts and a special giveaway in the coming days so do come back soon!
Bye then my darlings!

FYI: I did not get paid to review this, this is my personal opinion
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  1. Welcome back!

    Yes, I've been hearing a lot about Strawberrynet lately too. I still haven't tried purchasing from them. Must do it one day! Thanks for this summary/review! :)

    Looking forward to your giveaway too. Heh heh!

  2. i adoreeee strawberrynet! i've bought so much crap off there that they give me the extra, i believe, 5% off if i buy 3 or more products, on top of the normal discounts :D

    i can spend hours on that site i swear :P

  3. Guys pls is an awful site!! i adored clinique stuff for 2500rs and it didnt reach yet, its been more than a month. They told we are not responsible. I have lost all money, pls pls do not shop in that site at all

  4. Thanks for posting this detailed info girly! Will let u know what I think about it soon *wink* ^_~

  5. @Witoxicity:you are more than welcome in my giveaway girl! xoxo

    @xphoebelinax: lol, seems you are addicted to this site! tell you what, I'm also seeing myself developing the addiction of online shopping lol xoxo

    @Cheezz: Oh, i am very sorry to hear that! its pretty shocking to say the least!
    may i suggest you write a formal letter to the company, mention your case them and also express your disappointment over the non-delivery of goods, i believe they have a pretty good customer service and you really should receive your order pretty soon or your money back.

    well, i just hope they resolve the issue asap, fingers crossed for you girlie xoxo

    @Cynthia: Ah, thats fantastic girlie *wink* !! xoxo

  6. Hi Sonali,

    Thanks for your very positive review of our website. I'm very pleased that you've had a good experience so far.

    We're still working on the Hindi translations, so you can expect to see more of the site, especially the product descriptions showing up in the coming months.

    The main benefits that we give to all our customers are:

    - A free gift for all new customers
    - 5% extra discount when you order 3 or more items
    - Up to 10% EXTRA off depending on the number of orders you have placed. You can see the discount levels here (links to UK site).
    - Free shipping worldwide, although do take note that if you order just fragrance there will be a small shipping charge.

    @Cheezz - I'm sorry to hear that your order never showed up. It is our policy to either reship or offer a full refund in these cases. If you contact our customer service agents on: and include your order number, they will be able to help you out.

    Warmest regards,

    Chief Operating Officer

  7. i'll check the site out,

    but from the guest comment above and her experience Im a bit apprehensive.

  8. oh super kewl! but i found this kinda pricy to be honest :S and it din sell any NYX :( I might consider it to get some bobbi brown maybe :)

    You should try
    its fantastic!

  9. @Andrew:- Glad you liked the review. I am sure that the main benefits you mentioned will be of use to visitors at my blog. Also thank you for the reply to cheezz who has still not received her goods from your company.

    @Bombchell:- Its sad that cheezz has still not received her goods but I feel hers is a rare case and shouldnt make you come to the decision this company is bad. They are a very reputed company with lots of satisfied customers.

    @Shifa:- I agree some of the stuff might be priced higher but I did mention about this in my review and who knows they might start selling NYX and Bobbi Brown in the near future! By the way I found their offers on stila and prescriptives to very attractive!

    I'll certainly check out!

  10. Hey girlie! How r u? Long time no see...thnq for all d sweet msgs darl :)

  11. xoxo
    Sorry for an unintended goofup in my earlier comment to Shifa - I had incorrectly mentioned that strawberrynet dont sell bobbi brown when in fact they do. Sorry for any inconvenieces caused.

  12. @Divija:- Hi Divija! I am fine and hope the same to you and yes long time no see! And Glad you liked the sweet msgs! :)

  13. @Andrew:-Hi, i have sent a mail as per your comments, thanks for answering

  14. Hi Sonali, I did mail about the goods as the CEO of the company said and they said that it was in a non-registered mail and they cannot do anything for this. Well sonali they offer free shipping??? nonsense all the free shipping is non-registered only, if you wanna registered one then you have to pay for shipping!!! Its just a eyewash.Please advice your followers. Please have a shopping experience with the site and then share with the world dear, i know the pain of losing money. if you all still wanna try then play with your money and luck. Take care

  15. Hi Cheez! I was suprised to read in your post that strawberrynet charges for registered post while I do know that they dont charge for it and if you have any doubts then please pay a visit to their shipping info page - - where its clearly mentioned that registered post is free, and all goods sent via registered post are insured against loss or damage and can be tracked as against non registered post which is not insured or can be tracked and so I personally feel you should have gone in for registered post instead of non registered post especially keeping in mind that the value of goods was quite high and from now on before you order any goods from the internet please do a thorough research about the company and carefully and clearly read their terms and conditions [such as in regard to shipping] before entering into any transaction.

    PS:- By the waY I do a complete research on any product or website before writing about it in my blog and I dont receive any monetary favours for doing so.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Please do not take me in a wrong sense dear, im just sharing my frustration and wanted not anyone to experience anything like me...

  18. @Cheez - does offer an option of free registered post at checkout and so I am surprised by your claim that they dont! Here is a link to a screenshot of their delivery checkout screen which I took just to show to you that they do indeed offer this option -! By the way I dont understand why you have this impression of me that I didnt personally experience shopping at before posting a blog about them. I personally do thorough research about any products or websites before I write about them in my blog and this includes spending my own money and making any purchases or services from them! I also would like to make it clear I dont represent any company or receiving any money for writing about their products or services and this includes about whom I wrote this blog and neither am I personally answerable or responsible to anyone in regard to their products or services! Inspite of this I tried to help you but what has happened is you are making blatant accusations and assumptions about me which are untrue! What is clear is that you made a silly mistake of not going for registered post at the time of checkout and your accusation that they dont provide registered post as an option has been proven false by my screenshot! From now on if you still have any issues with strawberrynet please approach them directly instead of coming to my blog and arguing with me such as I didnt personally experience shopping with me and at the end of the day your coming and arguing with me is not going to solve your case as I dont represent them. I was merely offering a sympathetic ear to your situation and tried to guide you and help you in regard to your problem [such as sending an email to strawberrynet mentioning your case] but what I understand is happening is you are making blatant accusations and assumptions about me!

  19. OMG, i was not arguing wuth you, i was just sharing my experience which i had, i never thought this would become like this. I didnt blame you but just shared with you. Sorry if i did anything wrong. Anyway thanks

  20. @Cheerz: Its fine! no hard feelings! I can relate to your frustration of going through such a situation and just to let you know that I do know the pain of losing money and thats why I went out of the way to help you.
    Anyway, take care and have a Merry Christmas :)

  21. First thanks so much for your help, your awesome person. Merry Christmas to you tooo!!! Take care dear!!!


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