Friday, 1 January 2010

A Review on Sleek Skin Revive Foundation

Hi all and welcome back to part three of my review. Today it's Sleek's New Skin Revive Foundation!

Sleek New Skin Revive - It is a silicon based foundation which is also oil-free and makes its suitable for those who have oily/acne prone skin and also those who prefer using oil free foundations. This is mentioned on the bottle:- "Revolutionary foundation designed to help balance uneven skin tone. The lightweight oilfree formula glides on and blends perfectly to leave your skin radiant. Day after day it softly helps to even out light and dark areas of your face. Zinc Oxide free."

Now for the review in regard to Sleek New Skin Revive Foundation:-
Packaging:- Sleek New Skin Revive foundation comes in a sturdy looking bottle with a frosted glass bottom half and transparent plastic cap. Has a cheap plastic pump for squeezing out the contents. The pump is a bit tricky to use as if you apply too much pressure it will release the foundation very quickly and you might end up splashing it all over. Still it is hygienic to use as compared to my Revlon Colorstay foundation which doesnt come with a pump.
Shades:- Sleek New Skin Revive foundation comes in 17 shades and is yellow based which makes it suitable for Asian, Olive and dark skin tones. I couldnt locate one which is suited for those with Pink undertones. The shade I picked up, Sand 623, being the 2nd lightest shade after shell 627 which is their lightest one and in my view 627 is really not suited for palest of skin tones such as those with ivory colored skin.

Consistency and staying power:- Sleek New Skin Revive is a light to medium coverage foundation and you can build up the coverage according to the desired effect you want to achieve. As the foundation doesnt dries out quickly making blending a breeze (another property of silicone based foundations).I've been wearing this foundation for about a week now and I've noticed that it does not breaks me out or dries out my skin (I've a combination skin) however, it feels quite heavy and sticky and you get the feeling you are wearing a foundation and resists filling in lines or large pores. Although it stays on well for 5-6 hours, I noticed my skin appeared a bit darker and orangish after one hour, which is quite unlikely of the silicone based foundations :S so incase, you'r planning to buy this foundation then I would suggest that you go for a shade lighter then your skin. Overall its a good foundation, the only thing that makes me a bit apprehensive of buying this foundation again is that it oxidizes or changes colour during wear and feels a bit sticky on my skin unlike my all time favourite Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation, which stay on all day long and does not change colour at all! However I'm willing to give this foundation another chance and will post an update of this review pretty soon :)

Quantity and pricing:- Sleek New Skin Revive foundation come in 35 ml bottles and are reasonably priced on average £6.50 at superdrugs.

Hope you enjoyed my three part series on Sleek products and found it to be useful. Do drop in your comments and also give your opinion if you have used the products mentioned in these reviews or are planning to try them out in the future:)

Edit: I am not not liking this foundation, it does not look good on my skin and makes it look super oily by the middle of the day!

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  1. hmmm I dont I am too keen on this foundation as I hate orangey looking foundations :S But great review hun :)

  2. Lol it doesn't look like it's goin to turn orangish..i guess it's a deceptive product :D
    Great reviews on all yr Sleek products girl. Now Sleek is on my wishlist :).

  3. @Shifa: thans for sharing your opinion hun xoxo

    @Cynthis: I feel I've been over critical about this product, anyway, I should give this another try and see if it works out for me xoxo

  4. i definitely enjoyed your 3 part series hun!

    now i'm wishing for sleek yo be available here :(

  5. Thanks for the review! I tried Sleeks foundation, can't remember whar it's called but it came in a twist up stick, gave good coverage, but was dissapointed in the range of shades.
    I find that it's difficult for us desis to find that spot on perfect foundation shade.
    I did a bit of researching on the wb and found there was this foundation called EX1 formulated by a fellow desi, but it's been dissapointed, gutted!! xx

  6. I want some sleek products the make up pallettes look so yummie... I wonder if they are going to be shipping to sweeden

  7. @xphoebelinax: l'm glad to know that you enjoyed reading it hun xoxo
    @PCMP_Forever: I so agree with you on this issue! I've wasted an aweful lotta money on foundations that are'nt aright shade for my skin and ended up throwing them all!
    @Amandita: I love your name! Sleek palettes rock my makeup world!

  8. thank you for the review. I might still check me out at IMATS and see what they are like. It might work pretty well for certain skins.

  9. Hmm, a foundation that turns orangey after a while doesn't sound too good. But you're right. It's only a week. I think you should give it a longer trial period.

    Great and detailed review, Sonali! :)

  10. @Deborah: Yes, I have a combination skin, it might work on other skin types though xoxo
    @Witoxicity: you are right, I do hate orangey foundations but then I am also ready to give this a second chance and perhaps make a clear conclusion on this xoxo

  11. This foundation now comes in 30 shades! Personally I love this foundation, but I do agree It feels sticky and heavy, and makes me look a bit shiny! Only downside :(


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