Monday, 22 March 2010

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes: Bohemian and Graphite

Hi All!

With lots of excitement and great delight I am pleased to show all of you the latest addition to my ever increasing sleek collection - The i-Divine Eyeshadow palette in Bohemian, a limited edition one! When I first set my eyes on its gorgeous looking white cover, I felt like wow! It just couldnt get better than this! As you all know sleek's previous casings were in black and so it was a big surprise to see one in white though I feel this is not a permanent change from Sleek [oh by the way a new one, the circus palette, will be coming out soon in a pink casing!]

Ok now lets look in detail about the Bohemian! Like all Sleek palletes this one too has 12 coin sized eyeshadows in them which are collectively made up of bold and beautiful matte and shimmering shades totalling nine and three respectively and are sure to satisfy the creative and adventurous side in you! I am really pleased with the rich pigmentation of Sleek shadows, especially the matt shadows are really easy to work with (Colour payoff of the matt shadows is a big improvement against the Sleek Chaos palette which is an all matt palette), their texture is soft and silky, the staying power is amazing as expected.

Here are some pics that I clicked of Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette:

Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette - The fab cover!

Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette - The swatches

A simple look that I created using the Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette :)

Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow palette was launched on 17th March & retails for £4.99 at Superdrugs and Sleek Website. Its a Limited Edition Palette and so my lovelies be quick in your action, grab it while it lasts!

And Now I am going to tell you all about the Sleek Graphite palette, another limited edition one which came out last year and sadly no longer available! I somehow missed out this one in my reviews about sleek palettes and since this ones damn good I feel I should tell you all about it! This palette is my preferred choice when going in for a smokey/dramatic eye look!

Below you can see the pic of Graphite Eyeshadow palette and swatches:

Everything about this palette is great, though I would have loved if the palette included a couple of brownish matt shades in place of some look-alike shimmery gray shades but neverthless it is a great palette to consider when you areup for a bold smokey eye look.

So guys, hope you found my post on Sleek Bohemian and Graphite Eyeshadow Palettes to be useful. Are any of you planning to purchase the Bohemian palette? What do you think of Sleek Bohemian Palette and its new packaging? Yay or Nay?

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  1. The Bohemian packaging looks so nice!N the colors r so gorgeous.Love that look u summery


  2. Love the Bohemian palette except for the crazy yellow and green :)

    My advice - do not review limited edition stuff, babes...It really hurts :) yes, i agree on including some browns in that graphite palette...

  3. Love the look you created. This palette is so pretty. I actually ordered the Bohemian, Storm and Original Palettes. Can't wait to receive them!

  4. The palettes are gorgeous

  5. I adore the bohemian palette too hun and the packaging is a yay for me :D Great swatches!

  6. I LOVEEE the bohemian palette. Graphite, not so much becuase it SEEMS to be the same color repeated alot =[

  7. the bohemian pallet looks soo fab my mouth waters as i type, i was out to get this today but was soo busy sorting stuff out fir the besti's wedding i didnt have time to pop into superdrugs, i cant wait till have this beautiful compact in my clutches!

    ps luv that look x

  8. I love all my sleek palettes. Can't wait to try out my bohemian as well! Graphite is one of the best they've released to be fair.

  9. argh i was so tempted to buy that todayy but i refrained cuz i spent too much lol i tagged you in my blog i gave ya an award xx

  10. aaaaw, love the graphite palette,..too bad we dont have it here

  11. I really really want to try these palettes but you can't find them in Canada! :(

  12. @All; Thank you for your comments, girls!

    @Maki & Themakeupholic: Check out the Sleek website, they do International shipping xoxo

  13. Both palettes are so attractive! Graphite's very edgy (which I like) and I love the colourful shades of Bohemian. Haven't tried either one yet. Gorgeous eye look there! :)

  14. Both palettes are gorgeous! However I prefer the packaging of the Graphite, is more sleek ;)

    The colours look so great...

  15. wow!! I loved all the colours of Sleek Bohemian Eyeshadow Palette, are so amazing, if you use them you can get an excellent make up! I really cool make-up's option!

  16. Anonymous24/5/10

    cool blog!

  17. Love Graphite, it reminds me of Bad Girl. I love my palettes too, which are Sunset and Storm :)

  18. This look is great! you are so talented!
    please come to see my blog!


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