Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Concealing With Becca Cosmetics!

Hey Everyone!

Today I am excited to review a concealer which has impressed me on a high level with its quality & performance, The name behind the game is BECCA!

The face behind the Becca Cosmetics, an Australian originated brand, is Rebecca Morrice Williams. According to her: "The whole philosophy of Becca is about creating a natural, flawless look. It's really about skin looking amazing - everything else is secondary."

While hunting for a good concealer I came across some good reviews on Becca Concealers and decided to explore further by searching in the makeup forums and finally decided to buy it from the Becca website 2 months back. I reach out for my Becca Concealer only for special occasions or Photoshoots! :)

Going into the nitty-gritty of Becca concealer:
* Comes in a very stylish compact (reminds me of Star War spaceships!) with metal top lid.
* Attached to the inside of the top lid is a small mirror which could come handy for quick touch ups (but you would hardly need any!).
* Becca Compact Concealer contains two formulations within one compact: Extra cover and Medium cover. Enabling layering and mixing, this ingenious product provides total camouflage for almost any skin problem including blemishes, scars, birthmarks and under eye circles.
* Concealer is creamy to touch but not as much as you would end up using it as a face cream! haha. I have tried many cream concealers from various brands and not felt great about them as I could not conceal much, as their staying power was minimal & if I tried to build up the coverage it would always end up looking cakey & gooey on the skin but the Becca concealer is different! I love the way if feels and looks on my skin, it just feels like my second skin and that I am wearing nothing even when I have layered it quite heavily on my skin! It really looks & feels that natural on my skin! I'm giving the credit to its unique texture. This concealer is very pigmented, contains anti-oxidants vitamins C, E and free of chemical preservatives and parabens!

How I use my Becca Concealer:
I usually dig my fingers (with clean fingers that is!) to pick up the concealer and camouflage any imperfections and shadow areas using tapping and sweeping motion. The warmth of fingers melts in the concealer without settling into the fine lines of the skin.What I like about the Becca concealer is I can use it both under and/or over my foundation, and it does not breaks down the foundation on my skin, applies beautifully, and does not look cakey or oily at all! After I am done with my concealing, I set it with some loose powder and it stays in for almost the whole day! No creasing issues here! Believe me!
Something that I don't like about Becca concealer:
Is the price tag of £30.66 it comes with! Ouch! I believe that its very expensive for a tiny pot like this which is only filled up with 3g/ 0.1 oz of compact concealer!

One thing to keep in mind before purchasing Becca concealer:
The fact that its a high end brand and hence you would not want to invest into something which is a total wrong shade for your skin! I ended up buying a shade which I think is not the best colour match for my skin, looks a bit odd if I have worn it on top of my foundation. The fact that the Becca range features no less than 34 concealer colours makes it even more confusing to pick up the right shade especially when the shades displayed on their site are a size of a midget!

Have any of you tried anything from the Becca Cosmetics range? how has been your experience with this brand so far? any recommendations?

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  1. Yet to try Becca, but 30 pounds??? I fainted :) LOL

    Too much of choice can be confusing...but if there are not many, we think it would be better if they came up with wide range of colors :) wat do u say?

    packaging is chic and yes, I did like the coverage...babes

  2. wow!! hefty price tag!!!
    can't imagine buying it any time soon!! lol
    sounds amazing though :(

  3. wow pricey that is! :S I would not mind investing but I would be so confused what shade I am hehe

  4. iv been meaning to try becca range for ages, but i dont know where to start, besides i have so many things to buy after i complete project 10 pan even though iv been cheeky and given into temptinnnng :D

  5. Over 30 quid for this little baby? Wow! But then, it sounds like a great quality concealer. I'm very impressed that they offer 34 concealer colours! :)

  6. I was sooo tempted! And then I saw the price tag. LOL.
    The fact that they offer that many colors put me off too. It would be so hard to choose especially when buying online!

  7. Oh oh the price! hehe. But I really like the duo shades concept n it does look like a spaceship :D


  8. @Divija: I agree! I agree! xoxo

    @all: Yeh, its definitely pricey! I reach out for this only for special occasions but like I said it provides an amazing coverage and a beautiful natural finish to the skin xoxo

  9. ooh wow the coverage looks AMAZING this would be perfect for them baggies under the eyes! such a shame its so expensive think us girls should try n find an alternative that is on beccas level for half the price tag!!

  10. Anonymous14/4/10

    Hi there, cool blog - I really wanna try this but how on earth does one pick the right colours?? is it only available online - not sure I want to make a mistake that expensive :)))

    I have recently started blogging about beauty and cupcakes... x


  11. @Arabian eyes: Yes, you are right hun! I love this concealer but the price puts me off every time! Becca, are you hearing us?!

    @Smaira: Best way is go about any product is to browse the internet for some really good online reviews, swatches, makeup forums, I did the same but sadly, not very pleased with my shade, nevertheless, I would still say its a good color match for my skin! xoxo


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