Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yardley Christmas Gift Ideas

HELLO! Christmas is just around the corner and you are yet to buy a great gift for someone close to you! Well today's post is about a great Christmas Gift!

In my earlier post on Yardley London Soaps I expressed my fondness for Yadley products and really felt that the soaps were made with good quality ingredients and especially loved their fragnance. Quite Recenly I came to know from the PR of Yardley that they have launched new Christmas Gift Sets in a number of fragnances and I was really excited to try them out and so they sent me the Yardley Eau de Toilette & Refreshing Body Spray Gift Set in April Violets. After receiving it I personally tried and tested them and I just loved them! I sure am planning on buying more of them and gift it to friends and family!

Now let me give you some more details about this product:-
The packaging gets a thumbs up from me as I love the beautifully coloured box with striking images of April Violet flowers on them!
Yardley Eau de Toilette & Refreshing Body Spray Gift Set in April Violets

As for April Violets Eau de Toilette and Body Spray - April Violet is a fresh and sensual floral scent that opens with fresh, green violet leaves, citrus and geranium top notes combined with a heart of sweetly scented parma violets, iris, jasmine, ylang and tuberose with warm base notes of vanilla and sweet powdery accords. I feel this is definitely a scent for grown ups and probably not appeal that much to younger generations. The EDT bottle and spray as you can see looks quite elegant and fits in my handbag. I always carry a body spray/EDT with me to keep me smelling sweet and fresh all day. I also like to layer the EDT and body spray so that the fragnance stays on me for extra long.

Yardley Eau de Toilette & Refreshing Body Spray Gift Set in April Violets

Yardley Eau de Toilette & Refreshing Body Spray Gift Sets comes for under ten pounds and the set contains a Eau de Toilette (50ml) and a refreshing Body Spray (75ml) in a number of fragnances (Royal English Daisy, English Lavender, Lily Of valley, English Rose and April Violets). These are available at Boots and are included in their 3 for 2 gift offer so you can get a third free which makes the Yardley Gift sets a fantastic gift idea for Christmas!

Hope you liked my review! Have any of you tried or planning to try the Yardley Gift sets? Please share your views about them!

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  1. Yum. THe smell of violets sounds tantalizing.

  2. I didn't Yardley made other kinds of products besides soaps. Thank you for sharing!

  3. yep I tried ..yardley..couple of times..when I was in india..its Awesome!
    can never forget the fragrance !

  4. Wow looks beautiful <3

  5. thanks for the post. I am kinda sure that its not yet released in India :(


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