Monday, 28 November 2011

Yardley London Soaps

HELLO! I am sure all of you must have been wondering why I havent blogged for quite sometime now! Well the reason for not my doing it is because that I am busy with my exams which are scheduled to take place next month! Anyway today I decided to take a small break from studies and decided to write about Yardley London soaps which I received for review from the PR of Yardley London. They are one of the oldest and well established soap brands of UK since the 17th century and are reknowned for making soaps of the highest quality. They are very famous in UK and are the preferred soap of the Royal establishment!

Yardley London Soaps

I received the following soaps:-
  1. Yardley London Guest Soap in English Lavender - 4 x 50g box (RRP £6.75)
2. Yardley London Luxury Soap in Royal English Daisy - 3 x 200g box (RRP £7.99).
3. Yardley London Luxury Soap in English Rose - 1 x 100g tin (RRP £4.99)

From the above Royal English Daisy and English Rose are a recent addition to their soap range. The packaging of Yardley London soaps is very classy and beautiful. I've been using the soaps for almost 3 weeks and I very pleased with the quality of these! Yardley soaps are made using the high quality ingredients and are finely milled (that is they are processed three times to bring down its water content and thereby ensuring it lasts longer than other soaps). The soap feels very smooth on my skin and produces a rich creamy luxurious lather plus they have a non drying formula which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin. Ever since I placed the soap in my bathroom its fragrance has spread all over and it feels so nice when I enter!

Yardley London Guest Soap in English Lavender
This one has the best packaging out of the three soaps! Each soap is beautifully wrapped in paper and will make a nice Christmas present or wedding/dinner party favour. The scent of this soap is classic and elegant. Lavender makes me feel calm and relaxed. English Lavender is Yardley's signature fragnance. Their first ever soap had the Lavender fragrance in it. If you had a choice to try out a Yardley London soap this should be the one!
Yardley London Soap in English Lavender

Yardley London Luxury Soap in Royal English Daisy
Royal English Daisy has a pleasant floral aroma and I feel fresh and energised after using it and get reminded of sunshine and springtime :)
Yardley London Soap in English Daisy

Yardley London Luxury Soap in English Rose
The soap comes in a beautiful oval shaped tin. It has a mild Rose scent and is not overpowering at all. The scent lingers with me for a long time. Amongst the soaps I loved this one the most as Rose is my favourite fragrance of all time! I'll definitely be stocking on more of these!
Yardley London Soap in English Rose

Overall, I'm impressed with the Yardley London soaps. The quality is superb and the soaps are very reasonably priced. I'll recommend them to everyone!! Have any of you tried Yardley London soaps? Share your experience about it!

Ok so its back to studying for exams! Wish me luck people!

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  1. I can smell the roses here. They look wonderful.

  2. Thank god.... you still remember that you own a lovely blog & there are some of your followers who have been waiting for so long to see some fresh updates from your side....

    Any ways, i am desperately waiting to have either of the above soaps ;)

  3. Good luck on your exams!

  4. i have tried these soaps a few years back

  5. Anonymous29/11/11

    I love english rose a lot! been using it on n off since i was a kid! m currently using lily of the valley body spray! love that fragrance a lot too! :) n glad to have ur posts back! :)

  6. I love Yardley almond soap. Smells so good!! ;o)

  7. love yardley! I had used them...many times ,,my washroom was all filled with reminds me those days!
    happy to see ya back!
    hope studies r goin on well!

  8. Woww all of them look fab <3 Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. They look really inviting. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. We have this longer ones only..they are nice..and all the best..:)

  11. So happy to see your post! Nice to see you blogging again!! Nice post!

  12. Yardley has this nostalgic feel to it. Has been around forever.I really like their lavender scented products. best of luck for your exams.


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