Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Birmingham Town Visit

HELLO! Everytime I visit the Birmingham town, I see the breathtaking beauty of modern skyscrapers, historic buildings retaining its original character and the view of people enjoying the outings in the heart of England makes me to want to come back again and again.... I think Birmingham is a beautiful, friendly and interesting place to visit.
This weekend me and my friend decided to hit the Birmingham town to do some shopping for my trip to India in the upcoming month. My friend expressed that she wanted to click some pictures of me for putting up on my blog.....so she took out her camera and started clicking a silly amount of photos of me and random things....she is not a professional but after seeing the pics I would say that she has clicked really well.

Hope you liked the pictures and thanks for visiting!
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  1. You look different here...different but of course still lovely! The pictures are beautiful, you got a good cam there.


    1. thanks hun..lol all my friends and ppl whom I meet on regular basis say that I look different everyday!!

  2. I have noticed that peeping out red colour on your nails. Love the pics ♥

  3. Aww I LOVE Birmingham. I went to uni there and it was a great experience. Glad you had a great time and hope you got most of your shopping for India done! xx

  4. ! too good gurl!
    Awesome...I noticed those anklets ..indian kind ..very cute!
    :) have a safe trip to india,,

  5. I lovedd the color of your shirt...its making the pics beautiful and ofcourse you are making them look more beautiful..:))..the last pic is adorable..<3

    tc Sonali...


  6. Anonymous1/2/12

    These really are beautiful photo's! I'm especially in love with your nails!

    anya and baby kenzi

  7. lovely picha's ...nice blog you have here... m following you sweetly... please follow my blog too - http://sugarspiceandalldatsnice.blogspot.com/

  8. you look great. I loved the way. I wait for my blog.:))


  9. Stylish look wow looking fab.. :) First pic is outstanding hairs is also looking attractive :)) awesome blog thanks for sharing keep sharing :))


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