Friday, 16 March 2012

Indian Products Haul - Shahnaz Husain, Habibs, VLCC, Lakme, Oriflame and more!

HELLO! I am back from my vacation in India! I spent most of my time with my family in India and cherished every moment there! During my stay I missed all of you, my sweet followers and the blogging world! Anyways now that I am back expect to see regular posts from me!

During my trip in India I bought some clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and beauty products! Today I am going to tell you all about some of the beauty products I bought in India.
Indian Products Haul - Shahnaz Husain, Habibs, VLCC, Lakme, Oriflame and more
I will start by talking about Habibs Aesthetics Hair Serum - My cousin sister who has used this product recommended it to me. During my stay in India my hair started to get frizzy and dry (must be the hard water) and I felt why not try the Habibs Hair Serum as its also recommended for treated hair. I used it for a week in India and found it really good for my hair as it made them smooth, shiny and manageable! It's a great product for controlling hair fizz. You must try this if you have rough and fizzy hair! It also has a great scent which I love!

Shahnaz Husain Sharose. This is basically a toner but normally I don't use toners in my skincare routine, the reason I got hooked to this toner is because it smells of roses and is enriched with dates. It gets a BIG thumbs up from me! It feels cool on my skin and also calms down my skin redness.

Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sunscreen Lotion - Really good stuff! Doesn't feel too sticky or oily and doesn't leave a whitish cast on the skin. It's waterproof and also works great as a moisturiser and make up base! It has got spf 20 which though not very high to battle the Indian summers but more than sufficient for UK climate.

Eyetex Dazller Lipgel
- I forgot to bring a lip balm alongwith me to my trip to India and bought this on reaching there. It comes in a small tube and is convenient and hygienic to use. Nothing great about it though.

VLCC Lip Shield
- I bought this lip balm in two different flavours, Cocoa Butter and Mint. I like the Mint flavour more than Cocoa Butter as it gives a tingling sensation on my lips which I love! This is not very moisturising and not convenient to use as they come in a tub (in which you need to dip your fingers into) and might not buy them again.

Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion -
This is a nice product for dry and dehydrated skin, the almond oil in this thick lotion provides norishment to my skin and keeps it supple and looking healthy for the whole day. I am a sucker for natural skincare products and prefer 'safer' products with much lesser chemicals added in.

Himalaya and Lotus Herbal Kajals - I am a fan of Kajal and wear them a lot! Both of these products are soft, nicely pigmented and provide a nice soothing effect on the eyes. They come in a conical shape which means you don't need to sharpen them at all which is great!

Oriflame Voyage Voyage Monaco Chic!
- Gifted to me by my uncle and I love its floral scent, it smells so nice!It features essences of bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom and vanilla orchid. I carry it in my purse all the time and use it a lot! A young, sweet and girly EDT body spray for summers!

It seems lipstick fanatics can't get enough of lipsticks and this turned out to be true as I couldn't resist buying these lippies!Indian Products Haul - Shahnaz Husain, Habibs, VLCC, Lakme, Oriflame and more
L-R: Street Wear in shade Copperish, Lakme 9To5 in shade Plum Pop, Street Wear in shade Miss Maroon
Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in shade Plum Pop - I love this shade, it's unusual plus I didn't have this color in my make up kit so it had to be mine. Does this long-wearing lipstick ipstick live up to its claims? Not really!

Street Wear Lipsticks in
shades Copperish and Miss Maroon- I recon this is not an actively selling brand and I don't know if it's still being manufactured or not. These lipsticks are quite nice to apply and have a good pay off, though a tad bit on the drying side but the color stays on my lips for quite a long time so no regrets for adding these to my collection :)

So have any of you tried these products or planning to? Feel free to share your views and thoughts in here! By the way during my trip to India I did a photoshoot with my cousin (who is a professional photographer) and will be uploading them to my blog and sharing it with all of you very soon!
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  1. cool haul! heee :D

  2. I've never heard of Street Wear before. Interesting.

  3. I'm planning on going to Delhi soon. Your haul is very helpful as I know nil about India beauty products. Thanks.

  4. Nice stuff :) Shahnaz Husain products sound amazing!

  5. aww welcome back! hoping to see some of your vacation pictures :D I love browsing local beauty products when i travel back home to Pakistan
    that's a nice haul, heard so much about Shanaz Hussain products

  6. I love your pictures! Very nice!

    Please follow me<3 Love your blog

  7. i love shahnaz, vlcc & aroma magic products! Great haul Sonali!!!

  8. wow, I had no idea that you was in India! I tried and own few of these products since I live in India :P.

  9. Nice haul! I haven´t even heard about these products! I would like to see longer reviews about them all :)

  10. @all - Thanks a lot my for your comments, girlies!
    @Miss L - I'll definitely consider doing a full review on these products :)

  11. Hi, just found your blog & look forward to following.

  12. wow! that is a huge haul. Enjoy your haul :)

  13. nice..I dont use them..thou.. But could be tried sometime!
    thanks for sharing!

  14. Loving your blog!! :) Thanks for taking the time to post!!!!

  15. This is one of the most leading brand in the word..This shahnaz is natural beauty product and also helpful in anti-aging treatments. ..You can also use this product at home without any fare..I also used this and seriously,I am really happy with my skin .. Can you tell me some tips on how to deal with stubborn roots and grey roots on my head..??


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