Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lip Tattoo and Witnessing the Olympic Torch Relay!

HELLO! Torch relay events are taking place all over UK and quite recently Coventry city had the honour of the relay passing through the city! I went to see the relay and today's post is about the relay as well the outfit and look I adopted to go alongwith the event!

 I was super excited to see the Olympic torch relay as it was a not to be missed event and I had to make sure I looked extra special this day! My outfit choice was chosen to match the colors of the UK flag [the Union Jack]! It so happened a couple of months back I received the Union Jack temporary Lip Tattoo sent to me by KKcenterHk. I must admit I never tried lip tattoos before and was quite nervous about the whole thing as I didnt want it to turn out to be a disaster on my lips and so before trying them on  I watched a few videos on Youtube to get the hang of it. When I was actually putting the Lip Tattoo on it was surprisingly  not as hard as I imagined it to be and to my good luck the design turned out to be quite perfect on my lips!

I'd selected my outfit and accessories in Red, Blue and White to match  the colour of the UK flag as well as my Lip tatoo! I got lots of compliments from people at the torch relay event and many of them expressed interest in the lip tattoo and a few thought it was a lip art done by me and were surprised when I told them it was actually a stick on lip tattoo! Some of them even clicked pics of my lips would you believe that! I guess myself and my friend were the only one to go a bit outrageous with the whole theme so we had sort of become the eye candy over there haha!

I'd received three Temporary Lip Tattoos from KKcenterHk  for review purposes quite sometime back and I doubt they sell them anymore. I wore the Union Jack one and gave the other one to my friend to wear for the Olympic torch relay event. I'm planning on giving the third lip tattoo - a Zebra Print -  in a future giveaway so look out for that in the coming days!

I must say that I am super impressed with the staying power of these lip tattoos! It stayed on me the whole day while I ate, drank and talked a lot and it didn't budge! Initially when I put it on, it felt quite weird on my lips, somewhat like a plasticy feeling that went away a few minutes later and felt completely fine afterwards.

It was quite a struggle to remove it though as it was completely waterproof! I'd to use my Shu Uemura (review later) Oil based makeup remover as it won't come off with the water based remover, even then it took me a while and lot of effort to remove it completely.

I feel that the whole purpose of lip tattoos is to be able to wear it for the whole day without any fear of it getting worn off and looking ugly by the mid day. So for me this lip tattoo had passed the test of longevity hands down! I can definitely see myself wearing these on the special occasions and will surely recommend it to anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd by wearing fancy patterns on lips!
Here are the instructions for putting on the Lip tattoo:-

Here are some picture of the Olympic Torch Relay! Enjoy!

 The police motorcycle riders moved on as crowds cheered and they clapped as they passed through and the police motorcyclists clapped hands with the cheering crowds!

Here comes the Olympic Torch!!

I'm afraid I have no idea who the lady was carrying the torch, but still, it did feel worthwhile having gone to see it.

Hope you liked the pics and my Temporary Lip Tattoo! Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. you look stunning Sonali! Love how casually you have dressed up your apparel to match the theme. You pull off the lip tattoo with so much ease :)


  2. wow amazing lips!! you looks so gorgeous in the picture! looks like very fun event! :)

  3. You look So fresh and lovely! Maxi skirt looks fab!

  4. u look stunning sonali and the lip tattoo looks awesome!

  5. Anonymous5/7/12

    wow, it feels like I'm in London too! that sticker lipstick makes a great souvenir!

  6. i must say this is a gorgeous daring makeup!!!
    I absolutely adore it...

    Following u now via Goggle +. Follow me back if you like! ♥

    Say meow to me on:
    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom

  7. very cute ..lips are highlighted in profound way :))

  8. that looks sooo awesome! what a fun looking day!!!

  9. You look supergorgeous in that close up pic of yours! The tattoo though looking great on its enough isnt powerful enough to steal attention from your pretty looks!

    God wish I was as pretty as you!


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