Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Unexpected Accessories Haul....

HELLO! It was kinda unexpected of me to go shopping for accessories inspite of the fact I already have a huge number of accessories gathering dust in my jewellery drawer (in the hope of getting inaugurated by me someday *sigh*)!. Oh well blame Primark for it as they are having a huge sale in my town which includes, you guessed it right, accessories! I recollect passing by the store resisting temptation to go in and buy something and then I noticed the huge four letter word thats every shopaholic's favourite word - SALE! That word was irrestible for me and I just went in! I mean come on how can one resist a sale in a store which sells stuff which is already affordable in the first place?
I wandered around every single corner of the store hunting for the the best bargains - like a kid in an ice-cream shop wanting to buy the best flavour before it sells out! I kept chanting to myself "Gotta have it for myself before someone else!". I surprised  myself at how quickly I was able to hop around the store! From out of nowhere all of a sudden I got loads of energy to try almost everything (on sale) on myself! I didnt even realise how the time flew by and the store was closing for the day.. so it was time to quickly grab the last minute deals and join the billing queue....I managed to grab some awesome deals along with not so awesome deals (splurges) - a couple of trousers, tops, handbags and accessories.

Anyways today's post is about accessories I bought from Primark (some of them were a whopping 50% off the original RRP).
These fabulous neckpieces caught my attention the minute I saw them! I wanted them so bad! I dig its  summery colours, especially pinks, corals, peaches....I can defo see myself wearing them during summer!

This bracelet was not on sale but that didn't stop me from getting it for myself! I like the delicate combo of pearls with beads...the charms on this one are too cute to resist!

Gotta LOVE this vintage sailor/nautical print scarf cum belt cum bracelet! I can even tie it on my handbag and make them look edgy and fun!

Last but not the least are these these dinky little charms! The teddy one is my fav, I keep fiddling with its movable arms and legs haha!

Hope you liked my accessories haul...I'll be posting my clothing haul soon :)
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  1. The chokers are gorgeous. Unexpected hauls are the best.

  2. I love everything you got super cute.

  3. Loved the coral one! its so nice that I wanna steal it from you. BTW never stop urself when u see the most beautiful 4 letter word - S-A-L-E....will wait for the bags and cloths haul pics

  4. awesome haul. each piece is very pretty but i liked the scarf cum bracelet the most.

  5. awesum !!! the chokers r worth dying for!!!!!!!!!!!! me want em so bad !!!

  6. Those neck pieces are super gorgeous !!

  7. the neck pieces are so awesome!

  8. these are utterly gorgeous! a girl just cannot help herself when it comes to jewelery:)
    i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)

  9. wow what a lovely haul! i adore every of it!!

  10. lovely haul Sonali!!!! Everything looks great!


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