Monday, 9 July 2012

What’s Sizzling To Swim In During 2012?

With the Olympic Games taking place in London this summer, there is a huge emphasis on getting active and sporty. One of the most exciting and thrilling sports to watch in the Olympic Games is swimming. Watching all those first-rate swimmers effortlessly glide across the water can inspire us to pack up our swimming bags and head to the nearest swimming pool.

Of course, our choice of swimwear is essential to how we look and feel as we attempt to mimic the effortless swimming of the athletes. From vintage-inspired prints, to European textured fabrics and timeless silhouettes, swimwear in 2012 is all about mixing and matching with an attention to detail. To help you decide what style of women’s swimwear to purchase, here is a list of what’s sizzling in the style stakes this summer.

The Magicsuit
With a name this intriguing it’s little wonder that the ‘Magicsuit’ is a buzzword in this season’s women’s swimwear fashion. In case you don’t know, the Magicsuit is essentially based on the premise that “all women have figure problems, real or imagined”. The Magicsuit aims to iron out such problems.

By incorporating a comfortable control, patented fabric, the Magicsuit, as its name suggests, shapes and smoothes out virtually all figures, providing support and making those little lumps and bumps disappear. It’s no wonder the Magicsuit is proving to be a big hit in women’s swimwear this summer.

High-Waisted Bottoms
It’s not just denim shorts that are taking centre stage on the catwalk and in the high street displays this summer. High-waisted bikini bottoms are also a fashionable choice of swimwear this season. Defying their octogenarian beginnings, high-waisted bikini bottoms can be glammed up with features such as crisscross sides and ruffles. They are the perfect solution if you are at all self-conscious about your tummy and don’t want to be on full show.  

Forget metallic cars oozing affluence, style and sophistication – it’s all about metallic swimwear this season! Mixing panels of shimmering materials in metallic shades of silver, gold, hot pink and blue will give you a fresh, modern and ultra-stylish look on the beach this summer.

Scarf print
Swimwear adorned with bandana-like patterns is all the rage this summer and comes in many different colours and styles. A particular favourite is a one-piece costume that is bejewelled with some kind of chain motif, such as a classic silk wrap.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Very. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards a charity.
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  1. Nice post :) I like their website :)

  2. I was just thinking of buying some new swimwear for my trip to the Carribean and lo! I came across your post in my list! I am gonna check out the magicsuit as it seems interesting for me and gonna visit very's website and check out some of their new swimwear!

    Love your blog!

    Dont know if I recollect saying this but you look very pretty and gorgeous and should consider going in for modelling!

    1. Thanks a lot for the wonderful compliment!! Keep visiting xoxo


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