Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mini BarryM Haul / NOTD

HELLO! A few weeks back while shopping at a local Boots I came across a fantastic offer which was hard for me to resist! BarryM were giving away a free nail polish for a minimum purchase of £6 and I was cuffed as I really like Barry M nail paints and as it was ages since I bought any BarryM products I decided to  treat myself with some makeup goodies!

So I got myself a BarryM nail paint in Hologram (I've been lusting for this for a long time!) and a liquid eyeliner in Black as I'd just finished my old Rimmel eyeliner and wanted to try something new.

BarryM nail polish in Hologram is so beautiful to look at and easy to put on! This multi-coloured chunky hologram polish is no doubt is my favourite nail paint right now. It's an amazing nail polish for the price (£2.99) and the icing on the cake was I got a free BarryM nail polish in shade Club Tropicana with my purchase.

I am planning on getting a lot of BarryM  nail polishes in the future as I really like the quality plus it stays on perfectly on me for 3 days.
The combo of BarryM Hologram and Club Tropicana is absolutely gorgeous and this photo does it no justice! Club Tropicana is a lovely peachy colour with a hint of shimmer. I applied the Hologram on the ends of my nail and quite like it this way.

BarryM liquid eyeliner is a relatively inexpensive (£4.75) drugstore eyeliner but works very well for me! It has a user friendly pen style wand and thus very well suited for beginners. You get total control over the brush direction, also you can use the tip for a fine line, or you can press a little harder to get a thicker look. It is not waterproof so if your eyes get watery, you might wanna give this one a miss. It won't smudge all over your face, but if you do rub your eyes, you will get perhaps a less flattering eye makeup look!
Barry M now has these in lots of other fun colours, so if you like the sound of it, do check them out!
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  1. Nice haul. Small hauls are the best. Your nails are really pretty.

  2. Yay Barry M, wow that glitter looks so cool with that colour :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. That barry m polish just looks irresistable! xoxo

  4. wow|
    i follow you,
    follow me?i'm new :)

  5. cute ..nails looks very trendy :)


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