Wednesday, 2 September 2009

My First Blog!

A big HI! to all the beauties of this beautiful world!

Finally I have decided to take the plunge and jump into the bandwagon of Beauty-bloggers.

But first, let me introduce you to my world. I'm Sonali from the UK. I come from the Asian (India) community, and I'm living a student life at the moment.

I do work part-time to earn myself a living but the college life has taught me a lot about life in general, like, coping up with everyday challenges, working hard to achieve my goals, meeting up deadlines, taking care of the variable day to day expenses, prioritizing the work and juggling up with the social, professional and personal life.

People often think that a student life is all boring and no fun, yes I do agree it's sometimes like that, especially on those times when the exams are round the corner and we feel like having a bazillion of study materials to concentrate upon and suddenly we feel the pain of cutting off from the world and getting buried into the piles of books!

However, there are times when i really thank my stars for blessing me with the student life as i feel free to wear all the trendiest and funkiest of clothes, accessories and bold make up without bothering anything about the dress code which is obviously an issue to consider if on a job.

Hanging around with friends, bunking the lectures, going out for a movie, shopping, getting student discounts and doing crazy stuffs! This kinda life could make anyone feel so happy and youthful! Sometimes it really pays off to be a student ;)

I believe that we all are being students in some form or the other as we all learn things throughout our lives and then try to perfect those things thru trial and error.

Beauty also demands experimentation, patience, practice and a bit of a time. The meaning of beauty is diff for diff people. Some people don't like to pay a lot of attention to their outer appearance and instead they believe in the inner beauty concept.

I believe in both the inner as well as the outer beauty concept as for me it is the balance of the two which makes a person really beautiful.
For me beauty is one subject which is highly versatile and mostly influenced by personal experiences and opinions.

I am here to express my views on mostly the cosmetic side of beauty, though I may not be highly knowledgeable (I am not a qualified makeup artist), but I will try to work things around, share my beauty secrets and give my honest feedback and do reviews and tutorials on various affairs related to beauty and health.

As I am a full time student so expect me to play safe when it comes to the price range of cosmetics, I will be reviewing a lot of drugstore makeup, a few occasional high-end stuffs, high-street fashion and jewelery.

I would like to point out that my reviews are purely based on my personal experiences and opinion, what clicks for me might not click for others. Being said that, I will highly appreciate your comments and feedback and constructive criticism is welcome on my page!

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  1. Hello, am a new follower of ur blog. Ur blog is really vibrant and sweet, just like u. I like the way u play with ur eyes. Keep up the gud work.

    If you wish, "", is my place.

  2. Thanx a bunch for following my blog. U made my day, Sonali!

    I like ur eyes, by the way!

  3. You are always welcome, sweetie! Your blog is really cute xoxo


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