Friday, 4 September 2009

For me it's the Sleek which does the trick!

Yes Ladies, it's the Sleek Cosmetics Brand which is getting much attention in the cosmetic industry lately. It's a makeup for the women of color but it seems that their range of makeup can cater to all races and skin types. Sleek Cosmetics is a UK based cosmetic brand (hmm not sure though) and can be picked up on the high streets at selected Superdrugs. The quality of their beauty products is supposed to be very good for the price which is always a good thing during the times of financial crunches.They don't yet have an online shop, although it's been promised some timein the early Autumn. You can buy Sleek from Afro-Caribbean beauty and hairdressing salons however, where it has been sold for almost 20 years now. No doubt there are also a few Sleek products available on E bay as well.
I first came to know of Sleek on beauty blogs and YouTube, which have become something of a guilty pleasure of mine recently. I am in love with their range of i-Divine Eyeshadow pallets and I like them to be called the little gems of amazing colors! The glitter eyeliners are very much similar to the Urban Decay ones but half the price tag. From lipsticks, foundations, loose and pressed shadows to mascaras, everything in the Sleek range comes pretty affordable and pigmented and it's being sourced that they are coming up with their skincare range pretty much shortly! yey!

Today I am gonna review and show swatches of 6 Sleek eyeshadow palettes that i own as my love-affair with the brand was born only after i happened to be stumbled across them :)
Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette comes in a black slim rectangular plastic case with a large mirror and dual-end sponge tip (slightly tacky)applicator inside it. It has a total of 12 coin-sized shadows inside it, the shadows are soft, creamy, blendable, highly pigmented and have a very good staying power. They cost £4.88 each, are quite often on offer (3 for 2 in Superdrug).
The Sleek palettes are made in China and the chief ingredients are: Mica, Talc, Magnesium, Stearate, Dimethicone, Paraffinum Liquid, Ethylhexyl, Palmitate, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.
The only drawback of Sleek eyeshadows is that because of how soft they are they can crumble easily if dropped, also you have to be careful when putting them on eyes as some specks of shadows can go astray and fall under the eyes which can cause smears while rubbing it away and therefore make sure you put it in a patting motion rather than sweeping away on the eye area.
Sleek does comes out with a number of limited edition eyeshadow palettes throughout the year so make sure to grab them before they disappear! I currently own 3 of the limited editions and 3 of the regular ones and the names are:
Original (594): Matt & Shimmer combinationStorm (578): Matt & Shimmer combination
Chaos (577): Matt onlyAcid (570): Matt & Shimmer combination
Safari (572): Matt & Shimmer combinationCurious (571): Shimmer only

Some of the matte shadows are a bit difficult to work with and you will need to dig hard with your brush in order to get the color out from the pan to achieve the desired effect.
Below are the pics and swatches of all 6 Sleek palettes that i have:
Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Pallets
Original (594): Matt & Shimmer combination

Storm (578): Matt & Shimmer combination

Chaos (577): Matt only

Acid (570): Matt & Shimmer combination

Safari (572): Matt & Shimmer combination

Curious (571): Shimmer only

I will be doing FOTD's, reviews and swatches of Sleek lipsticks, blushes and eyeliners pretty soon.

So if you found my review on the Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes useful then please leave me a comment and Digg In :)

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  1. I am soo proud of you..!!
    and thank you for this blog.. :)

  2. muuuaaahhhh to you too!!

  3. wow! great swatches!
    i really like the curious and original palette!
    i just have storm, i need 2 stock up on those 2 nw :D hehe

  4. i really love these pallets...and if you combine it with a good eye base or primer then they look just as if not better then a few high brand shadows(not mentioning no names of course ahem mac!) :) love the swatches...i have no patience to do them lol xoxo

  5. YE i LOVE sleek pallets i have all of them, they actually had another limited edition, because as i read you had 6 i was certain theres one missin because i have 7, the one extra is the 'jewels', absolutely stunning pallet, anyways cant get enough of these, gr8 review!

  6. yes I know,i have missed out on the Jewels palette which was launched before the Christmas in last year as a limited edition palette :( that time i didn't bother picking that up coz i didn't really know about this brand and it was quite unbelievable for me to accept that those cheaply priced shadows were genuinely good! xx

  7. Oh my gosh! I've only been into Sleek eyeshadows recently, so I don't have the older limited edition palettes and I just realised I've missed out on quite a lot! :O

  8. Wow it must have taken a lot of effort for u to swatch all these colors :O . I just love the names of Sleek palettes ♥ Too bad they're not available here yet

  9. Hey Cynthia! you are right! a lot of effort goes into swatching and taking pics! I also love the names of these palettes, so cute isnt it! xoxo

  10. omg. i would love to try sleek palette! omgggg.. it's in my mu wishlist! :)

  11. Hello my name is Tindaya, I love sleek too!! and I come from Spain, I am trying to find all the limited edition palette even if they are second hand. Would you be so kind to tell me a web site in England I can find them o put and advert? Maybe a website girls sell the palettes they don't use any more. Thank you so much!!



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