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Tips for shine-free face for people with oily/combination skin - Try these and you will see results!!

People with oily skin are considered to be the luckier ones in the sense that their face doesn't show up aging lines & wrinkles as early as compared to the dry skinned people. But when it comes to the shine free face unfortunately they are still struggling to achieve it :(

Especially during the summer heat, the facial oil glands are more active, pores get enlarged resulting in the settling of oil and dirt into them which causes ugly blackheads (tiny dark spots caused by debris, excess oil & makeup, which reach our skin surface)and acne(a skin disorder that is caused by inflammation of the small oil glands). And beacuse of the swelling of the oil glands, more oil comes out of the pores & makes the skin look oily/shiny.

Therefore it is important to maintain a skin care routine which is specifically meant for keeping the oilies at bay. Specific routine should be followed keeping in mind the climatic changes like for the summers you should follow a specific type of skin care & makeup routine. Start of with washing your face with an oil-free gel based face wash like Johnson's Clean & Clear Deep Action Gel wash which wont clog pores, then you can use a face scrub with fine granules like St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemish & Blackhead Control to remove dead cells, you can also use diluted lime juice for 5-10 mins if your skin is not very sensitive. Use a Clay face mask like St. Ives Mineral Clay Firming Masque once in a week to clarify the skin, the darker brown the clay, the more oil it can absorb. White or rose colored clays are gentler and work best on sensitive skin. Additionally you could also take facial steam to open up those pores and get rid of oil & dirt inside them prior to applying a clay mask.

Another secret for keeping the face shine free is using Milk of Magnesia (MOM) on face, (For me, Phillips MOM works very well) give the bottle
a good shake, then using a cotton wool apply a transparent layer of the white milk, spreading evenly as possible on your skin, after moisturising (and priming) the face and before applying foundation. if you notice white streaks then rub with fingers to smooth out and allow it to dry. A thicker layer of MoM works as an oil-absorbing mask. Spread it on, allow to dry and rinse off for tighter-feeling oil-free skin, but do keep an eye on your skin condition as the skin can become parched and dry with prolonged usage.

Mattifying bases and lotions are also available in the market, I often use the Boots Expert Instant Matte for the shine free glow. It can be used under or over makeup and comes in a small bottle which is easy to carry away in my purse. I
find that it does not always work well with liquid foundations (can create holes in the makeup if applied under/over it), but works well with powder and mineral foundations.

Oil Blotting Sheets such as the Clarity Shine Control Paper from Superdrug also serves as a useful on-the-go tool for maintaining the oil free look and helping your makeup last throughout the hot day.
Their texture feels like a balloon and appears strange at first, but they rid your face of oil easily as well as grime and perspiration. they are portable and will fit wherever you go. These things save my life!! Aternatively you could also use tracing paper which I find works as good as the sheets itself.

Try to wear less make up during the summers as the heat would melt away the heavy makeup and make you looking like a messy oil slick. Use water based foundation with light to medium coverage or a tinted moisturiser for a light coverage. Avoid using cream based eyeshadows and blushers, stick to the water-proof powder version instead. Use a loose/pressed powder to set your makeup. Carry a retractable brush with some loose powder loaded in for touch-ups during the day. Use waterproof eyeliner/kajal, mascara and lipsticks. You can also set the lipstick by dabbing a tiny amount of eyeshadow powder of the matching color over the lips and then blot any excess with a tissue. If you fill you eyebrows then use a powder eyeshadow filler rather than a pencil, you could also use an eyeshadow in a shade which closely resembles your hair color and then set it by spraying some hair spray over an eyebrow comb and combing in the direction of hair growth and trust me your eyebrows will look fab all day!!

Last but not the least, avoid putting any hair oil close to the region of forehead as the oil might seep down to your forehead and face making it looking shiny and greasy.

So oily skinned people out there, need not to worry, you too can also look like a million-dollars if you follow these great tips!!!

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Hugs to you girls xx

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  1. nice..i hv combi-oily skin in summers..n m facing pimple prob..n dermatologist has askd me not 2 put up anything on face..xcept d soap n ointments provided by him


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